Genius Profit Initiative Review – Trading SCAM Identified!

Is Genius Profit Initiative a SCAM or Legit Trading Software?

Genius Profit Initiative by Professor Benjamin Grant surely made quite an impression in the trading world folks! Make a guaranteed $5,000 everyday and $1.2 million a year just like their members! Can this truly be a the best solution to earn some extra buck? Heed our warning readers! This offer is a deceiving software that fills viewers with false hope but never delivers! Worst, the potential to actually earn some money for people isn’t actually there while we already hear bad reputation on the Genius Profit Initiative Software.

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The problem with Prof Benjamin Grant’s trading software is mainly having the nature of “Earn Fast Cash Fraud” type of appearance. While promising and guaranteeing viewers with a $5,000 minimum profits and millionaire status, these are just fake promises. Thus, putting this offer similar to our blacklisted software when actual performance is below satisfactory level. Even though we can make money in binary trading, scammers have been busy disgusing it with lies to appear like a too good to be true offer! To back up our stand on this matter, we provide our investigative findings in this very Genius Profit Initiative Review as we debunk their lies! Read BELOW!

What is Genius Profit Initiative?

According to Professor Benjamin, Genius Profit Initiative is an auto trading software designed and developed by the top 2% highest IQ in the world. Additionally, it seems to have a 100% win rate and accuracy if we look at the trade history in the members area too. Which says to be the contributing factor of making 1,000 Genius Profit Initiative Members at least $1.2 million per year for the last 7 years. Obviously these claims as we mentioned, sounds more like a fairy tale and a complete BS! Especially when we hear a 100% win rate in terms of investment trading, there is just no such thing!

Hence, our deeper research shall shed the light on this lies!

Who are Professor Benjamin Grant and his team?

Claiming to be the top 2% IQ in the world is quite a huge deal! The alleged Chairman and Founder of Genius Profit Initiative company along with his team declares to belong in the high IQ society! But, why is he hiding behind a voice narrator just like many other fraud we exposed recently? We attempt to look into the High IQ society database and seek any verifiable truth in this claim and we came out with nothing. It seems that there is no such individual in the Mensa database or study journal related to trading. So, he is very likely to be a bogus character and a complete fiction.

Subsequently, Prof. Benjamin’s team also has the same vagueness to it when we fail to find any legit offices in the countries he mentioned to be. According to the scam liar, he says that Genius Profit Initiative operates from global offices at Wall Street New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. But obviously we have never heard of their existence ever throughout our years of experience in trading! Not even an official business records existed in any of these countries that authenticate his bogus team of 55 professional traders. It seems that rather than being professional and fully regulated, we’re bargaining with a complete delusional company!

So can we trust these lies to actually make us millions and achieve financial freedom? Guess not! This trading app doesn’t even make its users $10 according to some complaints!

Counterfeit Successes?

You might ask what about the Genius Profit Initiative Users testimonials? Unfortunately they are forgery at its best! The scam-artist seem to have created three characters Alison Poole, Lee Tan and Michael Gower as millionaires. All of which made 6 figure income in the first month and $5,000 on the first day! Please do note that you can’t earn $5,000 per day with 1 $250 deposit! A realistic goals we typically aim for in our trading sessions are $100 per day or 10% – 20% account growth per day.

Testimonial Genius Profit Initiative

Apparently these fake individuals are as fictitious as Professor Grant when we identify their pictures to be stock photos. Also, isn’t a 7 year old website either! It is actually a new site created by end of November 2016 which was few months ago. Therefore, literally nothing in the entire presentation is honest and trustworthy. The lack of actual trade history and software demonstration kinda proves their dodgy intentions too. (We test and back up our trading results via trade history during testing sessions)

Lastly, the trade histories in the members area attempts to cover up their lies with proof of trading executions. Conversely, these trades seems to not come from a legit binary broker page but rather fake table! One obvious factor we can notice is that it shows weekend trades even on major currencies and commodities. In reality, it is not possible to perform such order because the exchange would be close during that time! For this reason, we can say that this is yet another flawed attempt to fool viewers to believe in Genius Profit Initiative!

Trade History Genius Profit Initiative

Genius Profit Initiative Review Conclusion!

Taking all these elements above, we conclude that Genius Profit Initiative is a SCAM! Almost every single details within this offer are misleading and unrealistic with a false background! Moreover, in terms of performance wise, this is definitely not the trading app to trust. Stay away from Genius Profit Initiative Trading App!

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