Hedge Formula Group System Scam Review!

Hedge Formula Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Is Hedge Formula Group System a SCAM or LEGIT? HONEST Review about George Dalio’s Hedge Fund!

Have you been invited to invest with Hedge Formula Group? Beware! We have investigated this automated binary options trading system and we have discovered that George Dalio have not been honest with his offer! The worst part is, it’s true performance is not as it claimed to be, thousands of dollars per day from a $250 investment. As much as George claims that this is not like other scams, hedgeformula.co employs scam tactics and lies to encourage sign-ups! Should you are interested in seeking Trusted and Reliable automated trading system, please Refer BELOW! Else, please continue reading our review as we expose George Dalio’s Lies and Deception.

George Dalio, the alleged founder of Hedge Formula Group claims that HFG is a legit hedge fund that earns millions in trading binary options too. Apart from that, he claims that the Hedge Formula System has an impressive 98% accuracy/win rate which would potentially earn you thousands of dollars every single day. Then, becoming a millionaire in a matter of months.

WARNING! These are common claims that many scam systems like Globe Trader, Profits Infinity, and Safe Cash would present in order to fool you! Read below for more details about Hedge Formula System’s FRAUD facts!

Why Hedge Formula System a FRAUD?

The first thing that we have investigated about George Dalio’s claim is the legitimacy of Hedge Formula Group as a company. Since George provided us with a background story of it being a legit hedge fund while earning millions of dollars, we were extremely interested to find out more about this company. Plus, he has also attached a snapshot of an article stating that Hedge Formula Group won the award of “Best Commodities Hedge Fund” by Hedgeweek! After a simple research done by Binary Options Sentinel’s team, we discover that all these claims about Hedge Formula Group existing as a company are FAKE! These is no proof of existence for this company and the article that was quoted in the presentation video by Hedgeweek is also MODIFIED! You may view the original article by Hedgeweek.

To be honest, it wasn’t suprising to find that Hedge Formula Group is a fake company. The claim of Hedge Formula System is able to achieve a 98% accuracy or win rate and claims of making you a millionaire in a matter of months just with $250 are common lies that scammers often tell it’s viewers. A 98% accuracy level is completely unrealistic and it is impossible to achieve especially in the trading world. Not even the best software or the best traders can achieve that level of accuracy! Let’s be real guys, the wishful thinking of being a millionaire just by a small investment of $250 by using Hedge Formula System, or any system is going to remain a dream! You probably have more chance becoming a millionaire by betting on the Powerball! Binary Options Trading can indeed give you great returns if you have the right tools and knowledge! But certainly not with scam systems that claims over-promising goals!

Scam Supporting Evidence that Hedge Formula Trading App Uses

Other fake evidence that we had discover about Hedge Formula Scam is that it employs fake testimonials to support their unrealistic claims! George had employed actors to portray as satisfied users to make Hedge Formula System to seem legit. But we have seen some of the actors appearing in other scams before and it is rather easy for us to identify them! One of the actors that is involved in this scam is Gferdi from Fiverr.com where he is paid $5 to read their scam script. Therefore, all the seemingly success stories from Hedge Formula are completely fabricated and they can’t be trusted!

Hedge Formula Scam Tactic Review

Apart from fake testimonials, Hedge Formula also uses fake trading histories as well! It is obvious to us that the trade history is a complete fake due to the large number of trades executed per day. Also, we noticed that this scam system perform trades during the weekend (Although the scammer was smart enough to delete weekend trades for the latest 2 weeks, you will be able to find it further back in the trade history). Major currencies pairs market closes on a weekend, and how could Hedge Formula magically perform so many trades when the market is close? It is an obvious fake trade history which attempts to fool viewers in trusting their scam!

Stay Away from Hedge Formula App!

We highly discourage you from investing into this scam system! It is definitely not worth your money although it is just $250 investment. The unrealistic promises of high profits and 98% win rate is not achievable! It is also common that for scam systems to employs such tactics and unfortunately, 90% of the systems out there are scams as well. You may refer to our BlackList for all the scam system that we have reviewed!

The good news is every once in a while, we’ll get a breath of fresh air to find a system that is proven to be RELIABLE and PROFITABLE. Neo2 Software is the current trending trading system that is worth investing your $250! For more information you can read our Neo2 Software Review and it’s Performance Review as well!

Hedge Formula’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Hedge Formula is a SCAM auto trading system! The scam tactics employed like the unrealistic promises of profits and accuracy level, fake testimonials and fake trade histories just confirms our suspicion that this is a SCAM! Do spare yourself from getting scammed by Hedge Formula! We hope that this review was informative and we wish you all the best in your trading journey! Trade Safe!

Verdict: Hedge Formula is a SCAM!

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