Midas Touch App Scam Review! $5,000 daily trading GOLD!?

Midas Touch App is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Midas Touch App before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Midas Touch App is a recently released scam binary options auto trading system since February 2016. The alleged developer of this scam system, Mark Williams, claims that this auto trading system can make you $5,000 daily. He also claims that the unique feature about this app is that it is designed to only trade in the GOLD market with an impressive accuracy rate of 96.8% on auto-pilot. To further make this app sound more attractive, the phrase Midas touch is used as a catch phrase which means whatever it touches someone’s life, it quickly turns it into gold. It is said that this app has changed hundreds of life around the world by earning them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course all these might sound like a fantastic deal, however, it is quite clear that their claims is rather unrealistic which caused us to be skeptical to even test this system out. Apart from that, there are several scam-like aspects appearing in the website and offers itself. Please read our review below for more details on their scam-like elements found in Midas Touch App.

Midas Touch App Unrealistic, Scam-like Claims

As mentioned above, the claim of making $5,000 daily as shown in the video demonstration paired with an accuracy of 96.8% accuracy are common claims of scam auto trading software makes. It is rather easy to make sense that these claims are highly unrealistic. There is no such thing as a guaranteed $5,000 per day profits in binary options tradings because it highly depends on the algorithm to react in their respective market behavior. As we all know, asset prices are highly volatile and there is just no way to estimate your days earnings specifically. Moreover, scam auto trading systems often represent themselves with an accuracy of over 90%! So far, we received negative feedback from unlucky traders that tried scam systems that claims to have over 90%. Hence, do not believe any scam system that claims an accuracy of over 90%. Presently, reliable auto trading software which have been tested are performing from 70% to 80% (refer below for list of reliable auto traders).

Not only the above mentioned claims are unrealistic, the testimonials are also unrealistic as well! We have heard claims like earning $12,000 in the first 3 days and making $300,000 in 3 months! These testimonials are designed to lure and convince viewers that it is indeed the “Hand of Midas”! Please do not fall for the testimonials and create unrealistic expectation for yourself. Binary options trading is indeed profitable, but it requires consistency, good risk/money management, and perhaps good binary options services/legit auto trading system to help increase profitability.

Fabricated Founder and Background Story

Typical scam system style of story telling where the developer/founder are usually someone from Wall Street! In our case, Mark William claims to work in Wall Street 10 years ago as data analyst which exposes him to gold trading. Hence, he studied gold’s price movements for 4 years and claims to have “broke the code” that enables him to spot patterns and accurately predict the movement of gold price. The story of having studied a certain asset and developed an algorithm to profit from that asset sounds good. But we are unable to verify his existence or even Midas Touch App before 2016. Mark mentioned that this system had already helped hundreds of people to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars which is very suspicious claim because Midas Touch’s website was only registered in January 2016. Hence, there is no evidence to support their claims and it is most likely fabricated stories to promote this scam system! Plus, Mark is represented by a voice narrator which most scam binary options auto trader employs every time to remain bogus and shady!

Midas Touch App Scam Testimonials and Trading Histories

The first person we see in the presentation video are testimonials from fake actors! We are able to recognize several Fiverr actors even without searching in Fiverr’s database because they have been active in several scam binary options system before! For example, the first person acting as Martin Morrisson is actually Deren under the Fiverr name of Dezza123. Another example of fake testimonial is actually Fiverr actor named Ian, with Fiverr name of Hanoi66. Both these individual have been promoting other scam binary options systems as well!

Fake Testimonials Midas Touch App Scam Review

Paid Actor from Fiverr giving Fake Testimonials!

Another common scam binary options auto trading system tactics is by employing fake trading histories to further support their unrealistic claims. In the members page for Midas Touch App, it is rather easy to debunk the truth about this trade history. The trade history has an unrealistic win/loss ratio of 988/35 and it indicates trading activities during weekends as well. As we all know, GOLD trading does not happen on weekends, in fact, any form of trading is not available on weekends. This just proves that the trade history is simply fake and fabricated!

Fake Trade History Midas Touch App Scam Review

Fake Trading History! Weekend Trading Activities indicated!

Midas Touch App’s Conclusion

We hereby conclude that Midas Touch App is a scam binary options auto trading system that employs unrealistic claims to lure viewers, fake testimonials, fake trade histories and bogus founder! These are typical qualities of scam system that viewers should avoid to prevent from unnecessary disappointment! Apart from that, Midas Touch also employs the meaningless “countdown widget” and “limited spots left” tactics which viewers should not even pay attention to it. It will simply refresh itself the next time you visit the page. We strongly advise against investing into this scam system! There are more reliable auto trading system that could generate consistent profits for you! Please refer below for more information!

Verdict: Midas Touch App is a SCAM!


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