Hoffman Stein aka Nexus App Scam Review

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Scam Review

Is Hoffman Stein aka Nexus App a SCAM or LEGIT Trading App?

Warning! Hoffman Stein aka the Nexus App is a trending binary options trading software that is designed to steal your money! We have received feedback from innocent traders whom lost their entire initial deposit within hours to this so called Hoffman Stein Capital. Upon in-depth investigation, we discovered countless red-flags and false promises Dr. Anthony Henderson that is important for traders to be aware of. Just in a matter of minutes, the video presentation quickly distinguishes itself as a “Get Rich Quick” or a “Millionaire App” that shows luxurious lifestyles and  speaking about financial freedom.

But in reality, offers that sounds too good to be true, especially trading apps that claims to make you $600,000 Guaranteed paired with a %100 accuracy/wining rate, are fraudulent! The voice narrator that claims to be Dr. Anthony Henderson and Hoffman Stein Capital are bogus and fictional which have no verifiable information about them. The only information that we can acquire about them are negative reviews and reputation about this Scam system! Nevertheless, we will be exposing their creative scam tactics in this review in hopes to prevent unnecessary “bad investment”.

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Hoffman Stein’s Hoax Tactic!

Our study on this auto trading system that attempts to appear as a software widely used in Wall Street as a “secret weapon” reveals many fabricated proof of success. Obviously the allegation of being the secret to success for Wall Street hedge funds are a little overboard as these large companies especially in the US do not deal in binary options trading. The apparent “claim your spots”, countdown timers and annoying pop-ups with timers are common scam tactics that scam-artist employs to create false sense of scarcity. Many a times, fraud systems that we have Blacklisted shows such characteristics in their offer. However, these countdown-clock does not even matter in the first place. The countdown timer on the webpage runs out even before the video presentation ends, and Dr. Anthony can still invite you to click the link when it happens. LOL! You will be able to access this page tomorrow, or even next year if this hoax does not get shut down.

The lying does not stop there. As a matter of fact, the testimonials that falsely represents as users of Hoffman Stein Software or Nexus App are actually paid actors! We’ll include the evidence for Philip Peterson whom is actually Simplysoccerpro from Fiverr.com. Hence, the script that said to earn thousands of dollars in a short span of time is clearly untrustworthy.

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Fabricated Proof

Noticed that Dr. Anthony Henderson was kind of enough to Guarantee you a compensation of at least $10,000 if you fail to make $10,000 per month in next 90 days? We’re sorry to inform you that it is not going to happen! The $1 Million Dollar Guarantee certification is taken from another SCAM system called the “Free Money Guaranteed System” which we blacklisted as well for their lies. The Nexus App’s biggest lie is by taking pride of being the only 100% win rate trading system in the world. This declaration is debunked when we look into their demonstration video which reveals the last 7 trades (4 losses, 3 wins). Note: It’s always convenient for these scam artist to reveal their own lies! The demonstration is also too unrealistic due to the fact that it does not reveal their initial deposit and earning over $6,000 in 10 minutes is impossible (again can be disprove by taking a look at their demonstration trade history, revealing trades taken in few hours). Hence, Hoffman Stein’s showcase cannot be trusted!

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Fake Trade History


It is obvious that with the amount of self-created lies and proof, this Hoffman Stein auto trading system should not be worth your money! Such destructive trading system is only designed to lure money of innocent traders that only tarnishes the binary options industry. Our Blacklist will speak of itself as to how often we come across fraud systems too!

Fortunately, we are lucky enough to identify genuinely profitable and reliable binary options auto-trading systems that only comes every once in a while. Trading app like the Neo2 Software is a prime example of a sincere and genuine software. You can read our Neo2 Software Review or Performance Review for more information!

Verdict: Hoffman Stein aka Nexus App is a SCAM!

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