Global Investment Satellite Review – SCAM $20,000 Offer!

Global Investment Satellite Scam Review

Is Global Investment Satellite a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Global Investment Satellite by Richard Heffner surely did get a lot of my readers’ attention! Come on, $20,000 guaranteed profits by tomorrow and every day for life! Anyone would at least spare some time to hear them out. UNTIL we saw their website and immediately triggered out SCAM alert alarm. As soon as we lay our eyes on Global Investment Satellite Auto Trading Software, we quickly alert of readers of their cunning hoax!

Before we expose all the cunning aspects, it’s probably helpful for you guys to know that Richard Heffner is an old scam character. If you have been on our mailing list, you probably notice the similarity of Global Investment Satellite Scam with GPS Trader Scam, Terabit Trader Scam, and Safe Guard Trader Scam. All of which uses the same exact 27-minute presentation video. You don’t need to waste your time watching the entire thing because all it emphasizes is $20,000 daily income.

So if you wondering whether you can truly make $20,000 per day with they never lost a money due to some Rapid Counter Trade, don’t fall for it! It is an unrealistic trading concept and instead of making $20,000 per day, scam victims lost their investment in no time.

Why is Global Investment Satellite a Fraud?

Honestly, the fact that Global Investment Satellite is a recycled scam that has victimized countless innocent traders. Many that expect to earn a $20,000 from a minimum $250 deposit the very next day. Unfortunately, they found out the hard way that neither their technology or profit claims are true.

If you are new to online trading, such unrealistic profit claim is not possible in trading even for professional traders. Just do the math, $250 and earn $20,000 the very next day. Every single day for life. It’s annoying that Richard keeps on repeating this phrase while attempting to trick viewers to fall for this trick. We’re talking about 8000% Return on investment in 24 hours. If it doesn’t sound like a “Get Rich Quick” Scam, well it certainly does.

Especially for our review team that seen many false promises over our trading experience in a lousy auto trader. We have exposed over 270 trading related scams to date and most actually use Be a millionaire promises. Besides this cynical move, many wouldn’t be too sure about the legitimacy of Rapid Counter Trade Technology.

Let us clear that up for you, Global Investment Satellite Rapid Counter Trade that Richard claims to breakeven losing trades are a myth. It doesn’t work in options trading or CFD/Forex when the counter trade is done in split second. Simply because there is such thing as Spread and the payout in options trading will still put you in a losing position. For instance, an options trading although if we get 1 right trade and 1 wrong trade, we only gain 70% to 85% of trade amount for winning the trade. Hence we will still have 15% to 30% lower than our initial balance.

As a matter of spread in CFD/Forex trading, whenever you put a counter trade, you will be charged a spread and lose about 3 pips on average for a new position. So putting a counter trade in a split second is not a good idea and will not break even your trades most of the time.

Fake Details Spotted

I guess it is quite obvious that Global Investment Satellite Scam is not trustworthy. Just to fill in your curiosity if this is the first time hearing this, we’ll explain quickly. Richard Heffner is actually a bogus character who is an actor in real life. This very same actor goes by the name of Matthew Hammersmith in Omnia App Scam we debunk. So multiple identities with the same face do show us some relationship among these scams. They might be the very same scam network that produces Global Investment Satellite.

Apart from lousy Global Investment Satellite Algorithm & actual Results, the results are shown in their website and video are absolutely fake. One logical explanation about getting $20,000 in Global Investment Satellite users’ account will expose a lie. A typical trading environment requires a few days to transfer funds between a trading broker and traders’ account. Cheap talks about spending luxurious $20,000 daily profit are just another false story.

Richard Heffner Global Investment Satellite

Global Investment Satellite Review Conclusion

Taking into consideration of Richard Heffner appearances in scams and countless scam victim, we will conclude Global Investment Satellite is a SCAM! Resurfacing scams are not a good sign and it will never be a good indication of trust among traders. Traders will be better off trading their own without the help of Global Investment Satellite trading system. Alternatively, if you are seeking for a good auto trading system, try out the ones we have TESTED. Check them out at Trading Software Page (Video Demonstration Included).

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