HBSwiss Forex Trading Review – Scam Warning, Unsafe Robot!

HBSwiss Scam Review

Is HBSwiss a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

HBSwiss by Hans Berger promotes a $5,000 guaranteed profits on his Forex Trading Robot to many traders alike. But before you make a decision to invest with HB Swiss, please heed our warning on this scam trading software. The sole agenda within HBSwiss Trading Robot revolves around misinforming viewers with false promises without any real potential. Hence, online money making with the HB Swiss Robot is surely a fail investment plan much like many scam victims experience using it.

HBSwiss Website: en.hbswiss.com

Earning $5,000 from a $250 deposit in one day? Are you kidding me? That’s highly unlikely to happen and even if it does, it’ll perhaps be one in a million chance to succeed. It is a red flag that prompts us reviewers towards an offer that is up to no good. In addition to that, HBSwiss users given feedback to our team about its’ low winning percentages and nonsensical trading decisions. It is understandable that newbie traders may find it hard to source for a reliable trading tool when it comes to earning money. Thus, please do refer to our Blacklist as we compile over 200 fraudulent software to avoid losing unnecessarily. We shall also share our investigative findings in this very HBSwiss Review as to why we believe it’s a scam!

Why is HB Swiss a SCAM?

One very common sales pitch we observe throughout our experience is the tendency to promote crazy unrealistic profits. In the case of HBSwiss Forex Trading Robot, Hans claims to be able to generate $5,000 guaranteed daily profits and $278,430.26 a month. According to him, they have employed quantum computing and its high-speed infrastructure to achieve such a results. Unfortunately, these details are a complete fiction as we discover neither the infrastructure on high-speed trading nor the results are actually real!

Research attempt on Hans Berger and his quantum computing BS yields no actual evidence of their business operation! To be honest, this quantum tech pitch is repeatedly occurring in old scams like Quantum Code, Orion Code, and Quantum Income Machines. But in reality, none of this trading software prove their worth when they consistently fail their users.

Please keep in mind that HB Swiss has no actual relation with any Swiss Bank as far as Hans Berger is concerned. As Hans is very likely an actor himself, we fail to make any connection to any genuine Forex trading services by Hans. Not to mention, there is no open project on Kickstarter by him under the name of HB Swiss! You can simply search on Facebook for HBSwiss Facebook Page and it will return zero results. Hence, what we see on the website is a pure sham attempting to convince viewers to trust their low-quality HB Swiss Algorithm.

HBSwiss Facebook

Fake Results on The Internet?

What about HBSwiss Black-Scholes-Merton model generating 87% accuracy earning the $5,000 daily? Suspiciously, the member’s area page reveal testimonials from 3 individuals earning less than that per day. Even more alarming, the results these traders get even includes the weekends! This is another huge warning sign that the testimonials are fake! Simply because exchanges and banks close on the weekend, so trading activities are pretty much dead that time. Isn’t it strange to see profits coming in on a Sunday? Yeah, it is!

To make matters worst, pinpointed that the person like Franz Samter in the HB Swiss testimonial actually uses a stock image as their testimonials. This means the scammers have simply taken random picture online to sell their own success stories. The other two HBSwiss testimonials are also false stories attempting to support the HBSwiss Scam!

Lastly, the HBSwiss scam designers attempt to lure registrations with a counter timer and limited 10 spots per day lie. Clearly, this doesn’t matter when we can still register even when the clock reaches zero!

WARNING: When we registered with HBSwiss Trading with a test email, we seem to receive an email prompting a deposit into the trading account while our login details are unable to access the trading platform itself! This is very odd and dangerous because we should be given a quick look at it after registering! Do NOT DEPOSIT!

HB Swiss Results

HB Swiss Review Conclusion!

We highly discourage our readers to invest in HBSwiss Forex Trading Robot because it is a pure Get Rich Quick Scam! We probably can forgive their fake promise gimmick if they actually can generate profits for users. But clearly, it is not providing a $5,000 daily profits but rather blowing up accounts in a matter of days. This essentially makes HB Swiss, Hans Berger and his quantum computing a completely phony story. Moreover, fake testimonials are the only results they can offer because they are performing at best a 40% win rate (based on subscriber report).

How Much Can I Earn From Binary Trading?

As a newbie trader, you might feel that is hopeless to earn even a small revenue through binary trading. But in reality, it is absolutely possible with the right knowledge and tools to help you. However, if you expect to earn $5,000 from a $250 investment in one day, that’s impossible. A realistic goal for traders as well as our subscribers is a 10% to 20% account growth per day or $100 per day ($25 per trade value). This means you are most certainly capable of earning $100 to $200 a day with a $1,000 investment.

SO WHAT IS THE NECESSARY TOOLS THAT A FRESH NEW TRADER NEED TO KICK START YOUR MONEY MAKING JOURNEY? If you are completely new, it is recommended to sign up for demo accounts in a broker or even an automated trading software! Hence, traders can profit from both manual trades as well as automatic trades. Once you are familiar with the basics, Invest into our Recommended Trading App to start Profiting! Additionally, you can sign up for a Manual Signal Software that provides trade recommendation in specific times during the day. 😀 (Refer Below for Links)

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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