Million Dollar Challenge Scam Review! Stanford & Marcs Fraud?

Million Dollar Challenge Stanford Marcs Scam Review

Is Million Dollar Challenge by Stanford & Marcs a SCAM or LEGIT?

Please read our WARNING about the Million Dollar Challenge invite by William Stanford! We have investigated this automated trading system as we have received quite a number of queries regarding this system. It is alarming that the Million Dollar Challenge employs various scam tactics to draw registration from it’s viewers. While it’s presentation outlook may seem like a legit offer, we discovered that many of the content in are fabricated!

William Stanford, the alleged founder for Stanford Marcs Trading Group, establishes that his group has been running for over 2 decades and have been profiting in trading. The success stories has claimed to make $1,300 Daily Income for it’s users as well as making some of it’s users millionaires as well! He attempts to back Million Dollar Challenge up by stating that this software is capable of achieving an amazing 88.79% accuracy with it’s high speed trading algorithm. Which also makes an average of over 30 trades a day with lighting speed! Unfortunately, we are extremely skeptical about the claims because there is not automated trading system that is currently available that can execute that many trades and maintain such a high accuracy level!

The realistic range of best performing system available in the market now are 3 to 10 trades a day with a record of 80% accuracy! Should you be interested in skipping this review, please do take a look at our recommended trading system BELOW which is proven reliable and profitable! Else, please continue reading our review for more information!

Why is Stanford Marcs Trading Group’s Million Dollar Challenge a SCAM?

While viewing the offer page, we can’t help but to look for the legitimacy of Stanford & Marcs Trading Group due to the reason that both William and his testimonials constantly tries to establish that it is some sort of a huge operation. There are even mentioned that people following this group and profited by following their trades through social media. BUT, when we attempt to look for it’s Facebook  or Twitter page, all we found is negative reviews or pages that are completely unrelated to Stanford Marcs Trading Group! There is even written claim that this trading group has existed for more than 20 years, but as expected, no verifiable proof that it has ever existed! Although we do not understand why claim such a thing when it clearly does not exist, it is a typical scam tactics that many other scam systems employs too!

Another alarming fact that we have discovered during our investigation is that the testimonials are completely untrustworthy! Let’s take some of the example of the success stories available in the video. Take the story about Henry Gallon, that profited $104,000 in 3 short months and Carly Hamilton whom earned $187,000 in 6 months. The pictures that are used to represent these two individual are actually stock photos that can be found in the internet easily. Another interesting fact is that was only recently created on 27th April 2016. How is it possible to have users to use this software for 3 or 6 months when it was only barely created for 1 month! Same can be said about the “actors” that is receiving the $1,000,000 prize! How is it possible to profit that much when it is such a new system. Apart from that, your profits from binary options trading will be given by the binary options brokers themselves, not Stanford Marcs Trading Group! Clearly, these are fabricated testimonials to back up their scam stories.

Fake Testimonials Million Dollar Challenge Stanford Marcs Scam Review

Stay Away from Stanford Marcs Trading Group!

So far, every attempt in proving that this trading group existence ends up a failure! These isn’t really anymore facts that we can find from the presentation video that could actually save their reputation. It appears that the scammer that designed Million Dollar Challenge places too many fake claims which are easily exposed. From fake company profile to fake testimonials and bogus creator, William Stanford himself. Such a scam systems very often have no real intention in profiting for it’s users and unfortunately, we have indeed received emails from victims of Million Dollar Scams. They have claimed to lose their deposit in a day, simply because the software truly executes high volume of trades, but with poor accuracy. Similar Scam: Drexel Code, Binary Interceptor, Dream Profits

If you are interested in looking for an automated trading system that is proven to be able to profit for you, do check out Neo2 Software. We have also written on Neo2 Software Performance review as well. Unlike this scam, this system has a reliable winning percentage with realistic trading volume too!

Million Dollar Challenge by Stanford & Marc Trading Group’s Conclusion

We hereby conclude that Million Dollar Challenge is a SCAM auto trading system! It only offers fake company profiles and fake testimonials that are designed by scammers to lure innocent traders to register. Your money is better invested in a more reliable system such as our Trusted/Recommended System BELOW!

Verdict: Stanford Marc Trading Group is a SCAM!

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