Million Dollar Months is a SCAM Review!

Million Dollar Months is a SCAM!

Please read our review before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Million Dollar Months is a binary options auto trading software that was presented in a way such that only a selected few lucky individuals would come across the offer in their website. We at Binary Options Sentinel would not buy that idea as it is employed to be a high pressure sales tactic designed to draw traders to sign up immediately, in fact Million Dollar Months is aiming to close the deal BEFORE the end of the presentation video. The last 5 minutes of the video presentation is spent on telling the viewer why they should sign up immediately because there is only 10 free copies to be claimed before the offer is going to disappear forever. Million Dollar Month’s website has countdown widget for both time left to sign up and available spots remaining, which as suspected, the numbers indicated there does not matter because it will go back to it’s original value when we refresh the page. Sometimes we wonder why would anyone apply this method when it is so easy to prove that it does not matter at all. The only impression we can draw from this technique is the service offered may not be trustworthy because of this small tricks.

Million Dollar Month Scam-Like Aspects

Apart from that, the founder, Brad Davis of this auto trader also claimed that the 28 viewers are specially selected randomly to receive this offer but due to the limited 10 copies available, he urged the viewers to take action immediately supported by the 5 minutes of presentation time with various reason that the time to act is NOW. We highly doubt this is true because the link is easily accessed by anyone on the internet and they would not only want to sell 10 copies only to the public. Along with the fake “spots available” countdown widget, we highly doubt that the claim is valid and we foresee the website to operate as long as Million Dollar Months wants to continue selling.

Another suspicious claim by Million Dollar Months is that their software is capable of achieving 100% success rate/accuracy running on auto pilot mode and is capable of earning 1 million dollars within 30 days. Following which, Brad provided us with a snapshot of one of the ‘lucky’ trader that run the software for 4 weeks with a strange 0 dollar balance value to a staggering fund of $1,209,087.65 at the end of the 4th week with a total of 13,476 trade executions, 13,476 winning trades and 0 losing trades. This highly impossible and most likely is unreal! There is not way that an auto trader that runs on a programmed algorithm to make no mistake after executing ten thousand trades while not taking into account of fundamental analysis (where market moves based on fundamental reasons instead of mathematical formula). The strange 0 dollar balance is also very suspicious because how could you trade without any available funds in your account. We can only assume that the trader probably did deposit some funds and earn $200,000 to $300,000 every single week since then. No matter how we try to view this matter, it still sounds too good to be true.

Next we shall dedicate a small portion of this review to cover Brad Davis, the alleged founder of Million Dollar Months. We discover that the picture attached to the website along with his welcome note can found in the internet, especially in Shutterstock where people are able to purchase those picture for commercial use. We conclude that Brad Davis is not a real person but just a character created to sell Million Dollar Months. Yet another aspect in the website that is proven to be fabricated out of thin air and also to be untrustworthy.

Fake Brad Davis, Founder of Million Dollar Months SCAM! Fabricated character!

Fake Brad Davis, Founder of Million Dollar Months SCAM! Fabricated character!

We also found that the written testimonial on the website, Martin Schwartz, Thomas Sandvig, Elijah DuPont, and Linda Campbell, all whom are already alleged millionaires by using this software, to be fake too. However, we appreciate that Million Dollar Months is nice enough to include trade history of all four millionaires in the member’s area page as well! We would like applaud to that effort because it gives us solid evidence that the software really works, right? Unfortunately, the evidence that was attached to support the capability of this software has quite an obvious flaw to it! Yet another attempt to scam traders into trying this product. Let’s look into only an example of one of the four millionaires, Elijah Dupont’s trade history, and we found a few suspicious entry, such as the trade executed for EUR/USD, Silver, GBP/USD, and GOLD on 24 November 2015, all four trades were executed within similar time frame and all were PUT trades that were successful. However, the Rate at expiry is 0! we doubt that all four assets had ever fall into 0 value on that exact date! Another interesting fact, we find that trade histories shows that the alleged millionaires got their money by trading on WEEKENDS too! I guess this software probably reopened the market on weekends specially for their own use? It is most certainly not but rather a pathetic effort in creating a trade history that did not happen! The website also showcase testimonials from the same four millionaires in both the home page as well as the members area and we found contradicting statements there as well. For example, the alleged millionaire, Thomas Sandvig from Sweden is said to have his First Million Dollar Month in November 2015 in the home page. BUT, his testimonials is said to have starting balance of $250 and a profit of $1,440,360.92 in September 2015 in the members area page! That means, his first Million Dollar Month should be in September 2015! Similar patterns can be found for the other alleged millionaire’s testimonial. Yet another round of cheap tactics in creating false evidence to support their claim

Strange Price at Expiry across four different assets at about the same time of the day! Million Dollar Months is a SCAM!

Strange Price at Expiry across four different assets at about the same time of the day! Million Dollar Months is a SCAM!

Trading that OPENS on a SUNDAY! Million Dollar Months is SCAM!

Trading that OPENS on a SUNDAY! Million Dollar Months is SCAM!

Different claims in testimonials at Home page and Member's Area!

Different claims in testimonials at Home page and Member’s Area!

Million Dollar Month’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Million Dollar Months is a SCAM because of various fabricated testimonials, fake founder’s profile, fake trade history, and highly ambitious accuracy/success rate of 100% simply just put off all interest as well as trust in this auto trading software. We recommend checking out our Binary Options Signals page for list of reliable auto trading software/manual binary options signal provider. Do not buy into this quick get rich software because binary options most certainly can make you a millionaire in 30 days. It requires good money management, trading education and also reliable binary options signal services!

Verdict: Million Dollar Months is a SCAM

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