Leaked Profits Review – SCAM Caught by Trader! MUST READ!

Is Leaked Profits a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Leaked Profits from Frank Bishop makes money for users, can it really? Please be careful readers! We received concerning news and words from our trading community about this $1,250 guaranteed profit software. Of course, we all would want to earn any extra income in any way we can, heck I’d researched various trading software and lost some as well. Hence, lets cut to the chase and explore the answer to whether can Leaked Profits Software make you money or would it lose all your investment?

Leaked Profits Official Website: leakedprofits.co

To further summarize the entire presentation by Frank, Leaked Profits is a trading software that exploits ‘price fluctuations’ within split seconds to make profits. In short, he is saying that the entire buy/sell activity is done within a fraction of a second that all other swing traders can’t do to make you $1,250 per day. Guaranteed! As fantastic as this sounds, this strategy doesn’t work in binary trading at all! In fact, many get rich quick schemes tarnish this industry with poor performing software pledging crazy profits. For this reason, Leaked Profits Scam is not going to make us any money but instead, waste our investment funds. Read our Leaked Profits Review below to find out why!

Why Leaked Profits Software Won’t Work?

This trading app claims to operate on split seconds transactions! Meaning this requires a form of high-frequency trading methods and infrastructure to perform such trades. Additionally, a good trading algorithm is the heart of the whole operation. However, our research on Leaked Profits reveals poor win rates as well as below satisfactory accuracy. Wonder why? This is because this Leaked Profits trading method is impractical in binary trading which has a fix expiry time in each trade. The shortest would be to invest in options which are higher or lower in the next 30 seconds. Not split seconds!

So Frank’s description of Leaked Profits secret glitch is nothing but a typical scam lie I see in many over promising systems. Talks about split second fluctuations of 10 to 25 pips and having 97.5% accuracy level is nowhere near to actual situations for this trading app! Regardless of how many pips it fluctuations, it doesn’t matter as long as the asset price at expiry time is higher/lower than your entry price is the only important part. So it is no wonder we found complaints about this money sucking software because its’ own trading method is definitely inapplicable.

To set the record straight, earning $1,250 per day is possible, definitely, but NOT with the minimum deposit of $250! You’ll probably need $10,000 in your funds to achieve such a growth in a day which obviously a bloody good investment. 12% account growth is what I personally aim for when I trade every day, the best part is it is possible. With that being said, Leaked Profits’ pledge of guaranteed $1,250 per day and 97.5% accuracy clearly contradicts the reality when it actually performs at best 40% win rate! (Many scams love to overstate their win rate near 100% trying to fool viewers! Software near 100% win rate is NOT REAL!)

Who is Frank Bishop?

Notice how Frank opens the presentation with a rather established introduction? Facts about being a long time stock trader known as “Lion Trader at Wall Street”, Author of Happy Lucky and Rich book and online entrepreneur are pure BS. A simple research would reveal that there is no such book known as “Happy Lucky and Rich” by Frank Bishop! Also, there is no verifiable evidence supporting his trading experience and any other businesses he owns.

Thus, it is rather obvious we’re dealing with a scam actor trying to appear like a professional trader. The inaccurate trading method on how Leaked Profits works clearly disproves his expertise. How can he not know what binary trading actually is? It only shows the dishonesty in Frank Bishop and polluted another actual person with the same name. Note: There is a professional baseball player, I feel sorry that scammer decides to tarnish the industry and his name!

Frank Bishop Leaked Profits

Evidence of Success? FALSE!

The lies and deceit don’t stop there though for Leaked Profits Scam. Our research to verify the legitimacy of their testimonials shows falsity in it as well. Individuals at leakedprofits.co like Edward Murphy, Ashley Weber and Adal Müller are familiar scam actors. These people also appeared in other hoax related to other get Rich Quick frauds supporting unrealistic promises. This so called Edward is so familiar to us that the moment we see his face, we knew this is a high probability fraud case! He is actually an actor from Fiverr.com where he offers script reading services for $5!

Fake Testimonial Leaked Profits Scam

Leaked Profits Review Verdict!

With all these evidence and details in place, I can safely conclude that Leaked Profits Software is a SCAM! Readers should stay away from this offer and invest in a legit alternative to actually make money. With the misleading guarantees of $1,250 and unreal 97.5% accuracy, users will only lose money from this app. Additionally, Frank Bishop is no real trader as he makes an unforgivable mistake in the concept of binary trading! Lastly, the trading community has spoken and countless negative feedback has already spread itself within the net too!

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