Lazy Trader Software Review – Profit Repeater SCAM Arrested!

Is Lazy Trader App aka Profit Repeater Software a SCAM or Good Trading Solution?

Lazy Trader also knew as the Profit Repeater receives a massive amount of attention within the trading community sparking curiosity! Declaration of extremely large profits pledges by Rick Daniels, the founder of Lazy Trader, would definitely do so right! Earning $15,000 a day with only a $250 initial investment or maybe $2,000 in the first hour! Warning readers! Our review team has indeed looked into this offer only to find alarming details and more LIES! Thus, categorizing the Lazy Trader Software similar to all of the Get Rich Quick Scams we Blacklisted! Please read our Lazy Trader Review before investing into Profit Repeater Software.

Lazy Trader Website:

Talking about vague description, Rick Daniels as well as his lovely assistant Jasmine fails to highlight the financial instrument involved. The lack of informative details in their 30 minutes presentation definitely stands out as a “Poor Performing/Low-Quality Trading Software”. As a result triggering many complaints about Profit Repeater Software losing or draining account within a short period of time. Even though we have continuous success trading and profiting from the markets, unfortunately, this offer is NOT a wise choice to be investing into! Read below for more information!

What is Lazy Trader App?

As mentioned previously, viewers will have little idea of how and what type of investment tools Lazy Trader App deals with. It’s absolutely unacceptable because there are many different types of financial instruments people can use to make money from home. For example, Forex, CFD, Options, etc. Therefore, the gesture of not informing viewers about it is high unprofessional and very shady. Nevertheless, Profit Repeater Software is essentially a binary option signal software (at least according to their demonstration), BUT A BAD ONE! You’ll never make $2,000 in an hour from $250 investment or $15,000 per day!

Can we make money through binary trading? Yes, we definitely can, depending on the tools accompanying your trading journey. If you’d check out our Blacklist, you will notice over 200 scams software we have debunked over our trading experiences! Hence, if you’d like to succeed in your investing journey in binary trading, please do not invest blacklisted app! – Check out the list of Tested and Approved Trading Software which Earned us Money instead!

Falsehood in Profit Repeater Software

The investigation on Rick Daniels claims concludes his services to be selling lies and unrealistic promises to viewers! If you’ve yet to invest in anything ever, we’ll just say growing $250 to $15,000 in one day is impossible! Not even the most professional traders can do it consistently over a long period of time, at best maybe only get lucky one day. In reality, the Lazy Trader App doesn’t have a 99.997% accuracy rate, rather at best a 40% win rate judging from the complaints we receive in our inbox.

In addition to that, this scam uses fake actors as their testimonials to support their lies and unverified trading results! Both the demonstration video and trade history were fabricated by scam artist attempting to fool us with crazy beliefs. Specifically, the trade size and payout ratio don’t match the industry standard at all. Rick Daniels and his scam partners attempt to represent the potential profits of over 400% in each trade! It is absolutely untrue for Lazy Trader Scam because this instrument supposedly offers a fixed payout of 70% to 90% of initial investment. (As long as it is higher/lower than a certain price, you’ll profit a fixed amount)

Lazy Trader App Scam Profits

Unlike conventional Forex Trading or CFD, traders will need the asset price to gain a huge jump to profit large amount like 400%. Or even receiving $862 from a $218 trade! So, this obvious lie is an unprofessional gesture and a blatant lie to attract viewers with fake profits potential. also incorporates fake testimonials on their website with stolen images and non-existing characters trying to back their dishonesty.

Fake Testimonial Lazy Trader App

Who is Rick Daniels?

A further study done on Rick himself affirms our suspicion of him being a scam actor himself. Well, since he fails to inform us about the actual trading instrument and gave us a fake payout (or maybe deliberately lied), it’s no surprise! His past experience and stories are fabricated as it doesn’t actually make sense! According to him, he was the programmer for Lazy Trader App and admitted dropped out of Harvard. We certainly don’t see any Harvard student or at least managed to admitted to that prestigious university had to work odd jobs for 10 years.

Additionally, we fail to verify his expertise in coding neither the Wall Street experience which most likely false too. These are all facade to hide the real lousy performance of Lazy Trader and attempt to look like a legit offer!

Lazy Trader App Review Conclusion!

In reference to the evidence above along with a large amount of complaints, we can safely conclude that Lazy Trader App is a SCAM! Please do not invest into this software if you’d prefer not to waste your money in false promises! There’s literally no honest details about this offer instead of overselling mad profit potential. This includes the actual identity of Rick Daniels, their forged evidence of success, testimonials and trade executions contradicts REAL RESULTS! Which turns out to be money stealing.

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