Millionaires Blueprint Scam Review! Walter Green is BACK!

The Millionaires Blueprint is a SCAM Review! A Resurfacing Walter Green Fraud!

WARNING! The Millionaires Blueprint strikes (April 2016) again with it’s scheming and fraudulent deal! If you are reading this because you have recently received an email to make money online and was redirected to, you have done the right thing. The first thing you should know about Millionaires Blueprint is that this app has been scamming people since end of last year! You may be able to find negative reviews dated back in September 2015 and obviously they are persistent in their cheating efforts. Another important thing that you should know is that the scammer behind Millionaire Blueprints are the same person behind Final Algo scam as well as Free Money System Scam. It is obvious because, all the video presentation are the exactly the same!Walter Green is involved in all the scams mentioned previously and the funny thing is the scammer did not bother editting their testimonials. You will be able to hear their video testimonials mentioned “Free Money System” instead of Millionaires Blueprint! Seems to us that the scam artist was really lazy in changing their video presentation and just re-use their oldest scam “Free Money System”. This scam has been actively sending emails invitation to prey for innocent traders’ money even in 2016, and hence we wrote this review to bring Millionaires Blueprint to the light of TRUTH!

Millionaires Blueprint Fraud Tactics!

We have indeed received negative feedback about Millionaires Blueprint’s auto pilot trading system that claims to make you a “millionaire” in 90 days! Many innocent traders expecting to see profits by giving this scam app a chance had lost their deposit within 1 – 2 days! Thus, upon investigating Millionaires Blueprint and Walter Green, we begun to understand why it is not surprising that this scam binary options auto trading system lost money. Millionaire Blueprints is a good example of a typical scam auto trader webpage because it employs scam tactics to lure innocent traders in.

The most obvious factor that you can noticed is that Millionaires Blueprint is simply a remade scam from the previous scam (as mentioned above). That itself gave us an impression that this scammer aims to just re-brand their scam and prey for more victim. Having the exact same actor, Walter Green, to impersonate as the founder of Millionaires Blueprint while representing another two scams is definitely a major warning sign! A simple google search will reveal that the other earlier scams, Free Money System by Walter Green, only gives you negative reviews.

Millionaires Blueprint’s so called proof to their “success” are just snapshots of bank account balance which are fake! How do we know this? Simply because the date indicated on the bank account statements are dated back in 2013! Which is way before all these scams are unleashed to steal innocent trader’s money. Please refer below for an example of snapshots of Walter Green’s “bank account” statement:

Millionaires Blueprint Fake Account Scam Review

Fake Bank Account Dated in 2013

Last but not least, having to claim that Millionaires Blueprint is going to make you a millionaire in 90 days is completely unrealistic. Trading binary options can indeed generate profits for you however it totally depends on how much you invest into trading. In order to be a successful binary options trader, you will need to learn how to manage your risk to ensure profits on a longer term. So, expecting to be a millionaire just by investing $250 is definitely not going to happen. Ironically, many binary options auto trading system scams uses such unrealistic claims to lure in immediate sign-ups. Many a times, people usually lose money to this scams. The main lesson here is to not believe any scam system that claims to make you a millionaire with only $250!

If Millionaires Blueprint is an obvious LIE, what SHOULD I invest in?

The amount of scam systems that we have Blacklisted may actually reveal on how actively scammers attempt to create unreliable auto trading systems with over-promising claims to steal your $250. There is no denying that the amount of scams in relation to binary options auto trading systems are quite significant. However, we at Binary Options Sentinel strives to put these scammers out of business by investigating these scams thoroughly.

Most scam systems can only produce 50% to 60% winning rate and obviously Millionaires Blueprints having similar or lower winning percentage have resulted in traders losing their entire deposit! Every once in a while, we come across binary options automated trading system which can indeed generate profits for you! So, if you are interested in looking for a RELIABLE and PROFITABLE auto trader, please refer below for our current trending auto trading system!

Millionaires Blueprint’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Millionaires Blueprint is an obvious reoccurring SCAM binary options auto trading system! The scam artist of this system is very persistent and had re-branded the scams with various other names as mentioned in this review! Similar scam tactics such as unrealistic claims, fake proof of success and using the same exact “Walter Green” actor to represent all the scams are warning signs that convinced us that OUR MONEY IS NOT WORTH RISKING with this system!

Verdict: Millionaires Blueprint is a SCAM!

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