Intertrader App Review – SCAM Unmasked!

InterTrader Scam Review

Is Intertrader a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Intertrader has been busy emailing targeting traders and non-traders alike blurting out “Millionaire DEAL”! Sounds good, I know! BUT, if you are truly expecting to be a millionaire or earn thousands of dollars by the end of the  day, you will not! Experienced binary traders would have been able to sense the lies in their presentation! Simply because there is a huge misconception shared by Sam Harris, the alleged InterTrader Inc Founder! Hence, please spare us some time reading this Intertrader Review before investing!

Intertrader Website/ Login Page:

As trading binary options is an awesome way for many people to earn money from the internet, scammers take advantage providing bad services. It appears that Intertrader App is just another scam software with no genuine trading capabilities! Email complaints regarding the Intertrade Scam report poor trading performance and no proper executions! However, it is predictable such a response because how Sam inaccurately shares details to viewers especially on his trading method! Read below as we shall expose lying details and unsuitable trading method!

What is Intertrader App & Why it Doesn’t Work?

According to Sam, the Intertrader App is something he discovers by accident after 10 years of trading on his own. It is the ‘anomaly’ in price charts whereby he invested a small amount and grow it 1500% profit within 90 seconds! So, this Intertrader Auto Trading Software can identify these ‘time windows’ allowing his members be a millionaire in 42 days. Or so he says! The reality is these are highly misleading information without actual or practical basis in trading! The mere fact of stating 1,500% profits in one trade is not true!

If you are new to binary options, we earn a fixed amount of profits on a call/put options at the expiry time. And it is usually 70% to 85% of the invested amount! Thus, Sam’s example of how Intertrader Software works is completely fake as a $250 investment should return $175 to $212 profits in one trade! NOT $1,250 profits! This the biggest lie you will hear in! Secondly, becoming a millionaire through trading is, in reality, a very tough task, even for professionals. Although we do  have High-Performance Auto Trader to source for good trade executions, we’d expect to make $100 per day ($250 min deposit) or 20% account growth in a single day!

Is Intertrader Inc for REAL?

Besides the huge mistake in over-blowing the actual profit potential, we’re disgusted to find that Intertrader Inc or Sam Harris are completely bogus. Sam who is represented by a voice narrator is hiding behind an anonymous company, Intertrader Inc. Typically, scam software employs voice-only actors to read lying scripts and misleading information just like this hoax. Any attempt to verify the so-called millionaire members created by Sam Harris Intertrader App comes up with no results. Which is rather odd, if a trading software is truly genuine and profitable, why can’t we find anything on Intertrader App? – Simply because it is a newly launched scam with phony results/testimonials!

Legit affirmation?

Also, notice that the ‘millionaires’ in the presentation videos are all stock pictures from random websites. There is no actual testimonials or person sharing genuine trading results too. Unfortunately for the one and only testimonial at the members area is actually an actor from! Yet another red flag or indications of the “100% members became a millionaire” is a complete fantasy! Rest assured, no one actually earned 1 million in 6 weeks using this scam software and never will! Not even $100 due to the illegitimate looking website with no actual endorsement, or genuine testimonial!

InterTrader Millionaire Scam

Furthermore, Intertrader Scam uses a common “Get Rich Quick” fraud tactic with the first 7 minutes of the video concentrating on it! To be honest, there is no palpable information shared in the whole 17 minutes video too. It’s quite apparent that this is not some kind of “special deal” for 25 people only because anyone with this link can access it. Also, we already received more than 50 negative feedback on this auto trader! For this reason, this sneaky marketing tactic and lies about being a millionaire are over-promising pledge to entice viewers. But eventually, Intertrader App provides no sincere trading performance and drains funds without profits!

Promises $8,000 Every Week and Be a Millionaire?

Listen, guys, we actually make profits from binary trading but for sure not with scam software like Intertrader App. In reality, there is no such thing as guaranteed profits in trading and you can never be a millionaire with $250 investment! These are common false promises we see in many “Be a millionaire fraud” or “Get rich super fast scams”. As we have mentioned, you stand to earn daily profits of $100 per day with a ($250 investment) or 10% to 30% account growth per day! But we do it with the help of Best Performing Software and trading knowledge!

Hence, please do stay away from auto-traders listed in our Blacklist and invest into either gain more knowledge or profitable software!

InterTrader Review Verdict!

With all the evidence and investigative findings, we can safely conclude Intertrader Software to be a SCAM! Given that there is not a single trustworthy fact with Sam Harris nor his company, it’s basically a lousy offer! Worst, the notion of overstating the profit potentials and returns per investment is a huge lie! We definitely shouldn’t use this low quality & dishonest software! Viewers will only be hearing false promises in InterTrader and only stand to highly probably losing scenarios!

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