The Golden Paradigm Scam Review! Nathan Weiss $900/hour System!

The Golden Paradigm is a SCAM Review

Golden Paradigm is a newly launched scam binary options auto trading system. It claims itself to be a “Private Invite” only basis that offers 30 days free trial to a system that generates $900 per hour salary! Just be looking at Golden Paradigm’s webpage, we can instantly pin point that it a typical scam system that traders should definitely avoid. There are many scam-like elements that is lurking around the webpage and we shall share our opinion in this review to why Golden Paradigm will only lead to disappointment

Like many typical scam system, Golden Paradigm is a system that markets itself to be a software that can make it’s user a millionaire within a year. It claims that it can guarantee make an hourly income of $978 and of course ultimately a millionaire completely on auto pilot. This system is said to have the “secret algorithm” that looks through 85 years of historical data to discover a new pattern, the 5 point pattern. The alleged CEO of Golden Paradigm, Nathan Weiss, also claims that the pattern can be used in all types trades and had generated a staggering 95% win rate while generating $5,000 a day and $30,000 per week. Based on the presentation alone, we definitely would say that this scam system is created simply by plucking a trading concept and re-branded to a the Golden Paradigm scam system! Their claims is completely unrealistic and those who are inexperience binary options traders are at risk of losing their money to such a claim! It definitely comes across as a “Get Rich Scheme” which very often gives binary options industry a bad name and also evaporates your money!

Why is The Golden Paradigm a FAKE?

Aside from that unrealistic claims of profits and coming across as a “Get Rich Scheme”, there are many other red-flags that indicates Golden Paradigm as a scam system. The existence of Golden Paradigm as an establishment lead by Nathan Weiss is completely bogus and unverifiable. The alleged owner of this scam system is only represented by a voice over actor which is very common for binary options scams system especially when it comes across as a Get Rich Scheme. Simply because no one can be accountable for when users actually loses money from this system! There are also no proof of who Nathan Weiss is or even their work in terms of researching century worth of trading histories! It is also quite obvious that the scammer have just fabricated a story out of a trading pattern and fabricated this fake story to market itself.

Secondly, the 5 points pattern which the voice narrator has shared was claimed to be discovered by the Golden Paradigm team after analyzing 85 years of trading data. But in reality, the 5 points pattern is a part of a Wave59 drawing tools used for technical analysis! It is not the work of Nathan Weiss or Golden Paradigm! Yet another fake claim that was created to market a fake system!

Right on the very first second of the presentation video, we meet Charlie Treyback, a user that claims to have $25,000 in his account by using this software. First and foremost, that individual that we see in the presentation is a very famous Fiverr actor that provides testimonials for $5! He can be found as Voiceoverpete at and very often binary options related scams just pay $5 for people to read their fake script!

What about the fellow members that is already making $978.63 per hour? Well, they are also fake testimonials! We are unable to verify the existence of the Facebook account that was used to comment on Golden Paradigm. Apart from that, the profile pictures are actually random pictures that can be found over the internet! In fact, many of these pictures are used to represents many different names! The worst part is, the scammer just decides to slap pictures of luxury products with their fake Facebook comments to make it seem like they are rich. But yet again, many of these luxury pictures of houses and cars are also taken directly from Google! It is easily attainable but highly untrustworthy!

Last but not least, binary options auto trader tends to back up their performance claim by attaching trading histories as reference! Of course many scam system fabricates their trading histories and share them over their webpage, Golden Paradigm is just one of them! It is very obvious that Golden Paradigm “high performance” trading history are a fake! Simply because there are trading activities in the weekends! How can there be trading activities for currencies pairs during the weekends on Sunday? That is completely absurd and shows how fake Golden Paradigm can be to trick innocent people!

Fabricated Trade History Golden Paradigm Scam

Fabricated Trade History!

The Golden Paradigm’s Conclusion

We can safely declare that Golden Paradigm is a complete scam binary options auto trading system! We strongly advise traders to stay away from depositing funds into this scam system! Right from the very first second, we have a fake testimonials greeted by Fiverr actors and the falseness of this auto trader just increases all the way until the end of their offer! There is nothing verifiable including the alleged owner and also their 5 point patterns fake story! The risk is indeed very high for losing your money should you decide to deposit your funds to this system!

It is because of scam systems like Golden Paradigm that pollutes the binary options industry’s impression. Trading binary options can indeed be profitable but obviously with the right tools! As such, we highly recommend traders to check out our Blacklist and look at our trusted auto trading system/signal providers! We highly recommend Copy Buffett Software as an Auto Trading system that has great level of success and also Mike’s Manual Signal Group as a Trading Signal Provider!

Verdict: The Golden Paradigm is a SCAM!

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