Hexatrader Review – SCAM Professor Rupert Connor Proven!

Is HexaTrader Software a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

HexaTrader by Professor Rupert Connor welcomes viewers to get his trading software and bring in $1,644 per day income! On the subject of earning extra income online, Prof Rupert declares at 94.7% win rate in trading performance. Hence, giving it an ‘extraordinary’ investment return potential! BE CAREFUL readers! Although the regarded financial instrument is capable of providing long-term profits for traders, our study exposes a deceiving HexaTrader Software! In reality, users of this auto trader suffer from low standard results and high loss!

HexaTrader Official Scam Website: hexatrader.co

Prof. Rupert Connor, the alleged CEO of HexaTrader and ex-MIT Computational Science professor claims to use a hexadecimal number system to figure market trend. Based on his explanation, he converts binary numbering system to hexadecimal numbers to help with his analysis. Furthermore, this software provides over 1,000 beta testers opportunity to achieve financial freedom earning massive profits. Profits like $11,000 to $16,000 per day income! Sounds too good to be true? Well, our investigation shows typical “Get Rich Quick Scam” stealing money influence! Please read our HexaTrader Review as we expose deceiving elements below!

Can HexaTrader Software Work?

To put it bluntly, trading communities came back with rather negative reviews and feedback about this auto trader. So, why is this the case? Firstly, there is a huge discrepancy within how this HexaTrader Scam works! Referring to how Rupert says it works, converting binary values to a hexadecimal system, in reality, doesn’t quite help in binary trading. Meaning that whether or not our market analysis is done via binary values or hexadecimal doesn’t quite make any difference! The financial market analysis is financial market analysis be it in whatever form.

Besides that, we have not heard of a legitimate application on trading activities being improved by such a concept! Nothing but a mere misconception or confusion the scam artist tries to create for newbie traders. Worst of all, the results provided by HexaTrader Trading App is at best a 40% win rate instead of the unrealistic 94.7% accuracy! Many fraudulent auto traders tend to assert over 90% win rate and never delivers. That’s because it is a fantasy whereby even the best software around or professional traders doesn’t get above 85%. All of our Recommended Trading Software achieve at best an 80% Winning Accuracy in All Time Stats which is already capable of tripling initial investment!

But what about the traders from the web page that claim to earn monstrous profits? Rest assured we have also looked into it and found that they are false and lying testimonies attempting to support fake claims! Also, you may notice that there’s no actual demonstration or trading platform run through during the entire presentation! If these scammers do try to make one, it will only show losses as how the trading community responded the truth!! We attached evidence of all the scam aspects for HexaTrader Scam Review in the following segment!

Dishonest Hexa Trader Information?

First and foremost, the notion of having Professor Rupert Connor represented by a voice narrator is highly suspicious. Furthermore, our effort in verifying his bogus background shows further confirms his fake identity. In reality, no such professor ever in the MIT to teach computational science! As we looked into the publication or journals ever written from MIT, no such person contributing paper ever! Which proves the founder or CEO of Hexatrader Scam is illegitimate and fabricated!

That’s not all! Similar to the con-artist Rupert, the 1,000 beta tester also seems imaginary too. We’ve been reviewing and trading in this industry for a long time and never once heard about this software. We struggle to find any genuine users for HexaTrader trading that gives positive comments but heaps of negative complaints about lousy performance. Even more alarming are the fact that HexaTrader Scam uses scam actors to say good things about them!

All 3 video testimonials not only fails to show binary trade histories, they use fake bank snapshots to back HexaTrader Scam unrealistic claims. We definitely show real trade histories with all trade execution details like entry/expiry price etc in our demonstration. Additionally, the fake testimonies come from scammers’ favorite marketplace, Fiverr.com for script reading services!

Fake Testimonial HexaTrader Scam

Forged Trade Histories?

Lastly, we found the trade history in the member’s area very puzzling as it only shows USD/CHF and GBP/CHF pairs and it’s very odd. Especially when GBP/CHF is a rather rare currency pair to find in binary trading as their expiry time are very limited. Any experienced trader can verify that this pair is not available in the most platform. Ironically, the trade history also doesn’t show a 94% win rate as we see quite a few loses too. Thus, this signals the unworthiness of HexaTrader Software providing a forged trade executions history!

Yet another lie Rupert says is the software will close trades with profits of at least 245% to 360%! Obviously that is a HUGE misconception, because binary trading typically offers 70% to 90% profits in each trade! Do this con-man actually trade before we wonder? 😮

HexaTrader Trade History

HexaTrader Review Conclusion!

With reference to the above evidence, we can conclude that HexaTrader Software is a SCAM! The real results of this software, the identity of the Professor Rupert Connor, trade histories, and testimonials are proven a SHAM! There is obviously no genuine or honest details within this offer we can actually trust. Thus, it is not surprising to learn of its’ lousy trading performance! Traders will not be able to earn a 5 figure income with this auto trader let alone any profits at all! Stay away from HexaTrader Trading software!

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