The Millionaires Club SCAM Review! Fraud Binary Options!

The Millionaires Club is a SCAM Review!

From time to time, we find automated binary options trading system like The Millionaires Club being released while claiming to be able to be a secret club that will make you a millionaire within a short period of time. Many a times, in fact all, whenever a binary options auto trader which name has the word ‘millionaire’ in it are PURE SCAM! The reason for it is simple, because being a millionaire in a short span of time through trading binary options is highly unrealistic! What’s worst is that users will feel disappointed because they were expecting to earn lots of money. So, in this review we would like to expose the reason why system like The Millionaires Club is purely an offer that is going to rip you off and steal your money away.

The Millionaires Club’s alleged representative, Richard Brown, claims that this automated trading system is the sole weapon that his secret club of millionaires uses to get endless supply of money. Obviously he claims that it is for free, but of course there will be a need for an initial deposit of $250 for a broker registration. The secret club claims to be able to make it’s users millionaires within 3 or 4 short months. Based on the testimonials attached in the webpage, The Millionaires Club has a over 95% accuracy in over ten thousands trades. While the expectation of being a millionaire purely by using this an auto trader is completely unrealistic, the claim of having an accuracy of over 95% in ten thousands trades is also unheard of within the industry. As much as Richard would say that this system works, but in the way that he claims to be, it is going to lead to disappointment and worst, loss of money!

How We Know The Millionaires Club is a SCAM?

First and foremost, the answer to one of the FAQ in the webpage offer to “How can I know this is not a scam?” is shown above! And we have indeed investigated their so called “verified accounts and testimonials” and we have proof that they are indeed FAKE! The “Live Personal Profit Account” as well as the members profits in the registration page are obviously fake. The reason we know this is because we are writing this review on a Saturday night and there are by right markets are closed during weekend! So clearly those “live” profits you’re seeing are simply fake and fabricated. The currencies market are definitely closed while we write this review and the “live results” keeps on showing fake profits from the currencies market. This is a blatant lie to our face based on their answer to their FAQ!

Fake Trade Update Millionaires Club Scam Review

We wrote this review on a Saturday night, and it is still updating results! But MARKET is CLOSE!

Apart from that “live results” their claimed verified testimonials are now being verified as scam/fake/fraudulent! The testimonials of four traders used in the members area page are simply fabricated results attached with random photos taken from the internet. These photos are used in many different websites and they most certainly can’t be representing a real person using The Millionaires Club auto trader!

Fake testimonials Millionaires Club Scam Review

Fake Testimonials!

Although binary options trading can indeed bring you profits with the right tools, but you will have to be using a legit and profitable system! Not automated trading system scams like The Millionaires Club that employs typical scam tactics such as unrealistic claims of being a millionaire and unrealistic winning rate! The claim of being a millionaire within 3 months and having a over 95% accuracy/winning rate are just red-flags that you can identify in many binary options related scams! They usually disguise themselves as a “Get Rich Quick” solutions that only aims to steal your money away! Hence, you should only look for legit auto trader like Safe Income or Copy Buffett Software which are Binary Options Sentinel’s recommended automated binary options trading system! Unlike The Millionaires Club that already have many negative reviews around due to innocent victims sharing negative results, both Safe Income and Copy Buffett Software has positive outlook within the industry.

Another alerting red-flag that we commonly identify in binary options auto trader scams are the “fake counters” that is designed to create a false sense of urgency. The Queue widget that appears in the top right corner of the webpage is trying to make users to register as soon as the video presentation end. But it obviously does not matter because no matter when you access, the fake queue counter will still show a random figure. In reality, The Millionaires Club scam is planning to prey on as many innocent traders as possible and the webpage will still be available for access as long as they have the intention to keep SCAMMING!

By now we have already debunked the vital part of The Millionaires Club supposedly proof that this system works but clearly these proof are unverified and fake! Apart from the mentioned proof, the endorsement badges placed on the landing page consists of SSL protected is untrustworthy. The Millonaires Club’s website is clearly not SSL protected! Should a webpage has an SSL protection, it’s website shall have a https:// instead of a http://. Plus, SSL protections badges are usually clickable in order for viewers to verify its legitimacy but clearly this isn’t. There is nothing in The Millionaires Club that can actually be trusted. All the scam aspects from this system are designed to make this scam look legit and loss your money the moment you activate this system!

Do NOT Invest in The Millionaires Club!

Binary Options Sentinel strives to Blacklist all the automated binary options trading system scams which we definitely do almost every other day. The reason is because more than 80% of the binary options auto trader are scam system that has no true intention of winning money for you. However, every once in a while we identify profitable and reliable systems which we have listed in as Trusted Auto Trading System BELOW! Do check them out as a good example of what you should expect an auto trading system suppose to do!

Please also SUBSCRIBE to our blog for scam newsletters as you will not know when scammers going to email you an offer that sounds too good to be true. Hence, by referring to our blacklist or contacting us, you can have some feedback on the system that you were offered to!

The Millionaires Club’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that The Millionaires Club is a scam binary options auto trading system which you should stay away from! Do not invest into this system and safe your money from being stolen by scammers! The Millionaires Club employs many scam tactics such as unrealistic expectation of being a millionaire, fake testimonials, and fake trading updates to trick viewers to believe into their scam!

Verdict: The Millionaires Club is a SCAM!

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