Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM Review!

Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM! Scam Binary Options

Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Global Millionaire Club before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Global Millionaire Club Scam Webpage and Offer

Global Millionaire Club is a scam binary options auto trading system that is getting viral in January 2016 since it’s launch in January itself. The alleged founder Mr. Alexander Wilson who claimed to use his expertise as a Professor of Statistics and honorary Professor of Mathematics to earn over 5 million dollars while trading binary options over the last 3 years. Hence, he would like to give back to the society with a small fee of 5% of your profits from this auto trader shall be paid to Global Millionaires Club. We highly doubt that an individual can earn 5 million dollars in 3 years from binary options, perhaps the binary options broker could, but not the traders! That claim is clearly an exaggeration along with the claims that his binary options software helped it’s user to earn over $400,000 in 3 short months. We strongly advise viewers not to take those claims seriously because it is unrealistic and binary options is not some “Get Rich Scheme” to make a person a millionaire in short span of time. It requires a little bit of research and yes, there are a lot SCAM binary options auto trader around that uses this Get Rich FAST mentality to lure in users. Global Millionaire Club has a list of suspicious aspect in it’s website and offer. Please continue reading our review to find out more about this binary options scam below!

Another scam aspect of Global Millionaire Club is the owner himself, Alexander Wilson, which we believe it is very likely that he is a fabricated character. The main reason why is because the photo used to represent Alexander Wilson is a stock pictures that can be found from Moreover, his picture is very often used in other websites across various industries as a testimonial giver. For example (; Next, we believe that the presenter narrating is also not Alexander Wilson, because Millionaire Club auto trader has various site using the same marketing material but different voice (Millionaire Club has other domains which are country specific; so far we found;; to be promoting the same thing). The UK and Global site are using the same exact voice and web content/testimonial while US and Canada site have similar voice/content/testimonial, and South Africa has it’s own unique narrator. Millionaire Club probably going for country specific marketing however, we would like to highlight they are offering the same product.

Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM! Scam Binary Options
Fabricated Character by using Stock Photos from! -Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM

Next scam-like aspect for Global Millionaire Club is that the narrator offers a 100% bonus up front for free for the first 20 people, plus he also mentioned that users can withdraw at ANYTIME. This offer would most likely be extended to the traders anyway by the broker and it is just another selling point that Global Millionaire would like to promote. WE STRONGLY ADVISE traders to NOT accept bonuses especially in binary options auto trading software because in most situation, we would be linked to a broker that is unfamiliar to us, hence, we prefer testing it’s capabilities as well as the withdrawal services before we invest more money into it! Additionally, should a trader accept bonuses up front upon deposit, this will impose an additional terms to your withdrawal, which most brokers require the trader to trade up to a minimal trading volume before being able to withdraw. The minimum trading volume is usually a huge number too which will be an inconvenience should the trader wants to do a withdrawal as soon as possible.

We also find the next Global Millionaire Club’s effort to scam trader’s money in the member’s page during the registration, specifically in the “live” trading account of the software’s user (including Alexander’s account himself and 3 other traders). Well, the “Total Profits” for all of the traders will not change over time, no matter when do you refresh the page it will still show the same number which confirms that the total profits are simply a number input regardless of “Open Trades” indicated in the table. Next, while viewing the “Live Trading Account”, you will notice that the same number from the “Total Profits” is indicated there as “Average Profit Per Hour”. For example, in Alexander’s case, his claimed total profits are $2,931,328.4 and while viewing the live trading account, the average profit per hour still indicates $2,931,328.4. This is probably due to the sloppiness of the webmaster but nevertheless it’s still a scam attempt that we could conclude that the numbers in the “Live Trading Account” would not add up to the claimed total profits. This can be proved by looking at Celia Hudson’s Live trading account where she made 134 trades in the year of 2014 and her total profits are $1,153,531.40. Even with her average payout is $262.50 as indicated in the trade history, winning 100% of the time in 134 trades would only give us around $35,000. Hence, another sloppy scam attempt by Global Millionaire Club.

Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM! Scam Binary Options
Never Changing Total Profit as Average Profit Per Hour?? Which is which?
Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM! Scam Binary Options
Total Profits vs Average Earnings Per Hour??

We found out that Global Millionaire’s Club is sync with Options FM, an unregulated binary options broker currently based in Hong Kong, and it does not accept US traders (Brokers offered may vary depends on location, please feel free to share at the comments below should you are assigned to other brokers). This binary options broker indeed introduced themselves as a boutique binary options broker which was  established in early 2014. Additionally, upon completion of registration with Global Millionaire Club, we did not receive any confirmation email from the Global Millionaire Club but instead only email from Options FM. This was very confusing for us because during the attempt to deposit funds Global Millionaire Club auto trader, the platform did not indicate WHO the broker was. The only clue we received was this mysterious/out of the blue email from Options FM. We had to contact Options FM to cross reference the account number from the software to their database to confirm that it is our account.  Since Options FM is unregulated, very young and the software company did make the depositing of funds quite shady, we lack the confidence to deposit funds into this software for further testing, plus the scam-like marketing tactics just put us off from wanting to find out more.We recommend viewers to avoid this auto trading software and refer to our trusted Binary Options Signal’s page for safer choices!

Verdict: Global Millionaire Club is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System! Safer than Global Millionaire Club!

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