Gemini 2 App Viral SCAM! Brandon Lewis & Gemini Holdings HONEST Review!

Gemini 2 App Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Gemini 2 App a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software by Gemini Holdings?

DANGER! Gemini 2 App by Brandon Lewis of Gemini Holdings has been heavily promoting a highly suspicious trading software to newbie traders recently. Why suspicious? Well, although the first impression of Gemini Software may be an authentic trading signal service, but its content reveals otherwise. To quickly sum up Brandon’s presentation, Gemini 2 is the “World’s Only No Loss Trading Software” that is capable of making $12,341.37 per day! Thus, making its users millionaires within a few months.

Rest assured, we have indeed investigated the Gemini App ( and scrutinized the facts shared in this offer. And it’s unfortunately, not a good new! Our investigation affirms several dishonest and misleading facts by Brandon Lewis. Please read below before you invest into the Gemini 2!

Falsehood in the Gemini Software!

As binary options traders or even another form of traders, we should not that there is no such thing as a 100% Win in trading because it’s simply impossible. The notion of Brandon claiming that Gemini 2 is the worlds’ only No Loss Trading Software and also never lose a single trade in 3 years, is an obvious sign. A warning sign that we’re dealing with a scam software that lies about its capabilities instead of actually profiting. If you are new to trading, the price market defers every single day! As much as we could use indicators/strategies to trade, there’s no SURE WIN solution.

Upon examining the Gemini 2 software demonstration by Brandon Lewis, we noticed that the initial $250 deposited account quickly grew into $5,900 in 4 hours. Unfortunately, everything from demonstration to trade histories from Gemini 2 is completely untrustworthy! The demonstration is definitely rigged by the scammer with the unrealistic 100% wins trades and lack of trade execution details. E.g the strike price and expiry price!

In addition to that, Brandon encourages traders to use the compound trading function with a $250 dollar account that will spell disaster for you! If you take a closer look at the demonstration, the initially $250 account nearly doubled up upon the first trade. This implies that Brandon actually invested $250 in the first trade and just so happen he had won. Dear fellow traders! This is not the way you should treat your funds and gamble away 100% of your account in the first trade! Do practice good money management by risking 5% of your account on each trade to ensure long term consistency. (Obviously, traders that deposited $250 would have to obey the $25 minimum, 10% of your account, hence do trade with caution).

Who is Brandon Lewis and Gemini Holdings?

The suspicious aspect doesn’t stop there! We did a little research on Brandon Lewis, the supposed ex-Google engineer, that developed a predictive algorithm for the search engine, aka the Alpha Project. He has then left Google to take the concept and applied it to the financial market giving birth into the Gemini 1 Software 2 years ago! Under those circumstances, privately invited Beta Testers have made use of the software and currently a Millionaire, or so they say! At last, Brandon Lewis personally invites traders to his Gemini 2 to becoming millionaires!

To get back to the point, we have already shared that being a millionaire and a 100% win software is no way possible! Despite that, Brandon despicably backs the obvious lies with the details in the previous paragraph. First things first, Brandon Lewis is most likely not an actual engineer that worked in Google, ever! There are no verifiable social media proofs that could support his career path. Also, Brandon’s Gemini Holdings does not actually exist! There are in fact a few other Gemini Holdings operational worldwide, BUT, there is no actual company or entity that has Brandon Lewis as CEO!

What about the previous successes on Gemini 1? There is no evidence that shows Gemini 1 actually exists, and should there truly be a millionaire software like Gemini 1, we would have known. Our experience in binary options allowed us to come across a recycled scam software, but definitely not Gemini 1. By the way, the video testimonials provided in Gemini 2 App are all actors! One obvious example would be an elderly person thanking Brandon and his Gemini team for making him millions. However, in reality, he is one of the SCAMMER that produced Your Legacy Club SCAM and he’s the person claiming to be Bill O’Doherty!

It’s rather notable that the old man re-used his pictures in his older scam to support the Gemini Software Scam!

Fake CEO Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 Software Scam

Gemini 2 App Conclusion!

Granting that we have collected the evidence elaborated above, we can conclude that Gemini 2 or Gemini2 is a SCAM Auto Trading Software! Brandon Lewis remains to be a bogus founder/CEO for a company that doesn’t actually exist. While promising unrealistic promises of $10,000 – $50,000 daily profits with a 100% win that’s essentially a fantasy. Neither their testimonials or trade history are authentic due to the lack of trade executions details! Lastly, Bill O’Doherty’s ‘featured appearance’ just confirms this is a major Fraud! And maybe a partnership?? Who knows!

How to Begin Trading Binary Options Safely?

Thank you for taking the time to read our Gemini 2 App Scam Review! We deeply hope that this article would benefit you in making a better investment decision or at least provide information regarding binary trading. Scam designers, unfortunately, chose binary options to be an industry to create their poor performing software and lose your money. Hence, affecting the outlook of the actual potential in binary options trading. In reality, binary trading could generate great profits for serious traders with the right tools and knowledge!

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Make sure you refer to our list of phony software for names of the trading app to avoid depositing with! Should you be new in binary trading, you may want to practice your trading methods or strategy on a Free Demo Account (No Deposit) first before risking your money. Great NEWS! We will be posting FREE Trading Educational Posts SOON here in our BLOG! So, please do SUBSCRIBE to receive instant updates on it!

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  1. Panda Lover

    As an experienced trader, there is absolutely no way anything can achieve a 100% accuracy. Gemini software is hands down a BS software. great work on the article Sentinel, love your work

  2. Russel

    Hi, I saw your SnapCash Binary Results video and it was dated last week. Is it still working well? I am interested to give it a try

    1. Binary Options Sentinel (Post author)

      Hi Russel,

      please refer to our latest update on SnapCash Binary here =
      We manage to nearly double our investment already from $500 to $1,000. 🙂

  3. Leon C

    Gemini’s trade executions is fked up! really fk this scams!

  4. Time

    I made a big mistake of making a deposit to Gemini2 by Brandon Lewis. I guess will never see my money again. I hope this Brandon Lewis will suffered from being a thief.

  5. Time

    I send Brandon Lewis to the DOJ department and the Consumer Protection Agency.


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