Mentor Money Club Software Scam Review! Trading Method Fails? Danger

Is Mentor Money Club a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Binary Trading Software?

Stumbled upon Mentor Money Club at offer to be highly interesting? Wondering whether Mentor Money Club Software will earn you an average of $2,500 daily? Our experience as binary options traders has proven that profits can be made via this financial trading instrument. Effective trading tools and basic trading knowledge are all that inexperienced traders need to venture into binary trading. Unfortunately, there are many scam trading software that disguises themselves as “helpful” trading tools! As a result, traders lose money within the first 2 days. Furthermore, word has gotten out from our subscribers about this huge scam! Please read this important review before making an investment decision!

The Mentor Money Cub portrays itself as an exclusive club that offers trading educations and as a perfect place for new traders to start off. The Mentor Money Club also offers an automated trading platform where traders earn an average daily $2,500 and $18,000 per week. This auto trader is launched by Dr. Peter Haines and Jamie Perkins. Both individuals claim that they earned millions from this system and shows a luxurious lifestyles to entice viewers with their expensive yacht, cars and houses. As much as Prof. Peter and Jamie like to represent Mentor Money Club as a trading solution or educational hub equivalent to the elite financial trading institution, we fear that the reality is far from it! Read more below!

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Mentor Money Club Software, a Fool Proof Trading Method?

The most alarming aspect of this offer is the impression that Prof. Haines and his team are offering top class trading educational material that doesn’t exist. Thus, making this one of the most cunning auto trading offer! Mentor Money Club Scam victims did not receive any form of educational materials or even guidance to place good trades in binary options. Furthermore, the publicized “mentor” is actually the sales oriented “account managers” from brokers instead! These people aren’t from Mentor Money Club and brokers’ account managers doesn’t necessarily have the best interest to profit for their traders.

The lack of description on their trading method or demonstrations also creates a suspicious outlook to Mentor Money Club. It’s rather weird for any elite financial institutions level education provider to not show their stuff. These certainly challenges the legitimacy of Mentor Money Club as the “teacher” they say they are. Say for example, a common strategy we used here in Binary Options Sentinel are the use of support resistance level with other indicators to aim for a reversal. Any efforts in verifying Mentor Money Club’s 2,432 existing members fails as we investigate this matter and nothing seems to point towards their $18.5 million profits! On the contrary, we got negative feedback from reviewers and traders alike.

Common Phony Tactics Used in Offer!

Aside from the imaginary educational service Mentor Money Club Software offers, we discover common scammer’s tricks in their presentation and webpage. Firstly, the notion of earning a guaranteed $750 profits per day is very far fetched! There is in fact no such thing as guaranteed profits in any form of trading! A more dangerous fact about this is that scammers loves to represent their fraud products in such a manner while guaranteeing unrealistic profits. Obviously, Mentor Money Club’s negative reputation does affirm this profits guarantee as false.

Apart from that, the use of fake “news banners” such as SBS World News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC to endorse this hoax are nothing but a sham. There is no actual article or endorsement by any of these news broadcasters towards this false promising trading education provider. The testimonials attached to the webpage are also fake! Scam artists attaches random pictures online with a random name while stating a monstrous profits which are not verifiable by any sources.

Fake Testimonials Mentor Money Club Scam Review

Lastly, we can’t shake off the notion that the Mentor Money Club associates with the Cobalt Code Scam which we blacklisted previously! The obvious mention of that previous scam is highly mistrustful and it makes sense to learn that Mentor Money Club Software wipes traders’ account! It’s clear that this Automated Robot is not a trustworthy!

Mentor Money Club Scam Cobalt Code

Mentor Money Club Automated Robot Conclusion!

We can safely conclude that Mentor Money Club Software is a SCAM Auto Trader and Fake Mentor! The positive aspects said in the presentation doesn’t exist and scam victims have lost their initial deposit! The typical scam tactics in the webpage stand as a red flag with their falsely claimed testimonials and non-existing educational guidance. Not to mention, Prof. Haines’s credibility are not verifiable and his 20 years experience in trading are simply made-up! Stay Away from Mentor Money Club Scam!

Safer Automated Trading Robot Investment?

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude for taking the time to read our Mentor Money Club Scam Review! Hopefully, this article would serve as a vital warning to a trading hoax and prevent bad investment decisions! Making money via binary options is indeed possible and it requires basic trading knowledge paired with reliable trading tools. Our experience in reviewing and trading in this industry allows us to compile over 100 frauds! Our Blacklist lists down all these trading hoaxes which traders should stay away!

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