Mambo Investments Review – Binary Options Managed Account SCAM EXPOSED!

Mambo Investments Scam Review

Is Mambo Investments a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Service?

Mambo Investments stands as a Binary Options Managed Account service using real traders as a trading agency spearheaded by professional traders. Thus, promoting hands free automated trading executions without the effort of the account owner. Traders beware! Although we come across many offers mentioning services similar to Mambo Investments, most fail to give good results. Worst of all loses investments without genuine potential.  Please read our Mambo Investments Review before committing your money to their services!

Mambo Investments Website:

On a nutshell, Mambo Investments represents a trading agency that provides account managements that use their French patent and Trade Mark (patent # FR-19328035-C2). According to the website, this patented technology enables direct and real-time communication from their Skype signals to customer trading account in less than a second. To be honest, that’s a new feature we’ve never heard of and we looked into it (shocking finding below!). So in a way, it doesn’t require any intervention from the actual account holder and allows traders to grow their account automatically.

However, our deep investigation on Mambo Trading agency affirms our suspicion and reveals some misleading details! Complaints and negative feedback from trading communities also render Mambo Investments as a SCAM service losing their initial investment. More details below!

Mambo Investments a SCAM Trading Agency?

First and foremost, Mambo Investments attempts to deceive viewers by appearing to be a legit company with ‘fake’ professional traders. As we study the President and Traders from the Mambo trading agency, Paulo Santos, Nick Roach and Mitch Skolnik, it exposes their dodgy operations! The pictures depicting these professionals are actually random images from other website using random names. Hence, we’re dealing with a bogus group of traders that claims to be real traders. Above all, how can we trust this company if the traders are bogus characters hiding behind fictitious names!

Given that the pro traders are as phony, Mambo Investments Binary Options Managed Account is highly like done by a low quality algorithm. That’s right, not actual traders! Don’t get us wrong, trading with an algorithm is perfectly fine and we have in fact found performing software earning us good profits. Good trading algorithm or software does enable good trading results. But the fact that this scam claims pro level trades execution by real traders is clearly not the case! In fact, Mambo Trading Software’s poor win rate reported by victims goes as low as 60%.

There are a scam elements that exposes the lie on their technology! Which is the Patented feature that allows Skype signals being executed automatically in a trading account? Unfortunately, our study in the French Patent database reveals no actual patent under that registration number! This finding furthers affirm our mistrust towards this scam and unfolds lies on this service!

Mambo Investments Paulo Santoas

Misleading Guarantees?

Other dangerous elements in Mambo Investments are the ‘Special 7 days  Offer’ that guarantees a $500 on top of reimbursement. The only place we see such an offer would be in too good to be true scam offers! There is no way a legit service even in a world class investment firm offer such a proposition. Nevertheless, the fact that their clients did not receive any form of compensation from this scam shows more dishonest nature. Beware, readers, there no such guarantees in the trading world!

Mambo Investments Guarantee

Mambo Investments Review’s Verdict!

It is not advisable to deposit your money into Mambo Investments judging with the sneaky and deceptive elements we’ve found. The actual trade executions aren’t using any patented technology or even actual professional experts. But rather a low win rate algorithm that loses investor’s investor! As we attempt to find a genuine success story to possibly turn this verdict around, we found a false evidence and complaints associated to them!

Even the testimonials in the website are counterfeit employing random pictures just like their bogus president! As such we can conclude that Mambo Investment is not a viable choice to be growing your investment! But rather, it will be joining our Blacklist where we compile all the fraudulent trading app that provides low-quality results!

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How Can I Make Some Money Through Binary Trading?

Well, the term trading does imply that potential profits are highly dependent on the traders’ capabilities and tools. With that being said, this still doesn’t mean that unrealistic and impractical profits are likely to happen! For example making millions in a month with a small deposit is definitely not possible! But rather, many successful traders or even newbie traders aims of long-term growth with reliable trading techniques and tools. In general, we can categorize TWO different methods for end users like you to make money online with trading, Manual Trading, and Auto Trading!

Depending on your daily schedule, some people may have an interest in improving their trading skills as additional skills in life. While others may prefer to rely on Auto Trading Software to earn some additional pocket money from the internet! Hence, you can either do one of it or both at the same time. We have tested many auto traders thus, separating scams software and only recommend proven successful app. (Suitable for Newbie Traders!) – Refer Below for Best Auto Trading Solution

There is some Manual Signals Software giving trade recommendations throughout the day that can benefit learning traders too. This is also suitable for newbie and intermediate level traders that need basic guidance of choosing between Call or Put Options! – Links Below!

Furthermore, if you are focusing improving your Manual Trading executions, please practice them on a DEMO account! You can find the links to two different brokers below!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Recommended Auto Trading Software!
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