ICO Money Maker Review – SCAM CryptoAsset Robot WARNING!

Is ICO Money Maker a SCAM or Legit Cryptocurrency Trading Robot?

ICO Money Maker by Tony Shaffer at ICOMoneyMaker.com presents an opportunity to take part in a $5,000 a week profit program. According to the presentation, Tony says that it is a trading robot with an accuracy rate of 97% capable of generating millions from ICO futures. In this important article, I will be sharing some important information on Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the truth behind ICO Money Maker.

We will be exploring whether can ICO Money Maker really makes you $5,000 per week or Tony is just another scam system!

Firstly, ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering which is very much like IPO (Initial Public Offering) in stock markets. It is a process where a particular stock/asset or cryptocurrency goes through a crowdfunding to collect money for their project. Hence, people get a chance to buy that asset before it even reaches the market or an exchange for trading. There is in fact, many ICO per week where tonnes new cryptocurrency seeking to fund their project.

Thus, in exchange for your investment, you will be given tokens aka that particular cryptocurrency. Following which, investors will hope that the coins that they get a rise in value over time. In short, this is how the ICO game is played where it takes a relatively long time to see return. Comparing it to day trading where I do normally, it is best to invest in ICO if you are planning to hold it for a longer term. Short term ICO investment like flipping ICOs may not be a viable strategy as some aim to pump and dump a particular ICO.

Which exposes investors to losses of coin value drastically. Nevertheless, investing in a fundamentally sound ICO which has good utility value may work pretty well. However, for the sake of this article, we will be focusing on day trading capability of ICO Money Maker.

Why is ICO Money Maker a SCAM?

Judging by the nature of the ICO investing game, you would probably realize day trading with ICO is not possible. Especially in earning $5,000 per day! Fundamentally, ICO Money Maker’s capability of trading ICO future makes no sense. Simply because there is no such thing as ICO futures in any exchange currently. There’s only major cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero in exchanges and so far only Bitcoin futures are available for trading at CME Group.

Confused? Well, the difference is the term ‘futures’ as a contractual financial instrument to earn money from. And since ICO Money Maker claims to be able to profit from ICO futures, it just doesn’t make sense. Because ICO has no futures available for trading. Thus, making it highly suspicious when a trading system claims something ridiculous in their offer.

That’s not all, ICO Money Maker Results has reportedly not traded a single cryptocurrency in their trading activity. ICO Money Maker Users seem to only trade Forex pairs and many complaints are very negative. Their unrealistic 97% accuracy is nowhere close to reality when they are consistently losing their trades!

Any real traders can tell you that an accuracy rate of 90% is too good to be true! Very often, Get Rich Quick scams tend to claim such over promising win rates to attract users. But in reality, their trading performance is so lousy that your account balance would suffer.

Check out our Trading Video Demonstration where I show some real trading results which range from 75% to 80% win rate as reference.

ICO Money Maker Result

More Scam Factors in ICO Money Maker SCAM!

Aside from manipulating the ICO attraction to sell their poor trading software, ICO Money Maker also uses phony characters. Tony Shaffer the alleged founder of ICO Money Maker is very likely to be a bogus character. If you check out the Crypto Money Maker SCAM, you may realize that they look very similar. Especially in terms of their website and trading platform outlook. Hence, we suspect they are made by the same scam artist.

Even the picture depicting Tony Shaffer is actually a stock photo modal that is available on the internet.

The major fact that ICO Money Maker doesn’t trade cryptocurrency but rather Forex pair is already a huge RED FLAG. All of the ICO Money Maker Review in ICOMoneyMaker.com are definitely fabricated as well. It seems that the scam artist has used random pictures online pairing with a random name to claim their unrealistic profit potential.

Tony Shaffer ICO Money Maker

ICO Money Maker Review Verdict

I can safely conclude that ICO Money Maker is a SCAM. This is not a software that trades cryptocurrency well, worst it doesn’t even trade cryptocurrency. These signs are very similar to many other scams trading software I exposed throughout my trading career too. So, trading with ICO Money Maker Software is definitely not a wise trading decision to make.

If you are seeking to invest in ICO, you can directly purchase their token on a particular cryptocurrency website. Usually done before a particular launch date. Do take note it should be done on a long-term basis because ICO daily fluctuations are not enough to earn you good money.

If you are seeking to profit from Day Trading Cryptocurrency, check out my Reliable Trading System Page and the video below. I have been testing out some trading systems and shared those that have been working for me. I hope that these systems can also benefit in your interest to trade cryptocurrency as much as I have profited from it.

Good luck & Trade Safe! 🙂

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