Millionaire Replicator Scam Review! SCAM or LEGIT System?

Millionaire Replicator is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Millionaire Replicator before investing money into this binary options auto trading system!

Millionaire Replicator was recently launched in February 2016 and we are confident that this auto trading system is just another scam! The reason for our confidence is because this system claims that it is the number one way to become a millionaire in the world! It also claims that traders are able to grow the initial deposit of $250 to $7,000 by the end of the day. So far in all our scam reviews, programs that claims to be able to make it’s user a millionaire are all scam programs. Especially when the name of the system has the word ‘millionaire’ in it. We have investigated many of these programs while exposing various suspicious and scam-like aspects in the websites. Millionaire Replicator has just as many scam-like aspects in their offer which we will share in this review. Please continue reading for more scam-like aspects that appears with this system.

Millionaire Replicator’s Scam Video Presentation

We have a narrator that did not introduce himself through out the entire video plus making exaggerating claims about this system. He (the narrator) also adds that this system is not a cheap binary robot what was programmed by Indian Programmer which is an unprofessional and racist remark to be put onto a presentation. Well, let’s just move onto what these amazing claims are shall we? Millionaire Replicator is said to be unique and different compared to other auto trading system in the industry because they have 11 elite traders from Wall Street executing trades. The narrator claims that this system shall replicate the elite trader’s trades in real time back to their own server which then made him daily profits of $9,000.

The elite traders which was mentioned previously had generated $17,000,000 profit over a 12 months period for the narrator’s company. According to the narrator, the elite traders will take 10% of your profit as their fee for their services. Hence, this is the main selling point for the system, where the system does not execute trades based on algorithm but rather based on experienced traders execution. In our honest opinion, the claim about replicating experienced traders trade executions through a software is not an impossible thing. There are systems that works that way, however, these traders are not working in Wall Street but rather they are hired traders by a company (for example signal service providers). The scam-like aspects that we want to warn our readers about is the expectation that this system is going to make a million dollars. It is absolutely unrealistic to expect a consistent profiting days in trading and only based on the claim that “these elite traders had made my company 17 million dollars last year”. We have no idea what company is the narrator referring to which he conveniently did not disclose to us. Clearly a bogus fabricated story created to represent this scam system. Experienced traders will also share that earning a total profit of 1 million per month certainly requires a much larger fund in your account. Maybe more than 10 million just to trade strategically and not to risk all your money? The video simply implies that users will be able to be millionaires just because these elite traders may truly generate that much money in the last year. Which we clearly doubt and it is most likely a fabricated story just to lure in registration.

Millionaire Replicator Scam-like Aspects

The first scam-like aspect that we want to attend to is the CEO/owner that did not introduce himself in the presentation videos. All we have to find out who the owner of this scam system is the banner below the presentation video. It includes a picture of a couple and a signature named after “Sean Valentine”. It quotes “I’m putting my entire reputation on the millionaire replicator. It’s simply unbeatable.”-Sean Valentine. We are not sure what reputation he is risking when we are unable to source for details of himself, his company that he claimed had profit $17,000,000 last year, and also his professional life. Additionally, the picture used to depict himself and his supposedly his partner is a fake! That is definitely not Sean Valentine the alleged owner, but rather it’s just stock photos! It can be easily googled and you will find many websites uses this image in their own advert too. Hence, we can conclude that Sean Valentine and his company does not exist!

Millionaire Replicator Fake Owner Binary Signal Scam

Picture used to depict Sean Valentine is taken from Stock Photos! Easily Googled, many other sites uses this picture!

Next, another typical scam tactics that scam sites uses is the “limited offer” strategy. Millionaire Replicator is said to only be available for the next 135 people only. Viewers also have only 10 minutes of reserved time to finish the application before the offer disappears and is given to someone else. This is certainly NOT  TRUE, because after 10 minutes you will still be able to access this webpage again. Apart from that, the narrator claims that this system appears on radio and TV while having social network, blogs and forums talking about Millionaire Replicator. Because of that, our available 135 spots and 10 minutes reserve time will run out! AGAIN, another fake claim! We are unable to find any forums, blogs, or social network that is promoting this system, unless it is another SCAM reviews similar to this. This system also has only recently launched and how it is that we are not able to hear anything about them? And to claim that this system came out of TV and radio is definitely untrue! We are unable to source any proof that this system appeared in either of those media.

Lastly, the narrator claimed that he had bribed the broker that syncs with the system to give up to $5,000 bonus upon signing up. He then mentioned that it can be used to leverage and profit more in trades! We highly suggest viewers to NOT take up bonuses from binary options brokers as they impose additional terms to your withdrawals process. Traders that accepts bonuses are not able to withdraw their funds until they reach a high trading volume (usually deposit + bonus x 30). It is highly disadvantages for trader to take up bonuses especially that we are not familiar with the binary options broker or the system yet. Say in worst case scenario, we would want to minimize loss and just stop using the system but unfortunately we are unable to withdraw our funds just because we accepted bonuses. We hope that our reader keep this in mind and not to impose additional terms to their withdrawals. It seems that this scam system is only helping the broker to tie down traders and force them to trade continuously before being able to withdraw. Be clear with the terms and conditions before accepting bonuses and do not just believe that this bonus is made for traders advantage. Although this is not entirely a scam act, but coupled with the fake owner and exaggerating claims just makes it more like a scam system! 

Millionaire Replicator’s Conclusion

We strongly advise our viewers to avoid investing in Millionaire Replicator due to their scam-like aspects that we have identified through out the process. Scam-like aspects like unrealistic claims of “it is the number 1 way to become a millionaire in the world”, fake owner and claims of popularity through TV/radio, meaningless “Limited Offer” only and suggesting to viewers to accept bonus. Binary Options Trading will not be able to make you a millionaire especially in a month time! Such a claim is already a strong enough indication that this system is a scam! Fabricated character to represent this scam system just confirms it too!

Binary Options trading can indeed generate high profits but it requires proper money management, knowledge and strategies to be able to generate profit consistently over a long term. Please do not be turned off by scam programs like Millionaire Replicator, there are reliable binary options brokers/services that are genuine and reliable. Please feel free to refer to our list of scams binary options auto trading system and avoid signing up with them! We also have a list of binary options signals that has reliable auto trading system that works too! Feel free to contact us at for any queries! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Millionaire Replicator is a SCAM!

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