Lie Detector Millionaire SCAM Review! Is LDM LEGIT or FRAUD?

Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM) is a SCAM Review! LEGIT or a FRAUD?

Is the Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM) automated binary options trading system a SCAM or a LEGIT system? That is probably the question that have lead you here to this very important review as we will share the truth about this auto trader. The LDM may seemingly look like a perfect solution for you to earn a huge profits from trading binary options based on it’s production video. But, the truth is Lie Detector Millionaire is just another scam binary options auto trader that claims you can make over $400,000 per month (which is a highly unrealistic expectation that you can have). In short, it is coming across as a subtle “Get Rich Quick” magical software and we at Binary Options Sentinel have seen many similar scams appearing in the industry. The worst news is, these so called “get rich systems” loses money on behalf of it’s users ALL the time!

Like the Drexel Code Scam, the Lie Detector Millionaire employs many typical scam tactics that we identify in scam websites. As much as the alleged CEO/owner of LDM, Daniel Wilkins, tries to come across as an individual that is trying to do good and appear legit by taking a “lie detector test”, the Lie Detector Millionaire’s webpage is filled with many fake and scam elements. Apart from that, the video presentation is subtly promising it’s users that being a millionaire and living a luxurious life is within reach just by signing up with this scam system! No one in the world would realistically make you a millionaire especially for FREE! However, it is a typical scam tactic used by scammers not only in the binary options industry, but many others as well, for example a FAKE million dollars lottery winner scam! Thus, please continue reading our review on why we have blacklisted Lie Detector Millionaire and urging people to NOT sign up with this scam system!

What’s FAKE in Lie Detector Millionaire?

The important question is, why would you Daniel limits his offer for only 50 “testers only”? The truth is that there was never a “50 spots only” deal. Upon visiting, you will notice that there is a sentence that claims “There are only 5 spots left in the United Kingdom. 3 people are in front of you.”. Plus, if you move your mouse cursor outside the webpage, there will be an annoying pop-up that prompts you that there is only 2 VIP spots left! So, why would Daniel be so desperate for you to sign up if his system is really legit and if it truly a legit system? We see this kind of “limited offer” scam tactics in many other scam systems which only purpose is to urge viewers to sign-up immediately. So, please do not take the 50 testers only deal seriously, the Lie Detector Millionaire is definitely interested in scamming as many innocent victims as they can! The webpage will still be online tomorrow, the week after and perhaps next year!

We strongly believe that Daniel’s presentation video is staged including the lie detector test itself. There is no way to verify that his lie detector test session is a legit test done by a proper practitioner. The mysterious Trader X which he claimed to have created an algorithm that could accurately predict the future is yet another “fantasy” which many scammers like to use. Daniel also claimed that Lie Detector Millionaire is a “NO LOSS” software. These fantasy claims are unrealistic, because there is no algorithm in the world that can achieve a 100% or a no loss system! They just do not exist! The ridiculous claim profiting a HUGE amount of money within a short time just adds to the suspicion of this system being just another “get rich system”.

The only source of information that could potentially show viewers that LDM works is from a trade history or testimonials. Unfortunately, Lie Detector Millionaire employs fake testimonials and fake “live trade updates” on it’s webpage. We noticed that the “Real Time Results from other LDM Software Testers” are fabricated just by attaching a fake name/location with random pictures from the internet.  Apart from that, the “Someone just won!” live feed are also programmed table that randomly generates a list of name and random profits. Should you visit LDM webpage on the weekend, this list will continue listing fake profits even when the market is officially closed! Thus, instead of proving that Lie Detector Millionaire works, it just shows us that they employ more scam tactics to lure immediate registration!

The video presentation also included snapshots of “testers” receiving cheques from Lie Detector Millionaire which are also fake! We did a simply research over the internet and found out that these pictures are edited from random pictures too. Please refer below for the fake pictures that LDM has developed to fool it’s viewers!

Fake Snapshot Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review

Fake Snapshots by LDM Scam!

Lie Detector Millionaire’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam binary options auto trading system that employs various scam tactics! Tactics like fake testimonials, fake “live trade results”, fake cheque profits, and most of all, highly unrealistic profits potential. Daniel Wilkins is desperate for people to register for this scam system when he should not be if this is a genuine binary options service!

We have blacklisted many scams like LDM almost every other day because binary options industry has also been a victim for scam artist to get creative to scam people. This is purely because of the potential to profit from binary options trading is indeed real, but scam artist took advantage to present it as a “Get Rich Scheme”! This form of trading can indeed generate profits but only with the RIGHT tools and KNOWLEDGE! Please do Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on latest scams and also RELIABLE automated binary options trading system! Check out our trusted binary options auto trader BELOW for safer choice!

Verdict: Lie Detector Millionaire is a SCAM!

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