Methodox 2.0 Software Review! Deceiving Trading SCAM!

Methodox 2.0 Software Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Methodox 2.0 Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Came across Methodox 2.0 Software by Scott Sholes at Wondering whether is Methodox a SCAM? You’ve come to the right place! Our Methodox Review debunks Scott’s trading software’s perplexing offer while increasing queries reaches us. As a matter of fact, our in-depth investigation reveals several deceptive aspects and makes Methodox 2.0 as a Dangerous Scam! Methodox Software’s presentation adapts an extremely creative way to lure newbie traders’ attention. Little do they know that their investment is at large risk of disappearing due to poor performance! We shall expose Methodox Trading’s dishonesty below!

Methodox 1.0 to 2.0? For REAL?

If you are new to binary options trading, it’s only natural to have assumed that Scott Sholes was, in fact, telling the truth about Methodox. Let’s examine his story, Scott claims to have developed Methodox 1.0 previously and has 540 existing members. On top of that, he asserts that the Methodox 2.0 will be able to earn twice as much compared to the latter version, which is a profit of $632 per day. Thus, Scott and Mark, the founders of Methodox 2.0 Software intends to sell this to large financial firms after gathering some “test results” from 1,000 members.

As we have mentioned earlier, if you are completely fresh to this industry, you would have bought the story! However, based on our experience and research, we could tell that there is no such system as the Methodox 1.0. It never did exist in the first place! Neither are the existing 540 members from the version 1.0 which supposedly receive a free upgrade to 2.0. Should Methodox 1.0 be a true success, we would have heard about it previously and these 500+ video testimonials would be accessible!

Additionally, the presentation says that Methodox trading platform is connected to the platform of large financial firms. Hence, allowing the Methodox Software to know which asset the ‘big boys’ are trading at any given moment. Unfortunately, such declaration can’t be true, not even a slight bit! Such information is only exclusively available within the financial firms or institution themselves. These big boys would never allow their trading methodology leaked to other parties and it’s basically illogical for them to share it. Thus, making this a nonsensical declaration made up of empty words!

Suspicious Testimonials in Methodox?

We’re extremely skeptical about not only the version 1 existence but also the existing Costumers’ (yes, a major typo on the web page)! Any research attempt to verify the Methodox 1.0 and their existing 500 users goes unfruitful. Nor the identity of Scott Sholes and Mark as the founder of a legal business entity. Which is extremely illogical if Methodox 2.0 is indeed the “prize” which most financial firms is interested in buying, but there is no information available! This simply implies that the whole Methodox 2.0 story are made up lies aiming to appear legit.

A quick look at the customers’ testimonials disputes any originality as these are not real individuals/customers! We pinpointed that these customers are also fabricated by attaching random pictures stolen from other sites. The mere spelling mistake of Costumers simply implies the lack of professionalism in their sites. Not surprising for a lousy scam constructed by dishonest scam artist!

Lastly, we spotted a discrepancy in their trade demonstration whereby their Trade History was edited to show Win! If you were to take a closer look at the demonstration provided by Jessica Stein, she traded a GBP/JPY pair with a PUT trade. However, the expiry rate in the trade history shows that it is clearly higher than the entry/strike rate. Hence, this trade is supposedly a Loss trade but instead it indicates as Won! Obviously, Methodox has manipulated their trade history to deceive viewers!

Methodox 2.0 Software Fake Trade Demonstration & Results

Methodox 2.0 Conclusion

Considering the facts above, we have to conclude that Methodox 2.0 is a SCAM auto trading software. This ‘creative’ approach to how Scott establishes himself and the trading software as a performing auto trader since a few years ago is a HOAX! Scott remains as a bogus CEO & founder with no actual trading expertise and non-existing version 1. This misrepresentation has already lured new traders into depositing and unfortunately, many lost their money too. Please refrain from investing into Methodox Software!

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New to Binary Options?

Thank you for your time in understanding our Methodox Software Scam Review. Our goal is to allow traders to understand the hidden truth behind this trading software. With the high frequency of fraudulent trading app in the industry, it’s important to find out what you are investing with. Our Blacklist could serve as a reference list to scam systems that you should avoid too! As for traders that are interested in practicing your trade methods or strategy, it’s advisable to do it in a DEMO account before you risk actual money. Binary Options Sentinel will SOON be posting educational materials as well as trading guides to our readers! Please SUBSCRIBE to our BLOG to receive Free newsletters and tips once it’s up and running!

If there is a trading software which is not covered by our team yet, please feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll look into it! 🙂

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