HFTFinance Software Review – HFT Finance SCAM Frequent Losses!

HFTFinance Scam Review

Is HFTFinance Trading Software a SCAM or LEGIT?

HFTFinance aka HFTFinance Software proudly presented by John William is a new auto trader vows to make a guaranteed $15,000 per month income! HEY! Hold your horses as this is a scam that appears to bring high frequency losing instead of winning! Additionally, the entire presentation regarding HFT Finance is highly misleading that causes massive confusion among newbie traders! Such as the highly regarded High-Frequency-Trading and Binary Trading is misused by scammers to push their low-performance trading software! Hence, do spare some time in understanding our HFTFinance Review before investing!

HFTFinance Website: hftfinance.com

It’s not surprising to learn negative feedback and complaints regarding HFT Finance Software‘s poor trading performance, to be honest. Simply because the entire presentation and concept behind this fraud are impractical in our actual trading platform. This means High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm is not applicable to binary options at all, in fact, if applied, we’ll lose money! Here’s Why! HFT is essentially a buy/sell transaction of the asset within a split second, as mentioned in the presentation maybe 1-2 seconds. This method is commonly practiced in established trading firms with the right infrastructure to earn pips of profits within seconds. Read below as we expose more inaccurate details within the offer!

Why HFTFinance Doesn’t Work?

Due to the fixed expiry time in binary trading, whereby the shortest would be 30 seconds to hours, HFT algorithm is not relevant! A binary trader will not be able to exit the trade within a split second prior to the fixed expiry. Also, the focus of HFT would be to earn the highest number of pips within a second, but binary traders only focus on the possible end price at expiry (higher or lower). Hence, we can also deem everything that is presented at hftfinance.com to be irrelevant to binary options entirely too. Since details such as 2500 trades per day, concluded trades within 2-3 seconds, and HFTFinance focused details aren’t applicable to our related industry, why is it their focus? Because these scammers are attempting to borrow the concept to push out their own low-quality product!

HFTFinance Software is a devious offer that hides the actual trading platform and financial instrument. Although HFT works for large financial institutions, these software seems NOT do any high-frequency trading but also loses in binary options. Considering this sneaky offer, John Williams and his bogus trading team turns out to be a sly BS. There is no legit record of HFT Finance being a trading firm supporting their 500 beta testers and third-party acknowledgment as well. Rather only negative feedback and reviews flood the internet and trading community! We also failed to find their approval status with the FXCA as mentioned by John.

HFTFinance Trading Software

Endorsements of Successful Profits?

Any trading software that potentially brings good profits for traders often backed by reviews or user testimonials. Such as actual trading test sessions providing trade histories or trading platform walk-through are a good indication you can rely on. Clearly, HFTFinance doesn’t have any proper demonstration or a look into their trading capabilities. Well, obviously they can’t since it’s a fake HFT concept being impossible in our trading industry. Even the video testimonials of users are inauthentic as they are clearly made of green screen materials. News Quotes from CBS News, Bloomberg, CNN, and BBC covering HFTFinance are false as well. There isn’t any article covering HFTFinance Scam!

Also, HFTFinance Members which are non-existence clearly contradicts the 100% approved and tested! We identified them forgery by random pictures online and pairing with an absurd 98% winning accuracy! Do note that any win rate above 85% are nonsense in reality! Many scammers typically use unrealistic win rates to lure sign-ups. A trading app like the HFTFinance leads to at best a below 50% win rate and causes loss of entire funds within a day or two. Hence, it will be in your best interest to seek for a legit software to earn extra income with a minimum deposit of $250.

FHTFinance News

Guaranteed $15,000 Income with HFT Finance?

It’s important to note that there is no such thing as a guaranteed profits in any form of trading! But is it realistic for you to earn a $15,000 monthly income from binary trading? Well, you most certainly can if you deposited above $5,000 while using a legit software and not the HFTFinance. In the case of $250, you’ll need a much longer time frame to grow your account to a 5 figure income. Typically, newbies binary traders can earn $100 per day or 10%-30% account growth per day with proper money management alongside one of our Recommended Trading Software!

HFTFinance Review Conclusion!

With reference to our findings and a clear conflicting trading method, we conclude HFTFinance to be a SCAM! The bogus John Williams and wall street traders don’t seem to be authentic and someone we should rely on. Notably, that HFT is not applicable to our main trading instrument, it’s no wonder we hear insults about this software. Everything on hftfinance.com points towards this an inapplicable method which have nothing to do with binary trading! It only aims to mislead viewers towards a false hope and fake method!

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