Insured Outcome Scam Review! Earning $18,000 Daily! Honestly!?

Insured Outcome is a SCAM Review! Oliver Breitner’s $520,000 Every Month Software!

Wondering whether Insured Outcome is worth investing your money into? Read our warning about Oliver Breitner’s Insured Outcome scam for the truth! You may have came across Insured Outcome through an email marketing campaign or some “get rich” method online which may have got your attention. The offer of earning $18,000 every single day or $520,000 every month for the rest of your life may sound REALLY good. But in reality, it is just a scam that uses unrealistic monetary rewards to entice you to deposit a humble $250 with them. Insured Outcome’s over-promising claims about the monetary rewards are NOT achievable and have indeed causes lost of money for innocent traders.

As mentioned in many of our articles, binary options automated trading systems that claims to make you a millionaire are scams! Apart from that, Insured Outcome has employed various scam tactics that we have identified during our investigation which many other scams uses as well. If you are interested in looking for a legit and reliable system right now, you may proceed to look at our RECOMMENDED auto trading system BELOW! Otherwise, please continue reading for our investigation findings to learn why Insured Outcome is not trustworthy!

Insured Outcome, a DANGEROUS Fraud to scam your $250!

Let’s go through what is Insured Outcome Scam is all about. Oliver, the alleged CEO/founder of Insured Outcome claims that this software/system is capable of earning you $18,000 EVERY SINGLE DAY, FOR LIFE! However, he says that this opportunity is only available for 12 people around the globe. He claims that he had invested $50 million dollars and over a year to develop this best auto trader in the world that will GUARANTEES profit with it’s Insured Outcome Protocol that prevents loses. Interestingly, all we have managed to source out during our investigation are negative feedback and sad news that people has lost money. Which prompts us to look deeper into Oliver’s claims to find out whether is there any truth behind those unrealistic promises.

As many binary options auto trader scams usually promises unrealistic profits, Insured Outcome’s fake reason to why this system is able to perform at that level are highly suspicious. Oliver claims that the Insured Outcome Protocol (IOP), is the key reason to why this system has not LOST a single trade! This statement is complete absurd, because there is not automated trading system that can get it right 100% of the time! The reason that backs up this completely absurd claim is the interesting IOP that claims to be able to be 1 millionth of second faster in analyzing market data compared to Wall Street traders. Apart from that, it is also said to place opposite trades in order BREAK-EVEN on your losing trades. Please be advised that binary options trading does not work that way! The reason is because the payout when you get a winning trade (ITM, In The Money), is usually 70-80% of your invested amount. Hence, if you were to get 1 win and 1 loss, you will lose the 20 to 30% of your initial investment. So, placing a last minute opposite trade will definitely NOT Break-even your losses! Oliver should know better if he is truly experienced in binary options trading, but clearly he is claiming something that is completely FALSE! While he claims that it is “mathematically impossible” to lose, it is ACTUALLY, mathematically impossible to BREAK-even with placing a last minute opposite TRADES!

Oliver claims that Insured Outcome had an appearance with CNN Business Review where he was featured in the article or interview! But guess what? We are unable to find any article or interview session recorded in CNN’s database! Hence, his claim of Insured Outcome being acknowledged to be a software that made people a millionaire are just fake! There are nothing positive about Insured Outcome over the internet except for negative feedback and reviews!

Insured Outcome’s FAKE “Limited Spots” Available!

Like many other scam systems, Insured Outcome does claimed that they will only look for 12 people to get this scam software. This “limited spots” available is a very common scam tactic where scammers hope to create a false sense of urgency to encourage immediate sign-ups. The fact is that, the video presentation bothers counting down by showing us “LIVE UPDATE: SPOTS Available” is just a pathetic attempt to scam us. How can a recorded video, which is obviously not a LIVE video, be countdown and telling us the available spots? It is a very silly scam attempt!

Insured Outcome’s is clearly aiming to scam more than 12 people and have already caused negative reviews to be up online although is only created in April 2016. We can’t help but to feel skeptical about their claims and their intention to trick innocent trader’s money!

DO NOT Invest Money into Insured Outcome!

As we have shared our reasons to why Insured Outcome’s IOP would not work, it seems that there is really nothing worth trusting from Oliver’s claims. What’s worst that even such a short period of time, there are feedback of people losing money and also negative reviews written on this scam. (Similar report can be found at, whereby Insured Outcome’s scam tactics was also exposed by BSR’s team!)

If you are a new trader, Insured Outcome fraud may have given you quite a shock and fearful about trading binary options. Please do not let scams like Insured Outcome to stop you from profiting from binary options trading. All you need is a reliable tools and also knowledge to how to profit from binary options! BELOW is the list of our current best performing auto trader that is proven to be reliable! Should you have anymore question regarding binary options trading, please feel free to contact us at

Insured Outcome’s Conclusion

Insured Outcome by Oliver Breitner is a SCAM binary options automated trading system! The claims by the alleged founder is simply not trustworthy and the explanation he gave about his NO LOSS IOP just does not work in reality. The unrealistic claims about becoming a millionaire just by using this system is also the main cause of innocent traders being scammed!

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