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Binary Options Free Demo Account with IQ Option

Free Demo Account (No Deposit)  
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* General Risk Warning: Your Capital Might be At Risk. Only Invest Money that You Can Afford to Lose*

Most demo account offered by binary options brokers requires an initial deposit before you can even use their demo account. However, of course there a few brokers that offers free demo account before deposit. Among the free demo accounts, we prefer IQ Option free demo account because it is quite reliable and rarely lags/disconnects. The free demo account grants you $1,000 to trade with and you will be able to “refill” just in case you run out of funds at any time!

IQ Option Free Demo Account Trading Platform
IQ Option Trading Platform. Free DEMO Account

How to Sign Up for IQ Option Free Demo Account?

  1. Click the IQ Option Free Demo Account Link HERE!
  2. Fill Up the registration form with accurate details.
  3. Check your email from IQ Option and click the last button below “Continue to Platform”
  4. Click “Download” so the IQ Option platform can be installed. This is to ensure fast loading speed. Should you use the browser based platform, it needs to download the platform every single time.
  5. Enjoy Your Free Demo Account!

*Risk Warning: Your Capital Might be At Risk. Only Invest Money that You Can Afford to Lose*

What Should I Do Next After Getting a Free Demo Account?

Well, that totally depends on your experience level to be honest. Assuming that you were in the same condition when I first started exploring binary options, I would certainly advise some basic understanding of Candlestick Charts and other chart reading definitions. There are many indicator that is built into the IQ Option Free Demo platform which you use too. After which, you may feel free to go lose some money to the Free Demo Account! No worries, you will be able to refund your Demo Account at any time. The reason for this is for you to get a feel and realization that how fast your funds can run out just by a few losing streak! Hence, it is very important to emphasize that in order to succeed in binary options trading, a winning percentage of over 70% is necessary to be profitable!

Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with some basic trading strategies and start practicing on the Free Demo Account! Not only it will be beneficial in providing you with some trading experience, but it is also a test of discipline! Which is another important aspect when it comes to trading! Discipline and Patience!

There is no easy way for you to be a fully competent binary options trader! Practice, discipline, knowledge, and patience is necessary!

Does this mean that you will never be able to profit even when you just stepped into binary options trading? Chances are, new/inexperienced traders will most likely lose all their funds, it is just a matter of time! Obviously the trading environment will be harsh and will definitely require you to achieve higher than 70% winning rate should you be interested in seeing consistent profits! HOWEVER, there are trading tools that can help new/inexperienced trader to profit while they learn the basics! There are Binary Options Signals Group where experienced trader provides trading signals! Good manual signal services like United Trading Network is a great place to start!

Apart from that, there are binary options auto trading software which executes trades on behalf of the traders. While many of the auto trader released in the binary options industry are scams, Binary Options Sentinel strives to bust as many scam auto traders on a daily basis. At the same time, although rarely, we come across reliable and good auto trading systems! Which is why we came up with our Trusted Binary Options Signal list that shares our recommended auto trading system!

At the end of the day, I guess everyone is interested in earning profits! So it totally depends on how much time you will be able to commit to trading binary options. Of course binary options signal services and auto trader will be able to generate profits for us as well. So should you be purely interested in trading binary options seriously, take some time to gain some knowledge and join a manual signal group to help increase your chances to profit. Should you have limited time to commit in learning binary options trading, an auto trader can actually generate some profits for you! However, please do check in regularly with our list of trusted binary options signals where we recommend high performing auto trading system! Our Blacklist also lists down auto trading system which you should stay away from!

Good Luck and wish you a profitable trading session!