GPS Trader Scam Review! Richard Heffner $20,000/Day TRUE INTENTION!

GPS Trader Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Is GPS Trader a SCAM or LEGIT? Richard Heffner offers $20,000 per day Guaranteed, FOR LIFE?

Were you redirected to an interesting offer called GPS Trader at Great! It is highly important that you read and understand this review in order to shed some truth on this matter. In fact, one of our subscriber had received an invitation email by them and asked us to investigate on it’s legitimacy on whether it works! Thus, after in-depth investigation, we have discovered many misleading allegation and common scam tactics! So it is very important that you read this report before you make your decision to invest any money into this scam system.

Richard Heffner, the alleged founder and CEO of GPS Trader Scam hits a $20,000 per day, GUARANTEED, for life! He also claims that the success rate of this app comes from the high speed GPS Signal speed which is equivalent to the speed of light. Paired with the Rapid Counter Trade (RCT) functions which places opposite trades once detected a 0.002% risk as a contingency trade. The RCT is said to help you breakeven on your previous losing trade and enables you to “not lose money” in the end.

Alright guys, the above should sum up what this is all about. While it sounds like an awesome deal and like a authorized data backing it up, regretfully Richard’s offer that GUARANTEES you $20,000 per day is already a proven lie! That’s why there are negative inspections about this software labeling it a scam already together with negative feedback from innocent victim! NO one will be getting paid $20,000 and it is NOT GUARANTEED! If you are currently seeking a justifiable and profitable automated trading system, please REFER BELOW for our recommended software! Else, please continue reading this review to find out more information on GPS Trader SCAM!


After watching Richard Heffner’s presentation, we had a feeling that Richard is probably not really familiar with binary options trading. The reason is because the mentioned Rapid Counter Trade (RCT) does not work in binary option! Simply put it this way, realistic return is typical 70% to 80% of your investment in a particular trade. So, if you were to lose a trade, and win the next trade, you will NOT break-even! You’ll still be down by 20% to 30% of your investment size. Although that may not be a huge issue if the system is able to get it right, BUT, let’s be real, detecting a small change of 0.002% risk change prompts the system to trade the opposite? The market volatility itself would have change it’s risk level by that much and probably be executing many trades in both direction!

GPS Trader Fake Testimonials Character Scam Review

Apart from that conceptual discrepancies that we noted above, Richard Heffner himself, is not who he says he is. We were unable to source for verifiable sources that Richard and GPS Trader as a registered company since he had already taken “clients” for over 3 months and turned every single one of them a millionaire. Even Richard’s brother, Josh, the alleged successful trader, is a bogus and bogus character! He is represented by Stock Photos that is available in the internet!

The snapshots of “successful” users also seems like it was fabricated! How could he already have users when came online in May 2016 (based on a simply research). Hence, the scammers can only give you a forged snapshot rather than a proper proof!

The use of fake social media feed as testimonials on GPS Trader’s website is also a strong indication that this GPS Trader is a scam that only wants to lure instant registration! Noticed that Richard says this presentation is only valid for 24 hours and it will be gone tomorrow? Guess what, we’ve been accessing this website for days and the site is still active in preying for inexperienced traders to register! The use of “Live Update” that states “8 Spots Remaining” during the video presentations is clearly a joke. How can a recorded video presentation be giving LIVE UPDATES? We can’t help but to feel that the scammers is treating us like a child.

Don’t Invest into GPS Trader Hoax!

In all honesty, the highly unrealistic claims of earning $20,000 per day is already a strong indication of a Get Rich Quick SCAM that uses binary options trading as their tool! You will not be able to ever profit $20,000 per day with scam systems like GPS Trader scam that tarnishes this industry. It is just unfortunate that we blacklist many scam Apps like the Money Glitch, Hedge Formula Group and Globe Trader are created because it seems like a simple concept to earn money. In reality, binary options trading can indeed be profitable, but only with the right tools and knowledge!

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GPS Trader’s Conclusion

We hereby conclude that GPS Trader SCAM is a Fraud auto trading system due to it’s get rich quick presentation, bogus fabricated characters/testimonials and misleading facts about binary options industry. We strongly advise you to not invest into this scam App! Do your research and Trade SAFE!

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