Maximus Edge Autobot Review – SCAM? Real Testing EA Results?

Is Maximus Edge Autobot a SCAM or LEGIT Trading EA Signal?

Maximus Edge Autobot or Maximus Edge EA (Expert Advisor) caught our attention yesterday with their own signal system. Surely there are many indicators or trading signal service in the binary options industry, but many turn out to be a scam. So before you invest, please read our Maximus Edge Scam Review as we answer the most important question. Is Maximus Edge a reliable tool?

Maximus Edge Autobot Website

Also, we’ll be covering who created the system, how to use a manual signal software, and how it works.

One common scam traits we notice among all frauds is that there are very unrealistic and over-promising claims of profits. Like earning thousands on the first day only with a $250 deposit. Hence, here’s one thing we like about the Maximus Edge Autobot, it doesn’t give out the vibe of a Get Rich Quick Scam. In fact, the entire presentation is very practical even for a day trader like us. So that’s a good quality to keep in mind about when all we want in our trading journey is consistent growth!

If you follow our blog closely, the fraudulent software all ended up in our Blacklist where we warn our readers to stay away from! All of which gives out a crazy profit capability and worst fake proof to support their claims. Please also SUBSCRIBE to our Blog with the form on the right to get our Latest News and Trading tips!

Okay, once you do that, let us move on with the important details below!

What is Maximus Edge EA?

For the benefit of whoever has no experience in online trading, Maximus Edge is a Trading Signal Software. Which means, it gives out trading recommendations or signals manually without the automated trading function. Hence, instead of being in front of a computer for hours waiting and analyzing for the trading opportunity, Maximus Edge does it for you. It works in a binary options environment where it gives out Direction (Call/Put), Asset Class, and Expiry time. If you have ever tried trading by yourself, you’ll know how hard it is to wait and come up with this decision.

According to the presenter, Max, the software functions in a manner that it optimizes five most popular trading indicators. Which are the Pivot Points, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Stochastic RSI and Fibonacci Retracements? These are undoubtedly the most common indicators for most traders in the world and still being used even in the present day. Why? Simply because it works and it makes sense.

But even for experienced traders, we’ll need to come up with our own analysis and decision if we use the indicators. So, this is where Maximus Edge comes into play whereby it analyses the indicator data and comes up with market calls for us. Ultimately, we can refer to the Maximus Edge Signals and make our final decision before placing an actual trade.

Note: Most Scams that ends up in our blacklist uses the nonsense concept to back up their fake claims. Conceptual lies like the Quantum Code, or No-Loss Algorithm that break-even a losing trade in split seconds are absolutely FAKE. It is impractical and non-existence. Hence, with respect to Maximus Edge, their working concept does make sense and it is trading related. There’s no BS ‘never lost a trade’ algorithm lies, so kudos to Maximus Edge.

How Does Maximus Edge Software Works?

Maximus Edge Trading Platform

Execute Trades on the Easy to use Platform

As mentioned above, it calculates and recommends trading signals in reference to the indicators above. So at the end of the day, we believe it is relatively a straightforward platform with signals and it is up to use whether to take the trade. Does it work 100% of the time? Absolutely not, and to be fair, that is how trading works in reality. There is no 100% sure win trading software that exists in this work.

We also appreciate that Maximus verbally admitted that this software can only mathematically calculate a statistical conclusion. And also it doesn’t promise to make us rich overnight or gives us unrealistic profits! It is truly a good sign that an honest opinion that any experienced traders would give is in the presentation. Hats off to Max in being a genuine trading signal service creator!

According to Max, Maximus Edge Autobot manages up to 84% ITM (In The Money), also known as win rate in their trades. Do note that is more than enough to make a profit in the binary trading industry. In our experience, any trading software that is capable of maintaining above 70% win rate in binary trading is considered to be good. We have tested such a trading app and earn some money out of it as well.


Complete the Registration Form to Have a look at the Trading Platform by clicking the banner below

Maximus Edge Autobot

Advantages of Investing with Maximus Edge?

Our review team took a look at the trading community and found out that there are no complaints in forums or other websites. That gives an extra assurance to Maximus Edge’s authenticity in providing genuine signals. One advantage to using Maximus Edge is, of course, it saves time in analyzing the markets and coming up with a market decision. In a way, you will focus on double confirming the signals and perform the trade.

The platform is user-friendly and easy to use as it lists down trade recommendations suitable for a new trader. However, we always recommend learning how to double confirm your trades giving you some practice in trading. It definitely makes things convenient for traders and cut short some learning curve as well as saving time. Hence, getting started with Maximus Edge would be one of our recommendations for traders of all levels.

Another important advantage is the actual performance of their signals! We have received report and feedback from traders that can confirm their performance to be profitable enough. Although it is not every day we can expect an 83% win rate, but it sits around 75% to 83% In the Money rate. At the end of the day, we find this genuine results to be very convincing and it is, in fact, a great trading tool to have.

How to Sign Up?

Note: Maximus Edge is not available for traders from all countries. You will be redirected to another random website if you are a resident of US, Canada and other countries that prevents binary trading. Check out other alternative trading solution @ our Trading Software Page if you are redirected to some other website!

  1. Visit Maximus Edge Autobot Official Site
  2. Fill up the registration form with accurate details and contact information
  3. A person will be in contact to walk you through the deposit process if needed.
  4. Since Maximus Edge Autobot itself is Free, you will need a trading account to get started. Fund a minimum of $250 to have access to the Maximus Edge Software
  5. The software will be activated once the deposit process and verification process of your trading account complete. Do check with your broker on how to verify your trading account

Maximus Edge Autobot shows no scam elements and it has positive feedback in the trading community.

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