Introduction to Binary Options Trading – Important!

Introduction to Binary Options Trading

Please read our Introduction to Binary Options Trading before investing money into binary options trading! This article is to provide you with the basic idea of binary options trading on a nutshell and suggestions to increase your chance to success! Thus, it is essential that readers understand this introduction to binary options trading article in order to minimize unnecessary loss of money. Practicing a new skill while being aware of the risk would definitely make the learning journey be more enjoyable!

Why Choose Binary Options Trading?

Binary Options is a new and popular way to trade into the markets online in the comfort of your home. You may also come across many ads or commercials in the internet attracting you to try binary options trading. And anyone 18 years old and above would have been interested venturing into this new exciting world of binary options trading. One of the main reason is because trading platform is highly accessible as long as there is internet connection and a personal computer. Trading binary options also lets you know the exact amount that you are going to lose and also the exact potential profits (compare to a stop-loss in forex, there is always chance where the price can drop way below your stop-loss which results in a much larger loss than planned). Therefor, traders can always plan ahead on how to manage their funds. Moreover, the outcome of your investment can be known rather quickly, hence your potential returns also comes in immediately. While we are able to find group of people that are making money through this new instrument in a short span of time, we also can hear about people losing all their money in binary options as well.

Importance of Basic Trading Knowledge and Practice!

Like all aspects in life, we learn from experience and mistakes are often a great teachers. So new traders should take their time to learn and experience what sources are available in binary options industry to increase their winning performance. We always recommend new traders to trade through Demo account before trading with real money because when inexperienced traders tend to make mistakes during in learning curve. Practice is needed in order for a trader to form his/her own strategy and learn to be discipline to obey it during trading sessions.

How do we improve ourselves as a trader in binary options? Well, we have to study the basic of trading by learning various fundamental and technical analysis before we trade. It is dangerous to try to guess where the price of a certain asset in a certain time frame without any solid analysis. We may as well call it gambling with our gut feeling, which in most cases we will see our money disappear in thin air. There are various site that offers free education on basic technical and fundamental analysis where new traders can gain some knowledge.

Explore Your Options while Learning Binary Options Trading

Does this mean that binary options trading is an instrument for people who has extra time to spare? This is correct if  you are aiming to be a full competent trader that can decide when to place a trade. Fortunately, there are binary options Signal provider that performs well and it enables new traders to profit almost immediately by following their signalsNew traders can also learn while taking trading signals from these signal providers! Binary Options Signal provider are individual/group of traders that gives you specific signals on when to enter a trade based on their analysis. Great signal providers should have over 70% accuracy. It will be beneficial to at least try out a good Binary Options Signal provider for yourself because there are always valuable lesson to be learnt and more importantly, the chance of gaining profit is higher especially for new/inexperienced trader.

Besides receiving trading signals from a group of experienced trader, there are also binary options auto trading software which is programmed to execute trades or to provide signals to traders! Every binary options auto trading software has its unique algorithm which performs calculation on when to enter a trade on behalf of its owner. There are typically two modes to an auto trading software, an Auto trading mode or semi-auto trading mode. Auto trading mode allows the software to execute trades on behalf of the traders and it will enter a trade based on it’s in-built algorithm. On the other hand, semi-auto mode allows the auto trader to generate various signals for different asset  class. The trader then selects which signals he/she is interested in trading. Typically, in order for a trader to earn profits, his/her winning rate should be above 60%, and this is no different to an auto trading software. Our list of trusted binary options auto trading system has been able to perform at a ITM%(In the Money) of higher than 70%! So, an auto trader is a great tool especially for traders which do not have much time to trade in front of a computer!

Beware of Binary Options SCAMS!!!

Unfortunately for the industry, many scammers are taking advantage of binary options industry to make money out of it too and
innocent traders are the one that pays the price for it. Binary options scams comes very often in the form of brokers and binary options service providers. Hence, innocent traders can get scammed in two different angle, during the sign up with a potential binary options broker and a service provider that does not make any profit. There are a number of binary options brokers that aims to collect traders deposit and not return a single penny to them.  There are also binary options services, very commonly binary options auto trading software that are presented as a “Get Rich Quick” software. The only achievement that the auto trading software gain is to drain the user’s money. Auto trading software are being developed more often than scam brokers! Having said that, “Binary Options Sentinel strives to identify these scams and share them with binary options  traders around the world in hopes to save them from such a despicable loss of money”

Feel free to check out our list of Trusted Binary Options Signals as well as our Blacklist! The recommended are brokers are tested and selected judging from trading experience and withdrawal process. Obviously one of the important factor we need to make sure is that traders are able to withdraw their  funds. Binary Options Auto trading software that made it to our trusted binary options signals list are auto trading software that are able to perform consistently and proven to be able to generate profits for traders (ITM% of over 70%). These auto trading software is perfect for individuals that lack the time to perform technical analysis and be in front of the computer for trade executions. The recommended auto traders are FREE and all it needs to run the program is an initial deposit of funds for trade executions. Lastly, the Blacklist page is the page that traders need to visit from time to time to keep up with latest binary options scams or it can serve as an important reference page on which binary options services to avoid. Good luck and Trade Safe!!

Introduction to Binary Options Trading: Afterword!

We hope that the “Introduction to Binary Options Trading” article have benefited you with the basic idea of what Binary Options trading has to offer and it’s risk. Sometimes binary options trading is associated with online gambling due to it’s short expiration time (as short as 60 seconds expiry). However, no matter the expiry time, making a Call or Put options based on your gut feeling is definitely gambling! A binary options trader can always increase his chance of winning by utilizing proper trading strategies and binary options signals services! Hence, that is the main difference between gambling with your gut feeling and making a decision based on potential rewards/risk!

*Trading alerts should not be considered as investment advice. The decision to act on any signals is yours and taken at your own risk*
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