ICE 9 Technology Scam Review! Ice9Technology FRAUD Exposed!

Is Ice 9 Technology a HUGE SCAM or Genuine Trading App?

Welcome to our Ice 9 Technology investigation report! We will be sharing our honest opinion about this money making software as well as our findings. Recently, there have been heavy influx of binary options auto trading scams wittily produced to fool innocent traders in depositing. Our Blacklist could in fact reveal how hardworking scam-artist and how rarely we stumbled upon genuine auto trader. Please read our complete review before you decide to invest into Ice9Technology! (reviewed website:

Ice 9 Technology aka Ice9 Software aka Ice 9 Tech claims to be able to earn you $4,900 a week easily with it’s “edge” on speed in gaining financial data quickly. This auto trading system is developed by Aaron Palmer, Steve Katz and John Farrady while Aaron is the vital figure in programming this system. As for the Results & Performance of Ice9Technology, it is said to be as higher as 83% to over 90% accuracy. On a nutshell, the potential profits claimed could be possibly, however, our study enabled us to spot some suspicious details in this seemingly legit software.

How Is ICE 9 Tech Better than Other System?

Aaron shared his explanation on Ice9Technology informs us about the ability of this software to immediately spot financial data while eliminating the latency. He continuous to describe the “edge” by giving an example of Google does not immediately recognize new information contained in websites. Thus, causing a delay or latency or lag in obtaining new information or data. He also acknowledge that it takes 45 minutes for Google to pick up new details from a site. As a blog owner, we can personally comment that it only takes a few seconds for Google to pinpoint changes or obtain new page from Binary Options Sentinel. Although Aaron has a point that sometimes changes in new site do take a while before Google notices, we are unable to correlate this concept with trading.

As we all know, stock exchanges or trading firms do not get their information from Google! Their news feeds are actually provided through “fast news network” like NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange or even Reuters! Hence, Aaron’s vague description about Ice 9 Technology being able to gain financial data faster plus being able to reap profits from the market does not seem to connect well. We get the impression that Ice9Tech is trying to represent itself as a High Frequency Trading(HFT) kind of software, that also trades on news in a quick miliseconds. Unfortunately, Aaron’s blurry description is not encouraging and the lack of understanding causes us to feel uncomfortable with his concept.

Ice9Technology’s Suspicious Figures/Characters in Presentation!

It doesn’t help to ease our suspicion when Ice 9 Technology attempts to bring in huge figures into the picture which are unverifiable. Take Ice9Tech’s CEO, John Farrady, for example. He claims to have been a Senior Executive in Citigroup previously but we were unable to actually verify his profile anywhere! If that is not shady enough, notice the other characters like Gary Larson (Managing Director of Intel), Rami Bendayan (CEO of Innotrade), and Scott Whittaker (Editor of Business Day).

All three seemingly successful senior executives in corporations are invented! Gary Larson is nowhere to be seen in Intel’s board of director’s list or any other management level. Rami Bendayan is also not found under the CEO of Innotrade plus his description on “testing Ice9Tech on their SpotOption platform” is not logical. Innotrade doesn’t involved itself in binary options, hence they DO NOT run on SpotOption anyway. Scott Whittaker also is an unknown figure in the journalism world as we are unable to verify any of his articles or work under Business Day.

Ice 9 Technology trading app tries to appear like a serious deal by using unverifiable bogus “VIP”, which is very concerning to us! The social media presence orchestrated on the webpage and the plead to share “results of Ice 9 Technology” are also fake! The claim of Ice9Tech having a Twitter page @Ice9Technology or @ice9tech does not exist too. Due to this circumstances, it is worrying to see that Ice 9 Technology isn’t authentic or genuine.

Ice 9 Technology Bogus Character & Fake Twitter

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We conclude that Ice 9 Technology trading app is a SCAM due to the lack of confidence in their authenticity paired with negative feedback from some of our subscribers as well. Many innocent traders have indeed chosen to put their faith in Ice 9 Technology because of their cleverly staged presentation and lost money. As such, we hope our report can indeed shed some light on a few worrying facts before you invest into Ice9Tech.

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