Hydra App Review – SCAM Warning! Can Abraham Epstein Make You $5,000?

Hydra App Scam Review

Is Hydra App a SCAM or Good Auto Trading System?

Hydra App by Abraham Epstein definitely attempts to put forward a strong impression by making $5,000 in the first 24 hours. Who wouldn’t want to make a few grand in a matter of hours right? But before you get your hopes up, it’s essential to understand the investment tools before signing up. Although the auto trading system is indeed capable of generating profits for traders, can Hydra App make you money? Unfortunately NO! Hydra App Scam is a Get Rich Quick hoax that disguises as a ‘Guaranteed Profit’ Software.

Hydra App Website: hydraapp.biz

Let’s get one thing straight, there is no such thing as a $5,000 per day and no loss in any form of trading/investment! Every offer that asserts such claims like Hydra App’s $5,000 from $250 are misleading lies. It is unrealistic to expect to grow your $250 20 times in one day even for the best traders in the world. Even more unbelievable to expect a consistent $5,000 profits every single day! Hydra App uses this “Get Rich Quick” like many other Blacklisted scams we review before.

In our Hydra App Review, we will share scam details we found within the offer along with the general sentiment from the trading community. Hence, please do spare some time in reading our review before investing!

Note: Seeking reliable methods to earn some extra income online? Well, using an auto trader can generate money for users. But, you will definitely not earn $5,000 per day from a $250 or even $1 with any scam software.

Instead, we have managed to earn $100 per day ($25 per trade investment) or 10% to 30% account growth per day with Legitimate Tools.

Hydra App Falsehood!

Hydra Trading Software and Abraham Epstein’s $5,000 every day is far from its actual performance. We’ve been receiving complaints about money-losing performance of below 60% win rate and lack of support. To make matters worst, details within the presentation are completely fake as we investigated Abraham and his company. The scammer tries to lure investor hoping to gain quick $5,000 with fictional credential and trading capabilities. Below we will explain why that Mr. Abraham and the Hydra App Trading is a scam and why it’s trading won’t earn profits!

First, Epstein is very likely to be a bogus character with no genuine credential as we are unable to confirm his past experience. According to the presentation, Abraham quit working for Facebook as an analyst to create the best trading system. But there is no verifiable proof of his employment nor his expertise anywhere, not even a professional work profile. Although it is not a huge deal, Hydra App as a company is definitely a made-up fantasy and illegitimate business entity.

The contact number, +1 202 555 0161 indicated in the website seems to be a fake number in Washington that can’t be reached! If you attempt to contact support through that phone number, you’ll find out that it doesn’t belong to Hydra App. This nonsense also applies to all the other Link in the Menu! The ‘Getting Started’, Academy, Trading Platform and other button doesn’t seem to work upon clicking. Hence, showing hydraapp.biz as an incomplete website aiming to lure only registration. Not even the ‘About Us’ link work!

Hydra App Contact Support

Illogical Trading Method by Hydra App!

Apart from the misleading website and phony company, Hydra App Algorithm says that it has a no lose functionality due to its’ speed in performing counter trades and self-learning ability. Abraham claims that the worst scenario for Hydra System is to break even when a trade is losing by place an opposite trade. BUT, this is not applicable to binary trading because of the payout system of 70% to 90% profit from trade value. Hence, the accuracy of trading algorithm matters more because every single losing trade will cause us to lose our initial trade.

For example, if we place $100 trade in both directions, we will have 1 win 1 lose trade hence costing us $200 for two trades with a potential payout of 80% per winning trade. Hence, we will have a payout of $180 for that one winning trade. Having a net loss of $20. It is ridiculous that Abraham fails to understand this concept. Moreover, Hydra’s win rate below 60% will not be able to generate any profits for its users let alone breaking even.

Besides, we note Abraham’s demonstration on Hydra App trading platform to be a fake in the video. he has shown us a broker trading page from Binary Online broker instead of Hydra App. He did not even show the actual trading platform throughout the video because there are no legitimate results! Another observation we can add to this suspicion is the testimonial video from an alleged user fails to show the trading platform the balance. The scammer only provided an edited bank snapshot which is weird. Because it takes a few business days to receive the funds into your bank account.

Hydra App Trading Platform

Hydra App Review Conclusion!

Please refrain from using the Hydra App as your investment tools! It is a perfect example of Getting Rich Quick Scheme with $5,000 per day guaranteed profit false promises. Neither the presentation and Abraham himself is genuine and very likely to have no actual trading experience. It will be unwise to trust Hydra App to trust this system to even earn you $50. Every detail in the presentation is fabricated to lure newbie investor into a non-profitable path. Furthermore, negative reviews are surfacing within the industry which reflects how traders feel about this offer!

Trading is definitely a legit tool for anyone to make extra money online. But, scammers have been busy producing low-quality services to steal money from newbies! So, please invest into our Recommended Tools that we have tested and succeed in making money!

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How To Make Money via Trading?

What can you use to gain some profits via trading? You can TRADE Manually by yourself or use an Auto Trader that is better than Hydra App or even Both! You can definitely learn trading while making an extra $100 per day or gain 10% – 20% investment gain per day even as a newbie!

Auto Trading – Using an auto trade definitely, allows people that have busy schedule to rack in some profits without trading manually. However, as we mentioned above, you’ll have better chance to gain good results with the proven auto trading robot. Do Stay Away from a fraudulent signal app that is in our Blacklist too!

Manual Trading – As a student in trading or a newbie, you can learn trading while referring to a Signal Software! It essentially provides trade Recommendation including Call or Put Signal with an expiry time. Hence, newbies usually can use this software to confirm their chart reading skills OR even just trade according to the signal. The only difference is that traders will be in FULL control on whether they like the trading signal recommended. Check out our Recommended Manual Trading Software BELOW!

In addition to the tools above, you can Register for a FREE Demo Account to practice your trading skills on a trading platform! It is suitable for traders to test out their new strategy or method on a free account before applying it into their real account. Most of the demo account in the industry need an initial deposit, but the link below do not! Depending on whether you residing in the US/Canada, register for a free account with the links below! It helps to practice your found money making skills!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (US Friendly)
  2. Manual Trading Signal Software – Epix Trader! – Non US
  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

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