Midnight Money Machine Scam Review! Fraudulent Jeff Farrell?

Midnight Money Machine Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Trading App: Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM Review! Fraud or Genuine?

Interested in investing into a profitable auto trading system? Please read our review on Midnight Money Machine before you invest your money into this auto trading app! It’s vital to understand what you are investing on. Plus, the first thing you should be aware of is how frequently scam-artist create trading app like the Midnight Money Machine to lure initial deposit! Our Blacklist and Home Page will be able to shed some background on who we are and the number of scam systems that we have warned other readers about!

The hype of Midnight Money Machine came to our attention from our subscribers’ question. Hence, our in-depth investigation exposed alarming discovery. Before going into details, let’s explore the main concept of Midnight Money Machine Scam! This auto trader is lead by the alleged CEO of JF Media, Jeff Farrell for newbie traders to earn from $1,500 to $6,000 every night while you are sleeping. It is said to operate on an algorithm that made for “slow markets” during the night which have been “profitable” for the last 8 years. As attractive this offer seems to appear, we urge you to understand the below facts prior to decision!

Make-believe Information in Midnight Money Machine Scam?

Despite the fact that an algorithm for slow market trading is not entirely impossible, but it is very rare among binary options software. The reason is because most profitable trading software works better when there is high activities (when the market is trading) due to a strong indication of trend. “Night market” would most likely have little movement in the market, and hence would be trading between a small or medium range. However, abrupt spike or dip in prices happen during the night, and it happens without having a strong signs of  trend! Since trading binary options needs an expiry, it is harder to tell when this dip/spike would happen. In our honest opinion, these “weird” movement and minimal market activity would not be suitable for auto trading software.

Nevertheless, if you would not mind giving Midnight Money Machine a try because the concept seems viable, take a look at their background. First and foremost, JF Media is a non-verifiable company as a “financial related” establishment. Our study reveals that JF Media are mostly photography related or advertising related. Apart from that, the CEO, Jeff Farrell is nowhere to be found plus represented by a voice narrator (completely shady and bogus).

Next, noticing the potential profits or proof of achievement by Midnight Money Machine would help in exposing forgery! The snapshot of “bank account” while claiming the $1,500 to $6,000 income nightly is suspicious. The income is declared as “Payout JF MEDIA LTD” between 2nd to 9th of May 2016. There are also Tweets of sham success stories dated on 8th/9th May 2016. However, a simple who.is research informs the age of midnightmoneymachine.com that was only recently created on 18th May 2016. Meaning that there is no way anyone would have so-called tested this trading software and reported success stories when it is not “live”. Transaction history from JF MEDIA LTD is also FAKE because your profits from binary options trading supposedly transferred by brokers instead!

Fake Tweets Midnight Money Machine Scam

Similar outcome can also be deduced when we compare fictitious results from their “newest members” area. The profits ranges from $37,000 to $120,000 which should reflect about at least 1 month of this scam system (based on $1,500 per night). midnightmoneymachine.com is simply too young (1 week old relative to this review) to produce such a result! The “email testimonials” shared in the video presentation by phony “Lindsey” claims of consistent profits every single night. Everyday of the week Including weekends! Although she claims to have forgotten to turn this app on during Saturday, it clearly doesn’t make sense to do it anyway! Simply because major trading market CLOSES on WEEKENDS! So how on earth you gain money ($2,800 on a Sunday)? Fabricated testimonial ALERTS!

Fake Testimonials & Office Midnight Money Machine Scam

Regarding the potential profits of at least $1,500 every night? Profits from binary options trading is highly dependent on your initial investment and accuracy. Realistically speaking, $1,500 profits from an initial deposit of $250 on your first night is impractical. Why would Midnight Money Machine say so if it’s unworkable? Simply because it is a common scam/fraud tactics to trick inexperienced traders! Additionally, negative feedback from our subscriber stating poor performance from this trading app only shows that $1,500 is unrealistic.

What’s my best alternative to Midnight Money Machine Trading SCAM?

This inspection essentially unfold one of many scam systems out there designed by scammers to tarnish binary options industry. So, doing your research on these software is highly important before you risk your investment!

Nevertheless, reliable and profitable auto trading software do appear every once in a while. Check out the table below for good examples of great trading systems!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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Midnight Money Machine Conclusion

Based on our alerting findings, we conclude that Midnight Money Machine is a SCAM auto trader that you should avoid. No genuine details or even demonstration were shared in this offer! The fake bank snapshots, bogus company “JF Media” and unrealistic profits promises are typical fraud tactics designed to attract “quick deposit”. Stay away from this scam and TRADE SAFE! We hope this helps!

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