Instant Cash Club Software Nasty SCAM Review!

Instant Cash Club Auto Binary Trading Software Scam Review

Is Instant Cash Club Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Got an invitation to invest with Instant Cash Club by Jim Robinson at Contemplating whether the developer, Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines’s Instant Cash Club Software can make you $250,000 per month from a $250 deposit? You’ve come to the right place! We shall examine the Instant Cash Club Auto Trading System here and share our investigative results to expose to the TRUTH! We are basically dealing with an auto trader that asserts the ability to grow $250 to a staggering $5,000 in 8 hours, and be a millionaire in 4 months!

As much as it sounds too good to be true, we have taken an in-depth look into their claims and discovered concerning the truth about this offer. Please read our report below before you invest as we unveil Jim Robinson’s lies!

Instant Cash Club Unrealistic Trading Expectation!

Through reviewing countless auto trading system, we have always begun with the principle of the auto trader is genuine until proven to be a scam! As our experience investigating many scams, we noticed one common trait that most frauds are designed with. That is having a completely unrealistic/impractical claims of profits! Profits that is not just unlikely, but impossible! Let us examine the Instant Cash Club’s allegation. We’re looking at a software that grows a $250 initial investment into $5,000 within 8 hours. Following with an extra promise of $250,000 per month profit.

To be brutally honest, Jim Robinson’s declaration of profits is obviously too good to be true! Growing your account by 50 times within 8 hours is a typical scam allegation among “Get Rich Quick” scams. As much as Jim, the founder of Instant Cash Club expresses his dismay on a scam, he merely pretends to be genuine. It’s rather obvious that Instant Cash Club Software also adapts crazy profits and fake promises too. Any traders can actually vouch that such profits are just a fantasy! If you are a new to binary trading, a realistic goal would be 10% to 30% account growth per day. Of course while applying proper money management! Thus, increasing the long-term consistency of account growth rather than gambling your funds away.

Why Unrealistic Trading Expectation?

Another reason why it is impractical to expect to earn $5,000 within the first 8 hours is due to the nature of binary trading’s payout. Typically, brokers offer a 70% to 85% payout of your investment per trade. Thus, to actually grow your account astronomically to over 50 times the initial investment within a day is basically unheard of in trading. Not unless you decide to gamble away your entire funds and risk the whole investment to compound the next trade with your entire funds as well. This approach to trading is extremely risk and it only takes one loss to lose everything you have built!

Plus, a more alarming fact about Instant Cash Club Software is that its algorithm is actually performing poorly! We found out from our subscribers and victims from this scam that its actual performance is nothing like the trade history shown on the website. This is not shocking as we debunk their lies in their website! Read below for proof!

Fake Aspects in Instant Cash Club Auto Trader!

We shall start with the actual identity of Jim Robinson and the other developer of this scam software! Firstly, we immediately recognize the guy from the presentation instantly simply because he appeared in another scam before! He is actually the same scam actor that appeared in Altronix Scam which we have exposed earlier this year! It seems that he has returned with yet another fraud software that performs poorly! Aside from that, the so-called Mega rich Wall Street Traders that developed this software, Thomas Jordan, and Andrew Haines are also fictitious characters. The photo used to depict their existence are basically stock pictures stolen from the internet! Thus exposing the fake characters in this scam offer!

Fake Jim Robinson CEO of Instant Cash Club Software

Wonder why it’s not surprising to learn the poor performing algorithm for Instant Cash Club App? Well, simply because the trade history in the web page is not actual test results or live results! Unlike our actual test run, we perform on trading software, it is simply fake trade executions with no exact trade details! E.g Entry price, Expiry Price. The trade history in at shows its falseness when we observe the trades executed on 1st Oct 2016 (a weekend). Which clearly doesn’t make sense when the market basically closes during the weekend, not allowing trades to happen! BS much?

Fake Thomas Jordan & Andrew Haines Founder Instant Cash Club Results

Instant Cash Club Conclusion!

Given the evidence above paired with negative feedback, we can conclude that Instant Cash Club is a SCAM auto trading software. The recognizable Jim from previous fraud activity came back with yet another over-promising and misleading software. Luring newbie trader with the potential “is a millionaire within 4 months” offer puts this offer into the same category with other “Get Rich Quick” scams out there! No trustworthy proof of success is found in their offer, which includes fake trade history and testimonials! Do Not Invest into this offer!

Trade Binary with Confidence!

Thanks a million for sharing some time in reading our Instant Cash Club Scam Review! We wrote this article in hopes to educate newbie traders into the actuality of binary trading and encourage better investment. Our experience in binary trading exposes us to countless fraudulent software where most do not have a genuine intention to earn a profit but instead drain your account. The scary part, disappearing within one or two days. Hence, do check our list of phony software before committing your money into a trading software. Success in binary trading requires the right trading tools and also some knowledge!

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No doubt another fraud that traders should avoid! Bloody guy still out to steal money, he should burn in hell


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