IMA Signals The Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

IMA Signals The Wall Street Lifestyle is a SCAM Review

IMA Signals also known as The Wall Street Lifestyle is a new scam binary options auto trading system that launched in late March 2016. We are highly skeptical on IMA Signals as an auto trader mainly because of the fabricated characters that is representing this system. The alleged founder for IMA Signals, James Taylor, is represented by a voice narrator and also a stock photo of a model! Unlike many proper binary options signals services that uses real person to represent this system, we strongly believe that IMA Signals will drain your precious money away!

The gist of the presentation video is as follows: James Taylor claims that he is one of the top rank students from Columbia Business School and upon graduations, he kept working there with the research team. The aim of the research team is to develop trades solutions for futures, swaps, and options which was ongoing for 17 years. He also claims that he had personally made 1 million last year by using the product of their research, the IMA Signals. While claiming that this software enables it’s users to live the Wall Street Lifestyle, he is going to give this system away for free! Let’s just be honest, the story sounds like a typical scam binary options system that employs fabricated story! But in this case, it is rather illogical to actually give away such a system which was developed in a university for free! We are 100% sure you will not be able to find any 17 years research journal on IMA signals in Columbia University. Just because it is a FAKE!

Why IMA Signals Do not Give Out the Wall Street Lifestyle Vibe?

As mentioned above, IMA Signals claims for their service is not trustworthy simply because all their stories are fake. Firstly, James Taylor is simply a fake character created to represent this scam system. There is no verifiable proof about their years of research in Columbia University and also the existence of James Taylor the ace student there. The photo used to represent James Taylor is simply a random model photos stolen from the internet! Look at the proof below to justify our point!

Fake Founder IMA Signals Wall Street Lifetsyle

James Taylor is a Fabricated Character!

Secondly, the testimonials used in the presentation video for IMA Signals are also fake! The two testimonials attached are actually given by paid actors from where testimonials can be bought for $5. Thus, the claims from the testimonials giver are also untrustworthy and honestly so far there is no Wall Street Lifestyle elements that we can see from this system! Fake testimonials is also a typical scam tactic that many binary options scam systems uses too, and very often whatever script they have is far from the actual truth.

Fake Testimonials IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle Scam Review

Fake Testimonials from Paid Actors!

There is probably nothing else to be said on the fake characters fabricated for IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle except that it is not going to deliver what it promises. James Taylor is a fake, his relationship with Columbia University is a fake, testimonials are a fake too and there is nothing verifiable to support it. The only purpose for this despicable act is to lure innocent people to deposit funds into their scam system!

IMA Signals not so Wall Street Lifestyle Trading Results

Unfortunately for traders that has already deposited funds into this scam system and lost money, as a results there are many negative reviews placed on IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle in the internet. The fake James Taylor claimed that this system is capable of generating 95% ITM which is highly unrealistic for binary options auto trading system. Negative reviews over the net has already exposed their true results based on negative feedback from traders. The actual performance for IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle is nowhere close to 95%, in fact is losing it’s user’s money. Hence, it is not so much of a Wall Street Lifestyle as claimed in the presentation video, but rather a fraud system that drains money.

IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle’s Conclusion

We hereby declare IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle to be a SCAM binary options auto trading system! This scam system attempts to appear as a reliable trading signals provider but there are just too many fake and unverifiable claims. From the alleged founder, James Taylor, his background story and fake testimonials just puts off any interest as a user. The webpage also does not provide any proof of success rather than a bold claim of 95% ITM. Which obviously there are many victims that already lost money to this scam system and thus, negative reviews about this system laying freely on the net.

IMA Signals claims to be an auto trading system that provides trading signals for manual trading that obviously has developed negative impression within the industry. As such, we highly discourage traders from using this scam system but rather look for legit auto trader or trading signals provider. We highly recommend Copy Buffett Software as an Auto Trading system that has great level of success and also Mike’s Manual Signal Group as a Trading Signal Provider!

Verdict: IMA Signals Wall Street Lifestyle is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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