Knievel Money Bot Review – SCAM Signal Uncovered & Explained!

Is Knievel Money a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Signal Bot?

Knievel Money provides both trade signals and automatic bot solutions for traders as well as everyday people while promising massive returns! Jason Evans, the founder of Knievel Bot and Signal service claims to grow $1.2 million in 4 years with just a small deposit of $200. Unfortunately, Jason’s word of earning a profit of $1,227 in 10 minutes is not a true scenario for many Knievel users! Firstly, we’re not sure why the scam designers would actually hurt Eval Knievel’s reputation by using his name on this money stealing app! May god bless his soul as he provided America with the greatest stunt performance throughout his lifetime. No offense to Eval, but massive risk taking as a brand may not be appropriate for long-term trading consistency.

Knievel Money Website/Login:

If you are one of the viewers that don’t quite understand what Knievel Money is, it’s essentially a bot or signals software trading through binary options. Although we have successes with signal software and automated trading program, Knievel Money Bot apparently doesn’t live up to their promises. As Knievel Money Scam aims to lure inexperienced traders to invest into a poor performing system, Jason Evans employs deception without any genuine interest to succeed! So please spare some moment in reading our Knievel Money Review before depositing into this deal!

Negative Feedback & Comments on Knievel Bot!

We received a high number of complaints from users to our inbox stating misinformed hyped up promises of earning $1,227 with a $250 minimum deposit. There are also some stating at best a 30% to 40% accuracy instead of the mentioned 80% win rate. With that being said, our research reveals the reasons why it’s not surprising that Knievel Money doesn’t perform at all. Simply because the software is produced by scam artist misleading viewers with the non-existing trading method and profit potential!

Can users truly earn $1.2 million with Knievel Money after 4 years? Or $1,227 within 10 minutes with a $250 deposit? Obviously not, because such a growth is highly unrealistic. First off, Jason was bragging about taking HIGH RISK and HIGH REWARD trades that differentiates this offer with others. Well, that’s a total BS because both risk and reward in binary trading are a fixed percentages! (Typical payout or rewards are between 70% to 90% of our investment per trade. So we stand to earn $70 to $90 in a $100 trade no matter the expiry time. This includes 60-second expiry to 1-hour expiry as long as we buy the correct option) We only stand to lose our trade value or stand to profit a fixed value as long as it is higher or lower than the strike rate!

Thus, we’ll always know the exact risk and potential profit regardless of what type of trades we take. The only element that matters in terms of profit for us traders is the accuracy or win rate. Conversely Knievel Money proves to be lousy for traders in the community!

Nonsensical IBP Formula and Suspicious Jason Evans!

Our investigation also shows no real proof of Jason Evans’ success or even his involvement in trading. But instead, we highly suspect that he’s merely a voice actor hiding behind a fake identity to fool viewers. For that reason, it’s no wonder that his explanation on IBP Formula (Indicator Biting Point) makes no sense and contradict himself. According to Jason, the IBP applies several trading indicators while optimized to provide good signals nothing above “LOW RISK”. What’s funny is that he clearly represents a high-risk high reward stature but applying a low-risk method.

Also, clearly his optimization fails beyond beliefs due to the negative feedback too. Another part where Jason shows his inconsistent details is the declaration that US dollars are too stable for Knievel Money or rather not risky enough. Shortly after he mentioned several currency pairs involving USD itself! LOL! This clearly makes no sense because we always have to trade or invest in a currency against another currency.

Notice that there is no actual demonstration or trading results shared on their official website. In all honesty, they can’t afford to show it because it performs poorly in reality. So there is no way we can consider Knievel Bot to be our Recommended Software or even risk testing this fake system.

Knievel Money Software Review Conclusion!

Based on the details above, we can safely conclude that Knievel Money is a SCAM! Stay away from this dishonest and lying offer which promises quick cash in 10 minutes! Many of these scams don’t deliver great results and only a handle which genuinely wins trade for its users. Neither Jason Evans nor his IBP Formula is legitimate as the profit results fail to even grow investors account. Worst loses keep piling up until it drains the entire deposit!

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