Intellix Systems Review – Neuro Trader SCAM Caught!

Intellix Systems Scam Review

Is Intellix Systems aka Neuro Trader a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Intellix Systems by the Neuro Trader team caught your attention by contributing financial freedom? Is this a truly viable investment trading platform for day traders to earn $10,000 daily profit guaranteed? Heed our warning readers! Intellix System and its team, Jeff Blumenthal, Prof. Martin Schelling and Crystal De Veere are a complete scam! Trading via auto trading software is, in fact, a good alternative for everyday people to earn extra cash along the way. However, our experience in trading grants us to come across many phony systems. In fact, 90% of the trading app like Neuro Trader Software exhibit a typical “Get Rich Quick Scheme”! Read our Intellix Systems Review below before investing!

Intellix System Official Webpage:

On a nutshell, Jeff pitches an offer where the Intellix Systems Ltd has the world’s only 0% loss in over millions of trades executed. Thus, it claims to have generated $2.4 billion dollars for his clients in the past 18 months utilizing AI. Which is artificial intelligence technology to analyze millions of parameters thus producing a predictive model in each stock. Unfortunately, our in-depth study reveals many concerning factors pointing depicting false promises, unrealistic profits, and bad trading results!

Can Intellix Systems Earn $10,000 per day?

Firstly, it is understandable that products may use a certain marketing approach to attract customers. But in the subject of Neuro Trader, it’s definitely unforgivable to provide viewers with impractical goals! $10,000 guaranteed profits in trading is IMPOSSIBLE especially with the minimum $250 minimum deposit required! In fact, financial trading has no such thing as a guaranteed income with a certain risk. Intellix Systems tries to tempt us with a luxurious lifestyle and be rich fast tactics with no real results. Particularly when the trading communities already suffered from heavy losses using the Neuro Trader App.

Furthermore, all trading system that promotes a zero percent loss ends up in our Blacklisted system! Any software which dares to speak this fantasy always proves to fail and worst only performs at best 40% win rate! These are the two major indications of scam lies Intellix Systems employs to lure newbie traders to register an account. Please be careful with the system you sign up with, or you may refer to our Blacklist for all the Confirmed FRAUD in the industry!

Is Intellix Systems Ltd and Team for REAL?

The dishonest Intellix System doesn’t stop their BS with only over-promising hopes! Our investigation reveals the entire business entity including the CEO is lies attempting to support their initial lies! If we look at the legitimacy of Intellix Systems Ltd, there is no such trading firm exist in this world which is very odd indeed. How can a company that generates $2.4 billion dollars last year not be in any business database? Similar to founder/CEO Jeff Blumenthal, Professor Martin Schelling and Crystal De Veere! There is completely fictitious character with no verifiable profile we can reference with.

It is no surprise that it turned out to be that way as Jeff hides behind a voice narrator! We see many different scams where scam artist hides behind voice actors to hide their identity. Thus, allowing them to pledge fake promises and stay hidden. As a matter of fact, the pictures depicting the entire team are STOCK PHOTOS available on the internet. Several other websites use the exact photos to promote their products too.

Jeff Blumenthal Intellix Systems

With this suspicious and yet blatant dishonesty, we doubt that Intellix Systems actually has a proper infrastructure using AI to accurately trade. This is also reflected in the high number of complaints we see in the net affirming NeuroTrader poor performance. Another FUNNY question is why would Jeff need more beta testers when the company has already proven their 100% accuracy and generated billions of revenue? Well, because they didn’t actually have any real success! LOL

Phony Success?

In any legitimate trading services or solutions, traders would usually provide a walk through or demonstrations of the system. Plus, proper trade history to show a complete realistic performance viewers can expect. You may also see how to use the trading software in our Testing Sessions on our Recommended Trading Software Reviews! Incidentally, Intellix Systems has no reliable proof of success simply because they wouldn’t want to show their poor performing software!

The testimonials and trade history in the member’s area are apparently counterfeits! Bogus Jeff seems to have used random pictures to represent Craig Souza, Alicia Kent, Lance Anderson and Sarah Martinez. These individuals aren’t real traders neither are they NeuroTrader users! So much for the guarantee of earning $10,000 per day profits as we debunked their trade history as well.

Fake Tesitmonial NeuroTrader

The table of trade executions is proven to be phony because we see trade executed on 2nd January 2017, a global holiday for New Year! No trading order would have been able to go through since the exchange and banks are closed on that day. Ironically we also see LOST trades in the table that contradicts the 100% no loss claim! We’re guessing that the scammer probably lied too much until they’re confused!

Intellix Systems Trade

Intellix Systems Review Verdict!

Taking into account of our findings above plus negative feedback, we conclude that Intellix Systems aka NeuroTrader is a SCAM! This offer truly has characteristics of typical “Be a Millionaire” fraud without any genuine intention to serve traders! Clearly, we can’t trust the bogus Jeff narrator as he lies to viewers so openly with fantasy claim and fake stories! Please stay away from Intellix Systems SCAM!

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