Millionaire’s Code Scammed My Friend! HONEST Review!

Is Millionaire’s Code a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader? Will it make you $,2,458,800 this year?

Greetings, it is essential to understand what Millionaire’s Code is all about before you invest into this auto trading system! We understand that by using a good auto trader system, you’d be able to profit from binary options trading without much effort. You are probably looking for one as you read this review. Unfortunately, scammers are extremely hardworking in producing fraudulent software designed to lure inexperienced traders’ money with almost no results. Our scam-list can clearly represent the frequency where low performing trading app are produced which we strive to warn our readers to stay away

Millionaire’s Code Scam was investigated because of a personal friend which had decided to try this software. Before we share the outcome, let’s cover some basics of this offer. Millionaire’s Code Software is founded/created by Matt Daniel whom allegedly was an attorney before he got rich. He was inspired to create a trading software due to his exposure to scammed victims. Whereby he employed computer engineers and financial experts to built this application. It’s said to be able to trade with 87% winning accuracy thanks to the cataloging of historical data capability. Matt claimed that you will be able to make $6,830 a day and $2,458,800 a year!

What’s Fishy about Millionaire’s Code Scam?

Firstly, this offer is obviously a “Get Rich Quick” deal that lacks supporting evidence of success! Earning $$6,830 a day and two million a year? Let’s get real, guys! The math on this over-promising profits is completely unrealistic! Although, we can expect actual 87% win rate on truly reliable product, but definitely not 100 trades a day! Experienced traders with awesome track records probably only trades a maximum of 30 trades per day. Most certainly, you should not expect your winning ratio to maintain at 87% every single day as well. The silliest mistake that Matt mentioned is that the numbers are based on 30 days a month! That’s completely absurd when any binary options trader can tell you that there’s no trading activities on weekends! So did Matt Daniel ever traded in his life?

Matt Daniel most likely doesn’t have an active trading account! Our investigation found that Matt Daniel is a paid actor that represents this phony trading system. In fact, he has appeared in other fraud system like the Magnetic Profit SCAM previously which we had blacklisted. Apart from Matt himself, the other 3 so-called “happy users” are also paid actors. They are all hired from a marketplace named where actors charged a minimum of $5 for a video testimonials. Rather a cheap place to pay a person to lie for you, don’t you think? The reality is, many other shady software employs bogus characters portrayed by actors. It’s also one of our easiest method to identify fake products since it’s a typical scam strategy.

Fake Testimonials & Founder Millionaire's Code Scam Review

While didn’t include any actual demonstration on how the auto trader looks like, there’s very little supporting details which you can rely on. Facts that we extracted from Millionaire’s Code Scam are simply over-promising claims of being a millionaire paired with luxurious images/videos, a fake founder/creator, and fake testimonials. All of which we have successfully debunked and brought them to justice.

The “invite only page” or “exclusive offer” are clearly irrelevant when it’s not! Anyone with the webpage link could access this without any restriction. It’s quite apparent that Millionaire’s Code attempts to create a false sense of scarcity as an additional Jedi “mind trick”. Scam-designer for this scam auto trader wants you to feel that you should sign-up immediately. But of course, the reason to NOT sign-up is shared within this review itself.

What Should You Invest Into?

Binary options industry is a victim of scamming activity when it’s actually a profitable platform to make money online. The heavy influx of fake programs inflicted fear into many inexperienced traders. Ultimately, causes the newbie traders to quit before they gain additional knowledge or tools to help them succeed in options trading. Hence, it is always advisable to do your research before investing into any financial tools!

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Millionaire’s Code’s Conclusion

Our take on Millionaire’s Code auto trader software is a resounding SCAM! The familiar Matt Daniel and his backup testimonials actors that appeared in this fraudulent program is already a huge No No. Guess what, we noticed that any auto trader system that has the word “millionaire” in it, are ALL HOAX! The simple reason is because you simply can’t expect to achieve that massive amount of profits in such a short time. My personal friend that had invested in Millionaire’s Code Scam, lost his $250 within 3 days! Do your research, have patience and Trade Safe! We hope this helps!

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