Insured Trading Scam Warning! Vital Review!

Is Insured Trading a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Interested in investing in the Insured Trading at by Oliver Breitner? This is an important review for you as investor to understand what exactly Insured Trading Software is all about before risking your money. We will be exposing our investigation results on Insured Trading App to better reveal the actual potential of profits. Especially when we have over 100 fraudulent software identified since we came up, it seems that Insured Trading is nothing but a comeback from an old scam called Insured Outcome! Please read more below as we share scam aspects within this offer!

As mentioned above, Insured Trading and Insured Outcome is one and the same hoax! It’s rather apparent that the scammer reuse the same video presentation and did not bother renaming the product and ‘CEO’. Let alone that Oliver Breitner shares his same old lies tricking innocent traders, which are earning $540,000 every single month and a “No Loss Guaranteed”. Hence, there is no reason that we will ever reconsider Insured Trading as a reliable trading tool. Check out our points below which proves that Insured Trading is yet another phony deal!

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Insured Trading’s Dishonest Presentation!

First and foremost, earning $540,000 per month from a minimum $300 is basically impossible simply because it’s highly unrealistic! The actual trade executions per day as well as the payout nature in binary options of 70% to 80% investment does not mathematically support this exaggerated claim. We often see such impractical claims of profits in many “Get Rich Quick” scams and its always never delivers what it says.

A realistic approach to trading binary options is to slowly grow your account by 10% to 30% a day with proper money management! Instead of finding magnificent stories of Insured Trading, we found heaps of negative comments and feedback in our inbox regarding loss of deposit within a short period of time. Although this is no surprise for such “be a millionaire in 2 months” software can’t actually achieve what it says, Oliver Breitner bothers backing it up with illogical reasons as well.

On top of that, having Insured Trading appearing in CNN business due to the fact that they made 17 people millionaires within 58 days is a pure sham! CNN Business have never wrote or cover anything about this Insured Trading Scam or about any actual millionaires made!

Why Insured Trading’s IOP Won’t Work?

One of Oliver’s reasons to his fantasy “Never Lose a Cent” trading software is that Insured Trading’s Insured Outcome Protocol function. He proclaims that this trading algorithm analyses a large amount of data 1 millionth of a second before your trade expiry. Consequently performing an opposite direction trade should the algorithm identify a 0.001% risk of losing which break-evens the losing trade. Unfortunately, such technique is not exactly applicable to binary options trading although it may work for conventional trading without the expiry parameters.

The notion of identifying a risk of 0.001% of losing simply indicates that the algorithm is going to place opposite trades all the time! The reason is simple, imagine calculating such a small amount of risk which triggers yet another trade, simply because such changes of risk level occurs every time the market moves! Another discrepancy we see is that Oliver asserts that the software place an opposite trade one second before expiry!

This does not guarantee a break-even because typically we are not allowed to execute trades with the exact same expiry within the last second of the expiry. Meaning that we will be executing trades with different expiry time with different strike rate! Hence, the concept of “Never lose a cent” by Oliver Breitner is a clear lie!

Insured Trading IOP Hoax

Insured Trading Conclusion

Knowing that Insured Trading is a recurring scam just shows that Insured Trading is 100% SCAM Auto Trader with no genuine intention! The fictitious Oliver Breitner and his IOP algorithm does not work producing more losses than wins! There is no logical basis to why this algorithm will ever work due to it’s impractical approach which does not work in binary trading! Additionally, the obvious exaggerate profit potential is a huge red flag to SCAMS! This is nothing but a “Be a Millionaire Quick” Scam that has no actual performing algorithm!

Stay Away from both Insured Trading and Insured Outcome!

New to Binary Options?

Thank you for sparing some time in understanding our Insured Trading Scam Review! We certainly aim to warn innocent traders of scams and phony software which obviously aims to cheat your money! As such, please do refer to our Blacklist before investing into any auto trading system to check their legitimacy! Also, we may not be able to cover every single auto trader or even come across it without your help! So, please feel free to email us at if you found any software which we have yet to investigate!

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