Million Dollar Duplicator Scam Review

Million Dollar Duplicator Scam Fraud Hoax Review

Is Million Dollar Duplicator a SCAM or REAL? Michael Bradley $30,000/month Hoax?

Warning! Please read our review on Million Dollar Duplicator (MDD) before investing your money into this auto trading system! This is actually an old scam that has been active since 2015 and it has come to our attention that some of our subscriber have recently received invitation to visit It is important for you to understand why Million Dollar Duplicator is just another fraud auto trader that tarnishes the binary options industry with it’s fake promises. The results of our investigation on Million Dollar Duplicator App has revealed many typical scam tactics that scam programmer uses! So, if you rather skip this review and go straight to a LEGIT/PROFITABLE automated trading system, please refer BELOW! If not, you’d probably be interested in reading what our fruitful investigation has discovered!

Michael Bradley, the founder/CEO of Million Dollar Duplicator claims that this auto trading system is capable of making you a consistent $30,000/month and you can stand to profit to a million dollar! Based on their “trade history” it reveals a near 100% accuracy/win rate with a staggering 80,000 wins and 2,000 loss (about 97.5% win rate). The interesting thing about these types of scam systems is when it sounds too good to be true, very often that it is! If this is the first time you have encountered such a scam system with completely unrealistic profits, do check out the Money Glitch Scam, Million Dollar Challenge and Midas Method. In fact, we received complaints from Million Dollar Duplicator saying that the system only “duplicates” losing trades!

Why is Million Dollar Duplicator a Hoax/Fraud?

One of the most suspicious and alarming discovery we have made is that Michael Bradley, the creator of MDC, is a fake/fabricated character. The reason for that scam fact is because this system is presented by a voice narrator and just a picture to represent Michael himself. But we found that the picture used to depict Michael Bradley is obtained from stock photos provider. Where people can just purchase online rights to use pictures of male/female modals! Hence, with the owner of Million Dollar Duplicator being exposed as a fake character, there is rather very little trust we can place upon his offer.

Fake CEO Million Dollar Duplicator Fake Testimonials Scam

The fraud tactic that Million Dollar Duplicator scam employs is the typical “limited time offer” only. Obviously the aim of this is to create a fake sense of urgency/scarcity to urge viewers to register immediately! Naturally, the phrase of “Claim Free Access for Million Dollar Duplicator before the clock runs out” does not matter at all. You will still be able to sign-up for this scam system when the clock hits zero. The timer simply resets itself every time you access this page anyway! This is another strong indication that our team look for when we investigate auto trading systems. Logically if an auto trader is really genuine or sincere, they will not need to use a timer to force you to join their system anyway.

What is the other Fake aspects this scam system employs? Well, the scam artist for MDD also includes video testimonials as well as social feeds as proof of success! However, we noticed that these testimonials are not authentic and untrustworthy! The video testimonials are actually done by paid actors that reads scripts of success stories. In fact, we recognize them rather easily simply because they were hired from! Apart from that, the fake social media feeds is a disappointing attempt to fool viewers! The comments feed is clearly not live, but rather a pre-programmed script that places repeating comments and pictures every minute!

Do Not Invest into Million Dollar Duplicator!

Due to the common red-flags and indication that we see in many scam systems, we highly discourage you from investing into this system! It is the very existence of scams that uses auto trading system as their platform that tarnishes the binary options trading industry. Binary Options Sentinel have been blacklisting auto trading system scams that have already consumed the industry’s positive outlook by scamming people very often.

However, every once in a while we’ll get a breath of fresh air when genuine and authentic auto trading system emerges in the industry. (Although it does not happen very often). Auto Trading App like Neo2 Software is a great example of a truly RELIABLE and PROFITABLE system as it has proven track record! For more information, do read our Neo2 Software Review and it’s Performance Review!

Million Dollar Duplicator’s Conclusion

The conclusion for Million Dollar Duplicator is a resounding FRAUD! Due to the fake/bogus CEO, over-promising claims of profits, fake testimonials and meaningless “limited offer timer”, we can safely advise you to NOT invest a cent and donate to the scam artist! We hope that this review helped, and we wish you all the best in your trading journey! Trade SAFE!

Verdict: Million Dollar Duplicator is a SCAM!

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