Maximus Profits System Scam Review! Crucial Warning!

Maximus Profits Software Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Maximus Profits Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Hesitant about depositing funds to Maximus Profits at Are you wondering whether Maximus Profits Software could bring you $8,496 daily profits? This offer is essentially a binary options automated trading program whereby realistic income is, in fact, possible. Nonetheless, there has been an increase in fraudulent software where scammers take advantage of this dynamic industry and it’s traders. With the attractive returns with a low deposit as compared to conventional forex, scam software is designed to lure traders into a lousy performing software. Hence, it is important to refer to our Blacklist to ensure that the invested product is in fact not labeled as a hoax! Read below for our analytical study on Maximus Profits!

The Maximus Profits System by George Maximus is viral auto trader which claims to make 14 millionaires only recently! Aside from that, it is also said to profit as much as $8,500 profits on a daily basis with many annoying account balance snapshots. George reiterates that the success of Maximus Profits Software is contributed by the patented algorithm which wins 100% of the time. That’s right, a ZERO LOSS trading app. Lol! As attractive as Maximus Profits may sound, we find that the presentation and outlook highly resembles a dishonest “Get Rich Quick” type of offer! Which of course the misleading statements are debunked below and very often, many trading hoaxes represents itself in such manner!

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Who is George Maximus?

Many times, phony software employs bogus characters into their seemingly attractive offer. Especially systems that claim to make you a millionaire in a short period of time! Let’s take George Maximus for instance. We discovered that George Maximus have indeed appeared in an old binary options scams named the Cloud Trader as Matthew Shepherd. This only proves that the great Maximus Profits is represented by a merely paid actor who resurfaced in yet another scam!

Moreover, there are no formal records which indicate the existence of George Maximus and his business entity which helps investors to earn millions! We only found an asset management company based in Swiss named the Maximus Capital. Yet, there is no association between George Maximus and Maximus Capital. It seems that the scammers have stolen this company’s name to brand their scam software!

Fake George Maximus Profits Scam Review

Earning $8,500 Daily Profits with Zero Loss with Maximus Profits?

We have also received negative feedback from traders whom actually gave Maximus Profits a try but only to lose their entire funds within a few days. This phenomenon where such a misleading emphasis on making its users millionaires are simply lies. Although trading binary options does allow traders to earn a good profit but it’s entirely up to the size of their investment. Instead of the completely unrealistic $8,500 per day profits, experienced traders will aim for percentage growth. Obviously expecting a $8,500 profits on your first day from an initial deposit of $250 is basically asking for the impossible.

Should you have a look at their trade histories in the member’s area, viewers will notice that there is not a single loss in it. Which is completely unreal, as loss trades are inevitable in basically any form of trading. In addition to that, George’s silly assertion that Maximus Profits algorithm “automatically swaps losing positions with winning trades before expiry” is completely BS. There’s no such thing in binary options trading which allows such a ‘swap’. Therefore, Maximus Profits clearly does not perform as it claims to be and offers deceitful profit potential.

What about the 14 Maximus Profit Millionaires George Helped?

Aside from the fake George Maximus, the so-called 14 Maximus Profits millionaires are also actors similar to George himself. Many of these happy stories are just scripts reading by the bands of script readers from Also, we see many of these familiar faces in other trading scams as well. So much so that chances of losing money is highly related to their occurrence (almost true). Clearly, viewers should not have any reason to believe their fairy tale profits stories or potential!

Fake Testimonial Maixmus Profits Scam Review

Maximus Profit Conclusion

Based on the facts above, we can conclude that Maximus Profit is a SCAM auto trading system! The information shared in Maximus Profits’ Registration/Deposit page fills itself with misleading elements to lure inexperienced traders to deposit. Considering a large number of negative reviews and feedback from traders, it furthers confirms that Maximus Profit is not a wise investment choice! The bogus George Maximus and fake testimonies of earning massive profits within a short time are common scam tactics too! Stay Away From Maximus Profits!

Preferred Alternative to Investing in Binary Options?

Deepest gratitude for taking up the time to read our Maximus Profits Scam Review! We pray that this review serves as an important notice to help you avoid bad investments as well as making good ones. It’s essential to understand the investment products before making a deposit  and also refer to our Blacklist to dodge sneaky frauds!

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