Modern Profit Professor (MPP) Software Review! Trading SCAM!

Modern Profit Professor Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Modern Profit Professor Software a SCAM or LEGIT Automated Trading System?

Attracted by Modern Profit Professor at trading offer? Wonder whether MPP Software by Marco Adessi can gain consistent profits for you? It’s important to read our Modern Profit Proffesor Software Scam Review before investing your money! Despite that this auto trading system seems to have traders’ interest in earning profits, the reality is far from it. Firstly, trading binary options does provide traders an awesome money making opportunity. However, scammers have been actively producing phony trading software to attract inexperienced trader with false promises! And Modern Profit Professor Software does inhibit various scam tactics with no interest in benefiting its users! Read BELOW!

The Modern Profit Professor offered by Marco Adessi promises to bring $15,000 profit per month with quality trading education. This automated trading software claims to bring a near zero loss capabilities by adapting algo-trading concept. Further, the man behind this system is an unknown individual, Harrison Glass, a Wall Street trader. To elaborate further, Marco says that this system uses fast computers to buy and sell trades. Which had so far executed 1,478 trades in 4 years and they only lost money once? Hence, making the MPP a company with 170 employees to earn $650 million in revenue. Unfortunately for a lot of innocent traders, the MPP Software have been under-performing and loses their initial deposit. Find out why Modern Profit Professor is a SCAM!

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Why Modern Profit Professor and Marco Adesso is a FRAUD?

Primarily, fraudulent trading software loses money even when they claim it hasn’t lost a single trade simply because they are lying! Our in-depth investigation reveals that Marco Adessi Modern Profit Professor as a trading company and education provider is FAKE! Logically, a company that has an amazing record of 1,478 wins 1 loss with hundreds of millions revenue would have a website or formal registration. But instead, no verifiable source could confirm this allegation. Interestingly enough, MPP scam victims also share that there is no “educational” help offer but rather, trading signals that drain their deposit

Hence, there is no actual educational material or “guide” given by MP Professor in binary trading.

Not only this company doesn’t exist, Harrison Glass and Marco Adessi doesn’t seem to be a legit trader at all. This is no surprise especially when an unrealistic profit track record such as “only 1 loss in 4 years” is a MAJOR red flag. Scam-artist commonly adopts such fantasy lies which are impractical to entice newbie traders to join! Obviously, in reality, no such win rate is possible in any form of trading and any trader can vouch for that. Even deriving the $18,000 per week claim by Marco doesn’t seem to add up from the average $800 per day average. ($800 x 5 days trading day is about $4,000 only).

Fabricated Evidence to Support Non-Realistic & False Education Support!

Another common aspects among phony software are the fake evidence support unrealistic claims! Take MP Professor’s testimonials for example. The use of actors (especially familiar faces among scam software) is a very strong indication of Modern Profit Professor’s dishonesty. The evidence below shows that they are not only actors providing ‘script reading’ services, but also rather famous! We’ve seen the same exact actor appearing in the Brexit Bot Scam as well!

Moreover, the articles from various highly credible publishers such as Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc are also FAKE. A quick search in their database shows that there is never any article related to Modern Profit Professor was ever written! In fact, these scammers simply put Marco’s picture and edit the headline with an unreadable content (small font). One more artificial aspects of Modern Profit Professor is the “countdown timer” for free expiry whereby is typical among trading hoax. It’s quite clear that the timer has no relevance because it simply resets upon your next visit.

Viewers will still be able to get this so called free access and also see all the fabricated evidence in MPP website!

Modern Profit Professor Fake Testimonial Article Watt Street

Modern Profit Professor (MPP) Trading Software Conclusion!

With reference to the investigative evidence above, we conclude that Modern Profit Professor is a SCAM auto trading software. Marco Adessi and Harrison Glass are purely fictional characters promoting a “get rich quick” software. The truth to binary trading is that your profit potential entirely depends on your initial capital and it requires millions to make millions. Hence, the selling idea of getting rich quick through this phony software is definitely far-fetched! The proof above affirms that MPP employs fake and bogus tactics to support their poor performing software! Beware of Modern Profit Professor Trading App!

Better Alternative to Binary Trading Software!

Many thanks for taking the time to read our Modern Profit Professor Review! We hope that it certainly gives you the truth behind this automated trading system. Our experiences with binary options trading and software expose us to countless software. Unfortunately, there are more scams than a legitimate auto trader. Our Blacklist confirms over hundred of phony apps which you should definitely avoid. Binary Options also trading requires the right tool and knowledge in order to earn consistent profits!

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