GT Accelerator Review: SCAM Trading Software by Grant Thomas!

GT Accelerator Scam Review

GT Accelerator by Grant Thomas is a new trading system that emerges somewhere in mid 2018. Claiming to have made its’ beta testers $20,000 in 24 hours surely does spark some interest does it? On top of that, the CEO of GT Accelerator boldly asserts a $500 per hour income generated with their 95% Success Rate in trading. If you are an avid trader or interested trading the markets online, read this review before you invest a single cent! We will be sharing our research on this matter as well as our evidence on whether this is a reliable trading tool!

Make Sure You Read This GT Accelerator Review before you deposit capital into this account!

Upon our study of this trading system, unfortunately GT Accelerator is nothing but like many of the phony trading app. Grant Thomas not only shares with us misleading information but also over promising trading performance. No real traders actually earned $20,000 in 24 hours or even $500 in an hour with the GT Accelerator Scam. Check out our evidence to this conclusion below if you are interested!

More importantly, we recommend you to stay away from the GT Accelerator Scam as it is not a reliable trading system. But rather a scam trading software that lures investors by falsely claim unrealistic profits. Along with no actual performance to back genuine trading results.

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GT Accelerator Software – What is this?

According to the video in, GT Accelerator Software’s running principle is based on Artificial Intelligence utilizing machine learning. You will also notice that the site blatantly boast about being featured in CNN, Forbes, and Time. Even though the topic of machine learning and AI was indeed featured in these reputable news portals. Unfortunately GT Accelerator is nowhere to be seen within their database.

So what does this tell us? This trading system is very likely to be a SHAM, that’s what it is telling us! Especially if it preaches five figure returns within 24 hours with just $250 deposit. It is actually an insult to the trading community when in fact, trading can indeed work to the traders’ advantage. In fact, you can in fact observe a price chart of any market and see that there is enough volatility to make good trades from.

Unfortunately, GT Accelerator is not a reliable trading tool that can help you make good trades. We have already been receiving negative feedback from users regarding their poor performance.

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False Review & Fake Founder!

As we have mentioned above, the features on major news portals definitely didn’t happen. A quick search in their database shall confirm this lying gesture. Aside from that, we found out that Grant Thomas, the alleged CEO of GT Accelerator Scam is yet another false character. The picture revealing Grant is just another stock photo that shows a model across many different sites. This confirms that it is another bogus character that is claims his trading system makes a lot of money.

Clearly trading software like GT Accelerator is not a trustworthy system when it already has a negative feedback among traders. Plus, this method of promoting their system is definitely another red flag that scams commonly use to lure newbie investors.

Also note that their beta testers or user reviews in their site are completely unreal. The video testimonials using actors from whereby it is very unlikely they are real traders that uses this system. Chances are, if they were to genuinely use GT Accelerator Scam, they will also lose their money.

GT Accelerator Grant Thomas

GT Accelerator is a SCAM!

Based on our research on this subject, we recommend you to stay away from investing into GT Accelerator system. It is a trading software that has no genuine results which employs dirty tricks to look for users. In short, they are selling unrealistic trading results involving massive profits that isn’t going to come true. Traders will be better off trading without this system or even on their own.

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