Lexington Code Review – Scam? 100% Surprising Results Revealed!

lexington code Scam Review

Is Lexington Code a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Lexington Code is a new trading app launched by Michael Lexington and his team! Meanwhile, we proceed with our usual study on this particular trading software to decide whether to blacklist or not. Thus, the usual website investigation, as well as sourcing out for potential negative feedback, continues on Lexington Code Software. Quite frankly, our initial thoughts about this matter are filled with skepticism as it greets us with a rather large profit potential. At the same time, there is feedback on current Lexington Code users that actually have already generated some revenue too. Hence, in order to get to the bottom of this, we jumped on the bandwagon and proceeded with a deposit to find out!

Official Lexington Code Website/Registration Page: lexingtoncode.com

Michael’s Lexington Code Software provides auto trading ability that take trades on behalf of the traders while offering signals. Obviously, the ability to perform consistently and earn money is our primary concern. If you are completely new in binary trading, traders will require a winning percentage of 70% to actually earn a profit! Hence, ideally results above the 70% are ideal to earn money online and by far our CodeFibo Software has produced 75% – 83% daily winning percentage. Thus, allowing us to gain steady 10% – 30% growth per day on our account. Or with a $25 minimum trade, you stand to profit $100 per day or more.

More importantly, is Lexington Code Good or BAD? Below is our discovery on what Lexington Code is capable of as well as a little information on how it works!

Latest Lexington Code Results (22th December 2016) – More Results Videos Below!

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How to use Lexington Code & Who is Michael Lexington?

As mentioned, Lexington Code Software is essentially a software that scans through the trading market to execute Call/Put trade. This means that traders will be able to invest a minimum of $25 per trade to predict whether the price will go up or down! In relative to the current price of course. Upon achieving a successful trade when the option purchase was the higher/lower, traders will stand to profit 70% to 85% of their investment. Which is the sole reason why people trade binary simply because we do not need to care how many pips the price goes above/below the price! As long as it higher or lower than the strike price, we’re in profit!

Lexington Code App provides an automated function whereby the software itself will execute these trades on their own. The user interface allows users to change their investment size (minimum of $25 per trade), a number of trades executed at one time, and also the asset types. These functions provided by Michael Lexington, Barry Storyk and his team which are pretty common for all trading software. More importantly, these two individuals are not the usual SCAM actors we see in a fraudulent system too (good sign).

For the sake of seeking out the truth in our Lexington Code Review, we tested it with $25 per trade, 3 trades at a time with an automatic selection of asset type. The following paragraph shall describe Lexington Code Trading software’s performance to determine whether it is a SCAM or not!

Lexington Code Settings

Trading Results!

Lexington Code Software has executed 10 trades within a span of 10 hours with an accuracy of 80% winning percentage! We’ve deposited $500 initial deposit and it grew to $596 which is a 19.2% growth in 10 hours!! Obviously our profit would have been higher if we trade at a higher amount. Nevertheless, we practice good money management and only risk 5% of our overall funds to ensure long term consistency! At the end of the day, trading accuracy for Lexington Code is truly impressive and reliable! Check out our video proof below along with our trade history at our broker’s page!

How Much Can We Earn?

Do note that our Lexington Code Results are completely done at our own expense and it may vary with other reviews depending on the time. Generally, we avoid major news announcement that would cause unpredictable trend change on price charts. With reference to the results above, we definitely classify Lexington Code Software to be effective in making money. Unlike many scam software that loses money within the first day, we’re seeing promising accuracy in Lexington Code! Of course, we can expect to make $500 to $5,000 only with a $250 investment and good management practice.

But rather, we can expect to earn about $100 per day or when the account is large enough, 15% account growth would be a good daily achievement!

Lexington Code Review Sign Up Process!

  1. Visit Lexington Code Official Webpage Here!
  2. Fill in your personal particulars. The member’s area requires personal contact number as well as password. Do remember to note down the password you used.
  3. You will be redirected to the trading platform and then broker’s registration page. A minimum deposit of $250 investment is required to open a trading account along with the activation of Lexington Code Software.
  4. Once the deposit is approved, do make sure you complete the brokers’ account verification process. It usually requires submission of personal documents such as personal identification, bank statement/utility bill (address verification) and credit card. Rest assured that it is a mandatory step for every trader to take because brokers will need to comply to regulatory bodies.
  5. Turn on Auto Trading Function and let the software does its thing! 🙂 Login Page: http://soft.lexingtoncode.com

Is Lexington Code a SCAM?

Judging by our test results, we conclude that Lexington Code is NOT a SCAM! We also received several positive feedback from both users and traders among our trading community. Comments on profitable accuracy level and a descent amount of trades are above satisfactory level (as seen in our broker trade history). Definitely, a breath of fresh air since we encounter many scams every week that needs exposing to the public. We, in this case, we will continue our trading session with Lexington Code Software before classifying it as our Recommended Trading Software.

Lexington Code Software is NOT a SCAM! It performs very well in our trading providing 80% Winning Accuracy!

Note: This offer may not be available for a very long time so it may be wise to sign up soon if you are interested! We have recently tested a great software that closed their registration page due to their capacity limit!

Feel free to test the trading app as well and share your results here in this post! It will provide us with greater insights of its actual performance aside from our very own Lexington Code Performance results too. Conversely, should you are seeking for an auto trader that have been performing since a few months ago, do check out our CodeFibo Software Review! It is one of our best rated Manual Signal Software as well as Auto Trading App as well!

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