Millionaires Maker Scam Review! FRAUD $10,000 FREE Bonus!

Millionaires Maker Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

The Millionaires Maker is a SCAM Review! Offering $10,000 Real Money as Bonus?

The Millionaires Maker (website:, also known as the Millionaires App, is another obvious scam binary options auto trading system that is resurfacing since 2015. You have probably end up here because you are performing your due diligence to find out whether this app/system can actually make you money. However, we found out that it is an old scam that was created in June 2015 and it is back in action trying to scam more innocent traders! You could probably find a lot of negative reviews lurking in the internet about the Millionaires Maker and we shall also investigate this scam system to spread our warnings!

What is this scam system all about? The Millionaires Maker is a binary options auto trader that claims to have an accuracy/win rate of over 90%. Apart from that, the narrator, Martin, claims that the lucky beta testers will be able to claim up to $10,000 real cash as bonuses upon sign-up. No other useful information can actually be learnt from the presentation video or even after registration. The 15 minutes presentation video is just another video that talks about millionaire mindset and talks about making decisions in life. There are only 2 minutes worth spent in the video on the actual subject matter which is binary options. We honestly thinks that the presentation video is a total waste of time and it is designed to only “teaches” it’s viewers about the difference in “successful” people’s mindset. That is basically a good gestures, BUT, such tactic used in such a scam is basically a despicable thing to do! So, the Millionaires Maker is a dangerous scam system that motivates you to make the “wrong” decision! Please read our reason to why we are blacklisting this system as a scam!

The Millionaires Maker SCAM and FAKE aspects!

The Millionaires Maker’s webpage is the PERFECT example of how a scam binary options auto trading system looks like! The site is crawling with so many scam-like aspects that we typically look for to identify whether an offer is a scam or not. Even without the video presentation, we would have labelled Millionaires Maker in a heart beat. First things first, any binary options auto trading systems that labels itself as a “millionaire opportunity” are scams! Claiming that binary options trading could make you a millionaire is very unrealistic especially with an initial deposit of $250. It is most certainly that we can’t expect to be a millionaire through an automatic system too! The scammer is just preying for innocent people that lacks knowledge about binary options trading and only aims to steal their money away. We have come across many binary options scam systems that has the word “millionaire” in it!

The mentioned presentation video not only lacks useful information about binary options trading, it is filled with many fake testimonials as well. Remember all the satisfied users that appears in the beginning and the end of the presentation video? They are simply paid actors that read scripts to create a false impression that this system works. Ironically all of them comes from the same source, Fiverr! We have seen many familiar faces that read fake scripts for other binary options scams like the TSI System! No one representing the Millionaires Maker are actually trustworthy. How can they be trusted when they are basically paid to tell lies? Another suspicious factor is that the narrator himself, Martin, is a bogus character! There is no verifiable information about the creator rather than just a simple statement saying that he had designed the “best app”. But in reality it is more like a lousy scam app that steals money!

What’s more that is fake about Millionaires Maker? The false scarcity scam tactic is employed in the Millionaires Maker similar to many other binary options scams. Statements like “only 50 beta testers will get this app for free” are there just to force early sign-ups to the system. These “limited offer” tactic are fake and it is never true unless the website got shut down because there are too many negative reviews on it. It will definitely aim to scam more than 50 people, that’s for sure. Besides, the Millionaires Maker has been attempting to scam users since mid of 2015 and currently it is March 2016. Hence, it is no point paying attention to such a low class scam tactic.

Dangerous $10,000 Cash Bonus Offer by Millionaires Maker!

One of the most dangerous scam tactic for Millionaires Maker is the claim that they are offering $10,000 cash bonuses for the 50 beta testers. The fact is the cash bonuses is actually offered by binary options brokers themselves. The broker will be happy to give you bonuses regardless of whether you sign up with or without the Millionaires Maker too! However, the downside of accepting cash bonuses with brokers is that it will impose additional terms to your withdrawals. Typical terms and conditions upon accepting cash bonuses is withdrawals can only be done once the trader satisfy the minimum trade volume. Mind you that the minimum trade volume is usually (initial deposit + bonus) x 30. So basically it is a large amount of trade volume before you can actually withdraw your cash! Millionaires Maker decided to mask this cash bonuses opportunity as a “free money” but in actual fact it is actually to make sure you trade more before you can deposit! So it is the MOST DANGEROUS aspect of the Millionaires Maker’s offer that managed to took advantage of non-experienced traders. The so called “telephonic support team” is not calling from Millionaires Maker but rather the broker’s “account managers” too! Beware guys! Only deposit the amount that is comfortable and nothing more!

DO NOT INVEST in SCAMS like Millionaires Maker!

While we have many influx of scam binary options auto traders like Millionaires Maker that uses typical scam tactics like fake testimonials, false scarcity tactics, bogus founder and company that steals innocent trader’s money, we have also come across auto traders that are profitable. So do not let scam systems like Millionaires Maker discourage you from profiting in binary options. There are legit tools that can serve users well and while we are busy blacklisting scam systems, we are actively on a lookout for profitable auto traders. Check out our list of trusted binary options auto trader that is proven to be profitable!

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Millionaires Maker’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Millionaires Maker is a scam binary options auto trading system that employs typical scam tactics. Tactics such as fake testimonials, false sense of scarcity, dangerous bonuses offer, and fabricated bogus founder are red flags that should warn traders to stay away! Please feel free to share our article through social media to put a stop to Millionaires Maker’s SCAM!

Verdict: Millionaires Maker is a SCAM!

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