Instant Income App Scam Review! Makes $600-$3,000 daily?

Instant Income App SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Instant Income App before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Instant Income App has been around since end of 2015 and it is just another scam binary options auto trading system that is still gaining popularity early this year too. This scam system is promoting itself as an app that can supply significant income to individuals that wants to get rich. As we all know, whenever an offer that promotes itself as a “Get Rich System/Scheme”, it often disappoint and loses money. The alleged founder for Instant Income App Scam is Matthew Michaels, claims that this system makes an average of $656.25 every day and $19,687.50 per month. While the figure mentioned in the presentation video is indeed possible depending on your initial funds, we would like to highlight that there is no guaranteed profits in binary options trading. Even experienced traders will have loss days every once in a while, what’s more this is a programmed system that is going to execute trades for you. So it is always unrealistic to put your entire faith into an algorithm program to make consistent income for you and expects it to work in all market conditions. Although the claim does not seem to unrealistic or exaggerated, there are other claims and information provided in the presentation video that is highly suspicious! Please read our findings below for more information!

What is Instant Income App Scam Story?

Let us attempt to summarize the 24 minutes presentation video in this paragraph while realizing that the video is rather repetitive. It is rather annoying that the video often reemphasize on “taking action now” paired with their ridiculous reasons. Matthew Michaels, the alleged founder for Instant Income App, claims to be a multimillionaire that gained access to a secret software take have been fueling the Internet Gurus’ lavish lifestyles. Of course, there is not much information of what he did for a living prior to this “secret app”, but the story only goes on after he had came across this system and personally used it to become a millionaire. He then choose to get on a mission to get back at those Internet Gurus which he claims to have been scamming innocent people’s money by releasing this secret app to the public. Matthew claims that is his own personal revenge to them! First of all, releasing this secret app to the public would make no difference to the alleged Internet Gurus even if it is truly a magic lamp that prints money for people. Why should the guru be out of business if this Instant Income App is their source of their lavish lifestyles aside from their scamming business? It just does not make sense and is just makes what Matthew claims to be untrustworthy. We have no idea how he came across this “secret app” in the first place. If he is a regular joe and he came across the app, anyone would have gained access to this app anyway.

Secondly, Matthew claims that this offer is a top secret opportunity to become a beta tester for this app to get rich. This video presentation and webpage is definitely not a “special invite only” or “a secret page”. It is a publicly accessible and anyone with the address is able to access this. This is a typical scam tactic where the narrator would like to create a false sense of urgency to encourage instant sign-ups. The meaningless “countdown timer” and “spots available” clearly does not matter! We can sign-up even after the timer runs down to zero! This webpage has been up since August 2015 and it is currently March 2016, I guess the soon to be shut down and “limited offer” is clearly fake!

Matthew also claims that this system if synced with the best binary options brokers around and claims that they are going to maximize our profits! He also backed it up by saying that it is because they don’t get paid unless we make money. This is a blatant lie because that’s not how binary options trading works! Binary options traders are basically investing against binary options brokers and brokers do not get paid when traders win! So it is definitely not in the brokers best interest when traders actually wins too much! Matthew has so far said things that does not make sense a number of times now, which makes us very skeptical about this system, which of course discourage us from testing this system anyway.

Bogus Instant Income App Founder and Fake Testimonials

Who is Matthew Michaels? He is represented by a voice narrator whom we believe it is just to represent a fabricated Matthew Michaels. How do we know? Well because the picture that was attached to the presentation to represent himself is actually a stock modal photo! The exact picture is used across many other websites and across various industries for advertisements! This just proves that Matthew Michaels is just a fake character created to represent this scam software!

Apart from fake founders, the claimed 3 beta testers that is used to promote this scam system are also fake! These individual are actually paid testimonials givers from Fiverr. To give one example, Mr. Ronald that claims to have made $20,000 can be found by the Fiverr id: Generatecashbiz! Matthew the fake founder also claimed that he found these 3 beta tester by blasting emails to his subscribers. But we are unable to find any page/group that is operated by Matthew Michaels apart from negative reviews about Instant Income App!

Instant Income App’s Conlcusion

We conclude that Instant Income App is a scam binary options auto trading system that employs fabricated founder/CEO, background story that does not make sense, fake testimonials, and unrealistic selling point of “Getting rich by using this system”! Remember binary options trading is not able to make you consistent profits just by using a magical app! It requires research, some trading knowledge, or perhaps a reliable trading signals provider! However, there are also trading system that is reliable which can act as a supplementary profit generator, but definitely not a system that makes you super rich!

Verdict: Instant Income App is a SCAM!

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