Mirror Trader Scam Review! TRUTH Exposed! Invest or NOT?

Mirror Trader Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Mirror Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software? Should You Invest In This?

Stumbled upon an interesting offer by John Harrison to Mirror Trader at mirror-trader.co? In this Mirror Trader Scam Review, we’ll be covering our investigative results on this binary options auto trader. We’ll also share our thoughts on whether is this trading software worth your investment. To be entirely honest, it’s indeed possible to generate profits through applications like this, however, many are untrustworthy. Should this be your first time encountering such an offer, rest assured that Binary Options Sentinel have reviewed over 100 auto trading software which mostly occupies our Blacklist! Hence, please read our review to gain additional insight on what Mirror Trader Software is all about! Should there be any queries, please feel free to contact us at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com.

Mirror Trader App is an auto trader created by John Harrison, the alleged founder, to have an “edge” in terms of connection speed. John’s experiences as a computer network expert who worked on Wall Street figured out how to speed-up raw data streaming. He said that by changing an optical cable of OC3 to OC192 system, he was able to process and execute counter trades which guarantees successes from this software. As technical as it sounds, we’re skeptical about Mirror Trader due to various alarming discoveries in our survey. Did John truly mean every single Mirror Trader App users will be able to make $14,500 every single day by following his trades? Find out below!

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Mirror Trader, a Recurring SCAM?

As we previously mentioned, our experiences in reviewing binary options automated trading system allowed us to identified certain patterns that scammers used to fool trader. Sometimes, we even notice familiar faces within few fraudulent software. This includes the Mirror Trader offer! We can’t help but notice that John Harrison, the person which created this system, is an actor that appeared in Push Money App Scam!

He is known as Dennis Moreland in that offer and is labeled as a Rip-Off auto trader by our review team. Obviously due to this reason, we could just stop this review right here because it clearly represents a fake character portrayed by paid actor to sell LIES. This includes the forged story about John Harrison himself is completely fictitious. There is no verifiable proof to endorse his existence as a computer network expert or even his character as a “millionaire” in Push Money App. Nevertheless, we’ll list down other concerning findings in this offer just in case you would like to know more!

John Harrison Fake Mirror Trader

$14,500 Every Single Day?

There’s one important aspect to highlight on John’s disclosure regarding the potential profit of $14,500 every day. This is definitely not realistic and there is something wrong with the demonstration shown in the video. As an experienced trader, we’ll comment that your profits from binary trading are dependent on your-your investment size. Plus, earning a profit of $14,000 from a deposit of $300 in pure fantasy. John suggests that he withdraws his $14,000 every day and leave $300 inside his account.

That’s another misleading statement where withdrawals from brokers typically need 4-5 business days before it reaches your account! Growing your account to nearly 50 times (as depicted in the presentation) is NOT achievable and such delusion is commonplace to deceitful offers! A realistic profit expectation that traders can expect could range between 20% – $40% every day depending on the number of trades executed and market conditions! It’s also advisable that traders use 5% of their total funds to trades to ensure long-term consistency and growth!

Phony Testimonials

Another prevailing patterns we notice from hoax auto trader is that it uses fake testimonials to appear legit. Scammers tend to justify their crazily impractical profit generation by attaching fabricated testimonials. In Mirror Trader, you will be able to notice many “traders” that earns staggering profits in a short span of time. But, these testimonies are actually self-made by showcasing lies while attaching random pictures attained from the internet. We even noticed one of the “success story” by Patrik Holub is attached alongside a famous motivational speaker, Tony Robbins! That clearly doesn’t make any sense! We also identified sources of other photos which are taken by many random websites on the internet! Hence, there is no authentic or genuine success story from Mirror Trader!

FakeTestimonials Mirror trader Scam

Make-Believe Trade History!

What about the trade history you may ask? The Trade executions depicted on the website is also a make-believe trade history! We observed that there are several expired trades which are indicated as “WIN” when in fact they are supposed “LOSS”. By comparing the strike price as well as the current option price you can easily identify these defects! Obviously, a simple manipulation hoping to fool viewers into their inauthentic claims of success! Do Not buy into this trickery!

Fake Trader History Mirror Trader Scam

Do Not Invest & Trade with Mirror Trader! Choose Wisely

Untruthful information in Mirror Trader’s registration page is typical scam strategy used to entice inexperienced traders! This offer is basically enticing viewers to believe in their $14,000 per day profits but without actual genuine proof. We could only identify lies within the web pages similar to other Blacklisted auto trader that aims to only fool your money. This situation obviously benefits no one except for the scammers themselves. It tarnishes the profitable industry with their “fake promises” auto trader with zero intention of making money for its users.

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Mirror Trader Conclusion.

We can safely conclude that Mirror Trader is just another SCAM auto trading system! The use of paid actor to portray John Harrison, fake testimonials, and altered trade history clearly shows that this offer is dishonest! The unrealistic profits of $14,000 per day add onto their list of deceits while attempting to lure immediate registration! Do not DONATE your money to this scammers!

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Do check out our Trusted Auto Trader like Neo2 Software or Crunch Tech. They are performing well.


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Thanks Sentinel! I almost deposited into Mirror Trader until I came across this article. Really informative review. I also am writing this to thank you for the quick response on your email and commend your initiative to answer my questions. You’ve been a great help and definitely will recommend my friends to you should they be interested in binary options. Cheers mate!


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