Make Money Robot Scam or Legit Review? Hoax!

Make Money Robot Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Make Money Robot (MMR) a SCAM or LEGIT Automated Trading System?

Keen on investing & trading with Make Money Robot (MMR) at by Michael Williamson? Wondering whether is this a SCAM or a LEGIT offer? Binary options trading definitely a great way to make money online (as presented by Mike)! Despite the actual profit potential, there are many scam systems out there which as zero intention to earn money for its traders. Our binary trading experiences gave us an eye to identifying fake phony trading app and also the reliable auto trader. So, please take the time to understand our Make Money Robot Scam Review before committing your money to this system!

Make Money Robot is actually a recurring scam automated trading system that was released back in 2014 under the domain (inactive). This time, the scam designers decided to relaunch their 2-year-old scam job under a different domain, This viral fraud is represented by the same individuals, Michael Williamson and Felipe Vega as well as Luis. Each represents this hoax in different languages where Mike is the voice narrator for the English scam and Felipe the Spanish one. Fortunately for us, it was easy to pinpoint the common lies used by Mike in the Make Money Robot. Plus, the negative feedback received by past MakeMoneyRobot users also reaffirms that traders should stay away from this!

Past users for Make Money Robot in 2014/2015 shared negative feedback with us regarding its fake authenticity plus poor performances! We will also share the discrepancies and forgery used by Make Money Robot scam below!

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False Success Claims from!

Michael Williamson made huge pretentious claims in the beginning of the presentation video with how Make Money Robot successfully brought users out of poverty! He also mentioned that previous successes created a real noise in the binary options market while attracting countless users. As many as 1.5 million users registered and $42 million in revenue all around the globe. We’re not sure how he get that number, but one thing is for sure, there were much negative feedback and complaint which came out from our research. Many of which reported lost of their initial deposit within the first few days instead of profiting $1,200 daily as stated in their offer!

We’d also like to reiterate that there is no such thing as a guaranteed profit in trading. However, with a consistent performing tool and trading knowledge, traders stand a chance to gain realistic profits of 10% to 30% account growth per day. The previous MMR presentation video actually asserts that they can make $1,500 daily, and over $47,000 a month. That is calculated by a 30-day calculation which doesn’t make sense purely because market closes on the weekend. Hence, no profits could have possibly come by in the 8 days of weekend per month. Totally absurd!

Make Money Robot, Not an Established Leader!

Truthfully, there are no actual success stories that can be verified via any blogs or even user feedback. The very act of gutsy or just pure evil lies by claiming to be managing powerful wealthy individual’s investment is simply fake! There is no Michael Williamson managing investments or even Felipe! These two characters are just a voice narrators taking up a fictitious character. Should Mike truly be an actual investment manager, there should be verifiable proof of his establishment. So there is no way that he could be operating an investment business without any legitimate records. The alleged testimonials are also forged by hiring paid actors from!

On top of that, there is a huge discrepancy in registered users and earnings between the website and presentation video. Obviously the declaration of having 1.5 million users and $42 million in revenue are vastly different that the indicated 342,000 users and 2 million in earnings. These numbers are completely basically recorded there by random! Furthermore, if they do have that many members, why limit the registration to 102 license left? That’s just another common scam tactic to create false sense of urgency for immediate sign-ups!

Make Money Robot MMR Scam Review Fake Testimonial

Social Trading via Michael Williamson and Felipe?

Complaints and negative feedback from traders are enough to disprove it’s social trading capabilities! As a matter of fact, traders should not even trade with bogus founders like Mike and Felipe since they are simply fabricated characters! This social trading aspect stated in the presentation is a lie! Upon observing the Make Money Robot’s trading platform, there is no ‘Social Trading’ functionality too.

Make Money Robot Conclusion

We conclude that Make Money Robot, MMR, is a SCAM auto trading system due the negative feedback and misleading information above! The bogus Michael Williamson/Felipe, false representation of success/testimonials and actual failure comments from traders supports our conclusion! This negative review would not be written if MMR actually does perform and gain profits!

Safer Alternative in Investing!

Thank you for taking the time to read our review, and we hope that this warning reaches you in good time to prevent bad investment decision. Our reviewing experience has indeed exposed us with over hundred of fraudulent trading software. By good luck, we have also come across GENUINE and PROFITABLE trading software every once in a while. It’s almost like a needle in a haystack coming across such a reliable software. But nevertheless, check out the BELOW as it has proven success record and a positive reputation within the industry!

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Greg D

Tried this money sucking App and learn my lesson the hard way.


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