Maximus CryptoBot Review – SCAM or NOT? Signal Testing Report!

Maximus CryptoBot is a SCAM or can it truly be reliable as a trading system for day traders? We’re here to uncover the truth of Maximus CryptoBot while we discover its capabilities and feature to answer that question. More importantly, we will access whether is this trading tool working out for us.

On a nutshell Maximus CryptoBo Software t is a trading signal software that generates trading signals automatically. However, it is not an auto trading system that places a trade on your behalf. It simply scans the market based on technical analysis to come up with recommendations. Ultimately, it is up to the trader to decide whether to execute that particular trade or simply wait for the next signals.

We have been reviewing trading systems for 2 years now, and such trading software which operates in this manner is preferred! For one reason, it gives the trader freedom to access the signals before we trade. Secondly, traders do not need to be afraid to over expose themselves with too many trades in a day.

It is also comforting to know that Maximus CryptoBot is a second version from the previous successful Maximus Edge Autobot. The difference is in the asset class whereby Maximus CryptoBot gives out Cryptocurrency and Forex signals! On the other hand Maximus Edge Autobot only focuses on Forex.

Nevertheless, the previous success from its previous version encourages an update that focuses on Cryptocurrency.

Hence, Maximus CryptoBot App emerges as a solution to traders looking for a trading signal software effective in both Forex and Cryptocurrency.

Is Maximus CryptoBot a SCAM?

Well, we’ve reviewed over 200 trading systems which most ended up to be a disappointment. Our experience taught us how to identify typical Get Rich Quick or ponzi scams right away from their website. However, the good news it that Maximus Cryptobot doesn’t seem to employ the typical scam tactics we see from all the Blacklisted scams we exposed.

Although there may be typical marketing strategy for every product in our life, Maximus Cryptobot doesn’t over-state their claim. From our testing session, we find that it is indeed possible to make thousands from trading crypto or Forex, (check my videos). But do not expect to get it overnight!

The Most Important is Results! Maximus CryptoBot proves itself as a leading trading signal software in both Crypto & Forex Trading

Maximus CryptoBot manage to grow our trading account gradually with good quality signals in both asset class. And that is all that matters in our point of view!

Maximus Cryptobot App

Maximus CryptoBot Review – Simple Trading Solution for Beginner

Maximus Cryptobot Signal

If you are a day trader or inspiring to be one, this is great news for you! Because brokerage firms have been offering their platform with Crypto and Forex trading for some time. And many traders believes that there should be one trading signal service that covers both. Thus, finally Maximus Cryptobot steps up as the first to provide a one platform solution.

Furthermore, our previous test with the older Maximus Edge Autobot proves to be effective as a trading signal software. As recent changes within the industry, Maximus CryptoBot is superior in terms of giving signals suitable for CFD in both Crypto and Forex. On the other hand, the older Maximus Edge Autobot is more suitable for short term signals that works well with option trading.

Whereby, most brokers nowadays only does CFD (Contract for Difference) instead of option. Hence, Maximus Edge Autobot users would also be excited to trade with Maximus CryptoBot now!

Another reason why traders of all levels would prefer to use Maximus Cryptobot is the simplicity and accuracy of their cryptocurrency and Forex Trading Signals itself. Even though it is relatively new compared to other system, it rises quickly to the top of traders’ choice. Simply because it can be considered as one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL trading systems this year.

What is Maximus CryptoBot?

It saves time by doing the technical analysis for you and ultimately deciding the trade direction by recommending a good chance of success!

Maximus CryptoBot runs on mathematical algorithm that formulates trading signals from trading indicators as their backbone. Such as the Fibonacci Retracement, MACD, EMA, Stochastics and Bollinger bands. These are highly important indicators for all day traders to make sense of the chart and make trading decisions which makes money.

And that’s the beauty of Maximus CryptoBot whereby it calculates the odds of success from price movements and simply recommends a trade setup. Meaning, you will not need to actually see the chart to make sense of whether to buy or sell. The trading system would calculate the price movement using the algorithm and formulate them into a simple signal!

Hence, the calculations and reading price movements are automated which in the end gives us a recommendation to buy or sell. Surely it is definitely helpful to beginner traders that have little experience in reading price charts.

It also doesn’t hurt for experienced traders to use the signals to save time in their technical analysis. All this just by simply referring to the signals provided by the trading system.

How To Profit?

Maximus Cryptobot Software

One of The Sample Trading Signal We took from Maximus Cryptobot

Since we’re trading CFD very much like a conventional stocks in your own local market, we’ll need to buy/sell assets. In this case, it would either be Forex pairs or Cryptocurrency.

So we’ll need to invest a minimum of $250 to start trading online which could return a percentage growth everyday. All we need to do is to refer to the Maximus Cryptobot signal and place the trade through the platform itself.

Beginners that invested the minimum should focus on 1 trade at a time in order to manage their risk and trading account better. Once you are more comfortable, you can opt to take more trades at a time. Ideally with a larger account.

Maximus Cryptobot Signal consist of the most important information a trader need to know. Which are the Asset name, Trade direction Buy or Sell, and How long to Hold the Position! With this information, you can simply execute a trade based on the signal and close your position near the stipulate date/time.

Our testing session with this software definitely shows good reliability in making some profits trading in both asset classes!

Maximus Cryptobot Signal Verdict!

This is definitely NOT A SCAM simply because we’ve made some extra bucks with it recently. Also the innovation to have both Forex and Cryptocurrency trading signal in one platform surely provides greater opportunities for profit. As opposed to traders that only has access to either one of the trading asset class!

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Maximus Cryptobot App


Remember to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for latest updates on this trading system! As a reminder, brokers that are allocated after Maximus Cryptobot registration are generally speaking able to work with your country of residence. Hence, they are automatically allocated based on your geo-location. So make sure you make your deposit from the official Maximus CryptoBot software site to gain access to their signal. This will ensure that both the broker and trading signal platform are connected properly!

If for some reason you see an error message while registering, please feel free to contact me by email at I shall respond to your email as soon as I can!

That’s all people! Good Luck and Trade Safe!

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