Lazy Millionaire Software Scam Review! Hoax Warning on Charles Knowles

Is Lazy Millionaire Software by Charles Knowles a SCAM or LEGIT Trading System?

Welcome to our Lazy Millionaire Software Scam Review! Should you be wondering whether Lazy Millionaire Trading Software will truly make you a Millionaire, do spare some time on this article! Binary Options is essentially a great instrument to earn quick profits in relative to the initial investment. However, you’ll need a good tool supporting your trades executions such as a good auto trader as well as basic trading knowledge. Regrettably, many automated trading systems are scams system that has no intention of profiting for its users. Our journey in reviewing auto traders have exposed us to over 100 scam software, all of which compiled into our Blacklist. So, please find the below vital investigative results!

The Lazy Millionaire system is founded by Charles Knowles that indicates it’s capabilities of making over $10,000 every single day. GUARANTEED! In fact, Charles has ‘given’ a ‘Personal Income Guarantee’ to its participants. Also, stating that he would give you $1,000 out of his own pocket should the software fails to meet the profit. This trading software is said to trade in all of the stock markets in 24 different time zones. Where Charles gave the explanation of making $428 per day in ONE Stock exchange! Honestly, Charles is just speaking rubbish in the whole presentation and the details provided are highly inaccurate!

Find out what’s Charles lies below!

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Make $436 from a Single Stock Exchange across 24 Different Regions?

Let’s be clear, though, making $10,000 on your first day from a minimum investment of $250 is IMPOSSIBLE! We’ve traded in binary options for a fairly long time and we’ve never heard of such an achievement before! Such an impractical claims of profits are often in many other frauds to appeal as a “Get Rich Quick” software. Thus, it’s not wise to trust Lazy Millionaire as your golden ticket to earn millions in a short period of time. It takes millions in investment to make millions in binary options!

Firstly, Charles’ description of Lazy Millionaire software is a make-believe fantasy. The truth is, binary options typically includes currencies pairs or commodities as their main assets and that’s what traders usually go for anyway. However, there is a limited number of stocks as compared to the latter. Explicitly most stocks that are traded in binary options are major S&P500 stocks like Facebook and Google. Definitely not all the other stocks that are listed in the other regions/timezone! So, that’s highly misleading to actually describe Lazy Millionaire to be scanning other stock exchange for trades! Huge BS!

Who is Charles Knowles?

The fact that there are zero verifiable about this bogus Charles character! So, he’s simply a fake CEO representing a deceptive offer. Because there is no verifiable sources to confirm his existence and most phony offers utilizes voice narrators just like Lazy Millionaire. Same for his past experiences as a programmer or even trader. Correspondingly, the only information which we discover about him is the poor feedback about Lazy Millionaire and also negative reviews on this trading software.

Personal Guarantee of $1,000 if You Don’t Make $10,000?

Indeed, you should not expect any guarantees from this fake CEO/Founder! There’s no way anyone would receive a monetary guarantee from Charles as all the innocent traders do not! Additionally, negative feedback from victim even commented that their attempt to claim the $1,000 goes unattended! That is to be expected because we’ve noticed similar lies or guarantees in other sham trading app as well. Hence, do stay away from offers that guarantee a certain profits as these type of deal often finds themselves in our Blacklist! There’s no such thing as a guaranteed profits in trading!

Even the testimonials promoted in are using paid actors to read their scripted lie! For instances, the bald man is actually a well-known actor from! Definitely an untrustworthy testimony!

Fake Testimonial Lazy Millionaire Trading Scam Review

Lazy Millionaire Trading Software Conclusion!

As can be seen, we can conclude that Lazy Millionaire Trading Software is a SCAM auto trader! This is derived from the falsehood that Charles and the Lazy Millionaire Scammers’ deceit in this particular deal. Its description of how this auto trader works is clearly a false logic. Plus, the desperate attempt to entice viewers to deposit with Lazy Millionaire with fake guarantees and testimonials simply supports our conclusion further! Don’t Invest Into Lazy Millionaire!

Fellow experienced binary trader from Binary Options Elite Club has also labeled Lazy Millionaire as a dangerous trading app!

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These days the scammers have run out of creative ideas to the point they are calling it “lazy millionaire”. Very funny. Nonetheless, scam is on the rise. Thanks for the great review. Traders revenge is another hyped up scam that people are getting brain washed. Glad I am doing research before settling for something that works.


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