FX Sniper Review – SCAM Trading Software Forgery Exposed!!

Is FX Sniper Software a SCAM or Good Trading Method?

FX Sniper by Simon Reed proclaims a $2,000 per week profits Forex Trading Software, but beware, readers! This is a sub-par level auto trading system is not reliable tools any traders can rely on. Although this doesn’t apply to all auto trader, FX Sniper Software inherits typical scam elements and more importantly, a money sucking results. Even in the hands of a pro trader, they quickly notice trading signals which are senseless and inaccurate very often through FX Sniper Trading platform. Please read our FX Sniper Review before investing your money!

FX Sniper Website: fxsniper.co

One thing to make clear is that FX Sniper is not a system trading in the Forex market! Apparently, the scammer attempts to entice Forex traders into using this software and promise $2,000 profits a week. The truth of the matter is this software trades in the binary options instrument. If you are a complete newbie, the main difference between this two is the profit method. Forex trading’s profit depends on how much the market move in the intended direction, hence depends on how many pips it rise/falls. Conversely, binary trading allows traders to earn a fixed profits as long as they ‘guess’ the direction of the market right (in relative to the entry price). So as long as the price is higher/below the strike price, he/she will earn $70% to 85% of the trade value.

Unfortunately, FX Sniper Results doesn’t provide a professional trader service level but instead losing 60% of the time. Worst, we found evidence that proves FX Sniper is just another SCAM similar to all the Blacklisted services we discover. Hence, do watch out for services that are listed in our list of scams before investing and only invest in reliable ones!

FX Sniper Software a Come Back Scam?

Forex Sniper software seems to have a negative reputation the moment it came into the industry! Simply because it is clearly associated with a recent scam call the ProfitBall Scam. The nonsensical fraud that so-called invests in sports strategy and fails badly. How do we know this? Well, that’s because FX Sniper Simon Reed is involved in that scam as well. He is just another scam actor that have no actual experience in trading.

It’s common for hoax FX trading software to employ scam actors because they do not have a genuine face to represent their material. Even worst is that this actor is like an ambassador of scams presently among reviewers. Simply because users have no chance of success with FX Sniper associated brand and no genuine reliability. This is also a major warning sign we typically watch out for when we deal with a trading app.

False Evidence of Success?

Next, all of Binary Options Sentinel recommended trading app are tested with real money and actual trade performance. Hence, we provide a real snapshot of real trade history and demonstration ultimately substantiate real experiment. The genuine trading system will also provide a real demonstration as a showcase as well!

In reference to FX Sniper App, we find the evidence of success to be false and no actual trading performance in the presentation. The alarming fact is when we observe FX Sniper Trading platform, it is merely showing a Meta Trader 4 Software interface with a meaningless frame! New members will not see the exact same screen but rather a web-based interface. This is a common scam tactic considering they can’t show actual trade demo due to their low-quality algorithm. Thus, we can infer that FX Sniper Ltd is not a legitimate trading solution company.

What about the bank balance deposit via union bank? They are clearly a fake snapshot with a ridiculous date! Let us be clear on one thing, we actually wrote this review on 15th of March 2017. Additionally, a who.is research shares information of FX Sniper’s site creation date which is 9th March 2017. This means two things, one, Simon Reed has not been profiting with FX Sniper for years! Secondly, the bank statement date doesn’t tally up because the transfer on 17 March 2017 (2 days in the future) can’t happen. It can’t be last year because FX Sniper is a new scam software scamming newbie!

FX Sniper Trading Platform

Any Real Testimonial?

Honestly, we have only been receiving complaints after complaints with no actual positive feedback from traders. Also, FX Sniper seemingly success stories are merely fictional characters and as bogus as Simon Reed himself. We track the pictures in the website and it leads us to a stock photo provider (online picture shop)! Yet another sign of phony trickery in this offer!

FX Sniper Results

FX Sniper Review Conclusion!

With all the proof above, we conclude that FX Sniper is a SCAM! This trading solution is not backed up with a real Forex professional nor is there any genuine reliability! Typical scam tactics hide behind this offer deceiving viewers to believe in this “Get Rich Quick” Scam! Please do not risk your money into an auto trader similar to all the scams we identified previously!

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Fortunately, there are reliable solutions we traders can depend on even though they are very rare in relative to scams! Auto Trading can be profitable only with our Recommended Trading Software, as they are tested and proven by our review team! Trading can be a fun way to make money from home especially with the right tools and knowledge!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

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